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  1. HyoukaYukikaze

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    Doesnt change fact he was useless in the game he posted.
  2. HyoukaYukikaze

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    So, you survived the batle and managed to do only 1k damage in a T10 BB? Sorry mate, but it's not WG's fault you are bad. Judging by the above and a fact you survived you went on a sightseeing trip around a map border, while their whole team lemmingtrained to A. So, if you weren's supporting your team, why do you complain about them sinking? Iowa and Bismarck were just as useless, so they probably went with you. So, you left your cruisers and DDs alone to face whole enemy team, including 5 BBs, and you dare to come on forums and complain about your team? Do you have any dignity? L2p mate and next time start by looknig at faults in yourself, because it's you who didn't play for a team and it's players like you who are responsible for this geme being frustrating to play and lack of teamplay. Lack of tutorials is not responsible for your perfomance, because everyone with two digit and above IQ would know that you have to be in range of your guns to actually shoot stuff, and would plan accordingly their path, keeping in mind possibility that enemies might do a lemming tain to one of the sides. As for in game tutorials, i always hated them. Very often they are a waste of time, as what they teach can be described in one or two sentences. Video tutorials are better, but WG will never do them as well as good players (eg. Fara's CV guide), therefore there is no point in WG doing them. As for promoting such guides on official website, or even in game, there comes multitude of problems with that. For example, how do you choose which guides to promote and which don't? Who gets to choose? For example above mentioned Fara's CV guide is literally hours long, i wouldn't expect anyone who's just starting the game to go through that. On the other hand, there is a reason why it is so long. Shorter guides often simplify stuff, sometimes to the point of being wrong. To achieve that one would have to stop playing team mmos at all.
  3. HyoukaYukikaze

    The damage potential of HE and RN BB's

    It's not about deletions, but about consistent damage. And at t4-t5 brit HE is capable of deleting cruisers in one shot. Same with DDs.
  4. HyoukaYukikaze

    The damage potential of HE and RN BB's

  5. HyoukaYukikaze

    RN Fleet package advice needed

    A better Zao: RN t10 BB.
  6. HyoukaYukikaze

    MM facing carriers 2 tiers higher

    Nope, you just have to adjust your playstyle, thats it. +/- 1 MM = less potential ships you can face = more boring gameplay if you ask me. But only for CVs i think it would be ok.
  7. HyoukaYukikaze

    This game is going down

    https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/total Seems to contradict your observations. Population seems stable, with peaks around 30k and average of around 11k players in past 6 months, 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 week . What that shows however is that game is doing fine. And that it could be doing better. But for that, if you ask me, competetive aspect of the game has to be polished, so that loud tournaments are organised and promote the game. But soon it will be a year since WG admitted to BBs being a problem, and since then changes to the game directly or indirectly buffed them. Recent GZ release shows WG has no idea what to do with CVs, so i'm afraid CV "rework" (assuming it's still coming this year) might be a fail as well. And developers not playing them doenst help. And instead of adressing that two things first and checking how they impact gameplay (and impact would be huge), WG is thinking about smoke rework or radar changes (with current iteration being dumb af), seemingly in attempt to further reduce CA population, as both changes mostly affect them. Oh, and they are bringing another gimmicks into a game, like deepwater torps or AP bombs, on which i won't elaborate because i ranted long enough (but ill add for the record: im not opposed to the ideas, but to the implementation). Oh, lets not forget about HE spamming BBs with unhittable citadels. No topic is complete without complaing about them. Btw, for the future, i reccomend looking for actual data, rather than relying on "i see", "it seems to me", "i've been watching" etc. Might be more reliable.
  8. HyoukaYukikaze

    Tier 9 Premium Cruiser Required

    Would be lovely! A mini Yamato Afair the project was advanced enough for WG to have something to work with..
  9. HyoukaYukikaze

    Tier 9 Premium Cruiser Required

    Same here, would love a t9 prem CA, especially IJN one.
  10. HyoukaYukikaze

    RNBB fire spam self fulfiling prophecy

    Well, now BBs don't even have to switch ammo to one shoot stuff, seems to me it's working as intended by WG. I wouldn't expect HE spamming RN BBs to dissapear. Ppl do not care about "most effective", some dont even about effective, thay want lazy damage and WG delivered. GJ Anyway, i think i'll take a break from the game, i'll have one distraction less during exams this month, maybe till then WG will nerf this shit to the ground (yeah, right, finding 1m $ on the ground is more likely).
  11. HyoukaYukikaze

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Great battle, unfortunetly not good enough... Almost singlehendedly killed Neptune, Chapa and Shima in cap (with like half of my team right behind me, dunno what they were doing in that time) :D The worst part it that if i did manage to kill one more, the Kurnfurst that survived the battle, we would have won.
  12. HyoukaYukikaze

    run, forest, run

    Above posted twice, sorry.
  13. HyoukaYukikaze

    run, forest, run

    Isn't this because you (or whoever it was) did no damage? Afair at some point WG made at least little damage mandatory to even get rewards, to discourage boting. 0 damage = 0 rewards.
  14. HyoukaYukikaze

    run, forest, run

    It was a joke. As battles of 12 BBs vs 12 BBs show, it's not problem with any particular ship, but player mindset. Not much WG can do about that, except discouraging sniping. I personally would start by making sniping from 20km in BBs more difficult (higher penalties to shell speed and penetration for example at 15km+), effectively cutting down exp gained by vast majority of BB capitans. If very low gains from battles wouldnt encourage them to more active play, at the very least it would slow down their way to T10.
  15. HyoukaYukikaze

    [Discussion] Destroyers

    Well, mostly torp boats, because zombie heal at high tiers. But: V = Kamikaze, no discussion heare, Minekaze if non premium VI = 'Buky, or Shinonome, Gaede also can stealth torp, so might be an option (and has supposedly good AP shells, more about that later) VII = Yuubari Shiratsuyu, but she is slow, so something faster might be a better option despite lacking in torp numbers VIII = Harekaze with torp reload would be my first pick, you can substitute with Kagero, But Harekaze has Akizuki guns. And Akizuki might do fine, also more on that later IX = Fletcher X = Shimakaze is inconsistent, torps spotted from the moon give plenty of time to doge, but might be great if you catch RN BB going solo. Other than that i cant really say, Z-52 seems a good option, also Gearing with ninja torps is decent. As for AP shells, i found recently playing my Harekaze (using 100mm) that using AP agains Nelson gives nice results, from what i've seen so far all RN BBs are mostly covered in 32mm. It needs more testing, but it might be that Akizuki might be great agains them, with 2k+ salvos every 2,7s. Unlike fire, afair not al AP dmg can be healed, so it might be a good counter against high tier RN heal.