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    Im a sailor, i like boats :-)

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  1. Warlock_hero_defender

    World of Warhips assistant

    sounds like a good idea, sign me up :-)
  2. Warlock_hero_defender

    WG Employee won't stop.........

    Offcourse i checked that out, lol, Nice detail though, only thing im pretty sure is incorrect is the labels on the oil barrels, those are of a more modern era. And they probably didnt have a no smoking writing on the elevator shaft, pretty sure all sailor back then smoked and did it everywhere :-). But love youre attention to details.
  3. Warlock_hero_defender

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Totally crap, stopped at Emerald, i was being citadelled from everywhere, so i started useing my Molotov and farming salty tears instead
  4. Warlock_hero_defender

    Epicenter :-(

    They could give us an option of reserving ourselves vs certain game modes we dont like, they have this on wot Blitz.
  5. Warlock_hero_defender

    Epicenter :-(

    I seriously hate this game mode, it clearly favours dd's and cv's as everyone needs to move in close. Bb's can slug it, cruisers can be deleted faster. Its ultimatly very boring, 3 of 5 games last evening landed me in this mode. We need a button for opting out of this mode, like on wot blitz with its supremacy mode. The same goes for the fortress mode, let people choose if they want to play these things. If i could, i would opt out of both those. How does people feel about those new modes?
  6. Warlock_hero_defender

    Premium Ship Review: Prinz Eugen

    I enjoy this ship, but i have to admit its like playing in "hard" mode, you gotta constantly be moving around dodgeing incoming fire. AA i good on it, with AA build Captain , feel no different from the Hipper. Youre always at the mercy of youre team and is bound to play a supportive role. Youre also constantly changing ammo type, you can wreck unsuspecting cruisers with AP. Range is youre friend, but have killed a few battleships with torps too. Have had some absolutly brilliant games in this, but also some of my worst, as one wrong broadside can delete you. I have Atago and Kutuzov aswell, but i find myself playing this more. I did not buy the extra camo, as it is butt ugly, i would like it, but not looking like that. Please WG, change the extra camo to one actually used. Thx for the review Mouse,
  7. Warlock_hero_defender

    Wait for me

    Very well made, touching actually. Thx WG, for this , made me stop and think.
  8. Warlock_hero_defender

    NERF German BB Armor !

    These are not the nerfs we are looking for, move along.
  9. Warlock_hero_defender

    REQUEST for Premium Ships (wishlist)

    I want the Roma. Tier 7/8, just cause she is very beautiful. :-), i offcourse also want the graf Spee and Hood
  10. Warlock_hero_defender

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met 22cm and his div.mate skydiver_ger today , luckily on the green team, they proceeded to help me and my team to win the game and i had a decent game in my new Dunkerque.(2nd game ever). But i somehow came out on top with 3 kills and 78k damage, and a feeling that the Dunkerque can be good :-) . thx guys for making it happen.
  11. Warlock_hero_defender

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    Lol, i guess that could happen, maybe even likely, but it looks like something i could enjoy though
  12. Warlock_hero_defender

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    The most dissapointing thing with the Dunkerque, is the fact that it isnt already released already.
  13. Warlock_hero_defender

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    What a scharnhorst can do with a AA build captain :-), and and enemy Hiryu hunting you all game.
  14. Warlock_hero_defender

    Tirpitz plane is perma launch, even in port

    Nice :-), it was looking stupid like that :-)
  15. Warlock_hero_defender

    Tirpitz plane is perma launch, even in port

    Added a topside view, looks wonky doesnt it