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    Military war games.Tanks,warships,rock songs,food,sleep,fast internet.
  1. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    What's you favourite ship / class in the game?

    My fav ship currently is St.Louis too(for obviousl reason) ,Cleveland and Fuso . My current no.1 fav class is USN cruiser despite they are very fragile .my 2nd fav class is IJN BB
  2. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    Do not streamline the game too much Wargaming, remember wop

    I miss the previous patch,the current patch is a big let down.Many Alpha testers have already said that they dont like this patch.WG should have listened to them instead of waiting for the feedback of the new players that probably know a little bit about the game before CBT.Even some Weekend Testers admit that they prefer the previous patch. However,it is still not too late for WG to improve the game.Hopefully they will bring back some feature of the previous patch to see the players reaction.I bet the majority of the new CBT players will prefer the previous patch.
  3. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    Penascola captains

    Penascola is kinda ok,not too bad,at least you can fire at longer range(which can bring a big difference on the battlefield) and still have 4 main turrets instead of 3(which can be devastating for you if one of main turrets is destroyed) and have higher damage per shell..The New Orleans is barely any better from the Penascola.You will have 3 main turrets (two in the front and 1 at the back) ,have slightly decrease reload time,13s vs 14s in the Penascola which bring little bit to no difference at all and also a little bit increase of damage per shell .I dont know about the Baltimore yet,her stats look kinda same to the Penascola;same reload time,same manueverbility,same number of turrets. But the Des Moines (t10 USN cruiser) is a beast.Her reload time is 6s which can brutally rip apart any enemy ships(except maybe the Yamato).
  4. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    smoke screens on destroyers needs to be balanced.

    Cruiser can easily 1 salvo a DD at close range without smoke screen while DD can 1 salvo torps cruiser at close range but it needs smoke screen to do it or otherwise its suicide for the DD .Thats why (in my opinion) its balanced.
  5. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    smoke screens on destroyers needs to be balanced.

    ^That summed up pretty well.
  6. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    smoke screens on destroyers needs to be balanced.

    Or maybe you should just stay away from smoke screen,afterall its the DD playground.Entering it at your own risk.
  7. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    German technology tree

    Actually this has been discussed on the American one but its in the section so I cant tell you much about it due to NDA.
  8. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    German technology tree

    I think so,here is a summary about that Q&A stream from the Asia forum :http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/1695-picked-up-some-things-from-the-wows-stream/
  9. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    German technology tree

    From the Q&A with Ivan Moroz on 23/1/2015,The Kriegsmarine Navy will become the fourth tech tree in WoWs,after the Russian Navy although both of them will be incomplete and the Royal Navy will be released around next year. So its a yay for the Kriegsmarine Navy fans and a nay for the RN fans.Personally I still want to see the RN to be third in WoWs but WG as usual business .However,at least WG will have more time to work on the RN tech tree and release them completely with all the cruiser,BB,DD and CV classes and release them in high quality ,so its not a totally bad news over all .
  10. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    What Music are you listening to?

    alternative rock ,opera rock,hard rock ,some punk rock,electro rock and some J-songs like this one:
  11. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    World of Warships with Admiral Jingles

    Great video Jingles!I like the scene where you found the enemy carriers and got his attention .
  12. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    For all anime people out there! Ive found a new series for you!

    You are probably new here. WoWs already has Arpeggio of Blue Steel and they even have officially colaborated with them during the 2014 Tokyo Gameshow . http://ftr.wot-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Huul2NF.jpg http://ftr.wot-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/bwx3sfut8nbnfh58j4yl.jpg
  13. Conquerorship_SEA_2014

    Helen’s daughter

    +1 great post and lol that lucky cat