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    0.5.3 "Sandbox" Matchmaking Feedback

    Locking new players away from the vets is not a good idea, there is a "practice against bots" mode for newcomers. the only thing that the matchmaker should take into consideration are the ships and number of divisions, not who the players are. it was seen a number of times that "skill based" matchmaking is not doable, as skill itself cannot be measured. the only thing that can be measured are pointers, like say winrate. if for example the Matchmaker tries to balance the players by winrate, it will negatively affect the outcome of the game, which in turn will affect the winrate, and therefore the matchmaking of the following games, all by itself. the end result is a loop in which the matchmaker corrupts the data it relies on, making the data unusable. skill based matchmaking ONLY works in 1v1 scenarios, where there either is one player against another, or one dedicated team with fixed members against another team that also consits of fixed members.
  2. MayyoNaise

    General Feedback

    Why are ship names now in uppercase letters? it was better the way it was before. the Problem with all-uppercase written words is, that one has to read them letter for letter, while normally written words are usually quicker recognized by the way a word looks (quicker "reading" by memory). not saying that it is hard now, just want to note that it was better before in a noticable way, and i doubt that there are any reasons for this change.
  3. so, my 30 days of premium account expired, and i initially planned to purchase another 30 days. but the standard account port music made me change my mind, at least for now. its not that i don't like the premium port music, i think its epic, but i miss the option to switch back to standard account music and sounds when i feel like it. this is why i have not extended my premium account yet, even though i initially wanted to. its like selecting a different station in the radio, without beeing able to go back for a month. on a side note: i love the sound design in world of warships (both premium and standard). if premium users get the option to choose between the two on the fly, I'll gladly purchase more premium time. ------------------------------ by music i mean, the background music in the port, upgrades/exterior, and profile screens. by sounds i mean the sounds that play on: selection of a nation on the tech tree screen research of a ship or module purchase of a ship or module