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  1. Victtorin

    Nagato hit rate above 10km

    Try 10-15 km fights,install on ships fire control systemns,aim close the waterline and predict the lead of the shots. At maximun range all BBs are pure luck.
  2. Victtorin

    Torpedo Counter Measure

    Slowing down if needed and turning according how the planes are approching you and don't sail into smoke or islands/narrow paths unless you can't do anything else-.
  3. Victtorin

    1. of April

    Ex-KGB agents working for WG found a secret Nazi project for a giant ship, 2x times bigger than A-150 and with 810 mm guns, now they are planning to introduce it as a clan reward tier 10.
  4. Victtorin

    Random idea about BBs armaments

    Player controlled medium caliber secondary gun could make BBs stronger than they are already, DDs and CL/CA couldn't do an high risk high reward knife fight anymore because it will be maximun risk no reward. They are fine right now, not too strong not too weak.
  5. Victtorin

    no cap, kill all

    Yes But there is nothing wrong with cap, unless it's really early game and no one has done serious damage yet
  6. Victtorin

    Commander skills on Battleship ?

    Secondary guns skills Secondary guns skills everywhere. After that all repairs, torpedo and situational awarness (if you have tunnel vision they won't work anyways ;) ) the skill in your pic won't work because, like the other before stated, it's a cruisers ONLY skill.
  7. Victtorin

    Describe what Kantai is in 3 words

    Shipgirls RNG simulator It's a browser game.
  8. Victtorin

    Ramming - A legitimate tactic?

    I won a game thanks to a ram, it can deal insane dmg to both you and the enemy but if there isn't nothing else to do ramming can turn the tide.
  9. Victtorin

    Torpedoes too OP?

    No they aren't, actually most of them need a buff, especially the ones used by IJN cruisers.
  10. Victtorin

    3 flag domination games, over too quickly?

    Domination makes me angry, at the first chance to disable it it will be shut down forever
  11. Victtorin

    Best nation for DD´s?

    IJN, guns on a DD aren't the main weapon and the Type 93 "Long Lance" isn't used by USN.
  12. Victtorin

    Are we gonna get free gold?

    It would be nice to have some kind of week end events with piasters reward, nothing big for not inflate them but enough for either buy some premium time, respeccs or one of the premium ships.
  13. Victtorin

    Iwaki Alpha

    The camo paint is bad looking though Havn't tried it yet. Didn't know i did 100 games in the CAT, thought less.
  14. Victtorin

    Don't give torpedos to [edited] (my team mates)

    There is nothing better than a friendly Fubuki dropping all his torpedoes with wide spread at the very beggining of a match