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  1. MrOverboard

    The best looking ship ?

  2. MrOverboard

    Worldwide Global Server?

    Tons of problems appears after each update on regional servers, i can't dream what we face with global one. They need thousands of new hamsters and tons of vodka. Don't thinks so it gonna happen
  3. MrOverboard

    Which line for a newb

    Mostly people suggest German lines for beginner cs of turtleback armor, i did same also, started with Germans. But if i start over, i could go US/Jap bb and US dd lines. US cruisers are kinda tricky but that bbs in my opinion,better trainer.
  4. MrOverboard

    Legendary upgrade modules ?

    Did you see any explanation about Moskva Legendary Upgrade? When she becomes a Special Ship, her upgrade will move to new tier x or we gonna need spend some RP for new TX?
  5. MrOverboard

    What are the more enjoyable cruiser lines?

    for me; Japs. Specially i enjoy Azuma. 155mm Mogami and Zao was my best experience. Burn baby burn burn :)
  6. Man, i start to feel like; I left WoT and WoT forums because of stupid arty threads and complains, but now, what? Ok i am just a %~53 standard player but wtf is ur problem guys? I hate CV's when they were on RTS mode, when they delete BB's with 1 torp salvo, but after rework? Man %85 of their kind is now useless, just flying bees around ships. Maybe ERAZER and few unicums doing very well but rest, rest just garbage. Whats real problem here? Are you facing with cvs each game while you are seal clubbing on tier 4-5? Because i face CV's mostly 1/3 rate on tier 8-9-10 games. Yes that rate increases for a few days, while there are some cv missions around but thats all. That shouldn't be a reason for a CV thread again and again and again
  7. Jean Bart is my favorite money grinding tool, after her Musashi comes second. I always prefer JB first. I suggest you to get her before she moves from Armory
  8. MrOverboard

    Advanced Upgrading,says its free, but still being charged creds?

    Because i am onboard i am not playing game, means no grinding. Few days ago i received around 7m credits. Seems they paid back price of upgrades and shipbuilding tokens. Than no one lose nothing, that's nice
  9. 2439 games on Random is nothing mate. I came here with an idea; I know everything because of WoT, what could happen :) And after 2000 games my stats was like you :) You still have a chance to increase your stats, if you have more than 5-6K than its kinda hard but with 2.5K games, you don't need to restart. I manage to become green around 3.5K games and still trying hard.
  10. MrOverboard

    Italian Ships SAP

    SAP is kinda painful while grinding but Venezia, ohh Venezia :) When u dev strike Tier X DD's with her, all bad experiences with grinding will just fly away :)
  11. MrOverboard

    The Lenin

    If i were you i would wait Odin. But we need to talk about what we have on hand; if you like long range snipe than Gascan or Alabama. If you like brawl and tank than Lenin and Massa. I only manage to play 9 games for now but i like my Lenin. Guns sucks from range but ~14km they are monster. Forward turret setup not for everybody its kinda boring actually.
  12. MrOverboard

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    Jean Bart. If they gonna remove from Armory than don't miss her.
  13. MrOverboard

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    Devonshire was first bundle both doubloon and token, so i get her at the very beginning. Luck? Don't think so, you can feel lucky if u manage to get tier 8 from token bundles. Also you can't transfer any part from one ship to another.
  14. MrOverboard

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    What is your problem with me WG :) Why are you bringing events like that always when i am onboard :( They are now premium ships and there is a chance to get them free but i cant,damn...
  15. MrOverboard

    Pan Asian additions - any good?

    I have JB,Nelson and Lenin, 3 front turret bb enought, no for Baije. I have Irian and Loyang, means also no for cruiser and dd. No more Pan Asian for me