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  1. kapnobathrac


    14 Days is a symbol for those infected since it takes around 14 days to recover. Staying home is a different story,home isolation will be a thing for at least a year since things are about to get much much worse. Hence we need free premium untill a vaccine is found. Imagine wg doing that
  2. massa full secondary much more fun than jean bart. Tier 6 matches are laughable
  3. kapnobathrac

    Coal spending help (sought)

    Out of them out there the Thunderer is the best buy
  4. kapnobathrac

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    Got chatbanned again. You need to communicate at times can we switch to -50% Xp reduction under certain hours or days instead. give me a break with this censorship it’s like 3rd grade
  5. kapnobathrac

    Use ship line XP to regrind line when resetting

    Yes that's what I'm saying and that would defeat the whole point of RB if one could do that. Wg would lose cash on that and nobody would play the mid tiers. At the same time it feels wrong to have so much XP on the same line while not being able to use it on the same line
  6. kapnobathrac

    Use ship line XP to regrind line when resetting

    Well if that was a thing then converting XP to free XP would be pointless and this a income drop for wg. I agree though ,extra XP earned while playing the GK should be used if you reset the GK line. Everyone would play the tier X until they had enough XP to unlock the line again. Everyone has hundreds of thousands XP on their tier X
  7. kapnobathrac

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    friday saturday i think I had 20 wins and 1 loss and on sunday the losing streak began.
  8. kapnobathrac

    asashio semi special MM

    im assuming all 4 dds are equally good. Thats the only way a debate can be started otherwise even the kremlin is UP if you look for the right candidate
  9. kapnobathrac

    asashio semi special MM

    so asashios better concealment negates the fact it can torp only 2 ships on the enemy team and gets outgunned by the enemy DDs ? Then I dont get why people are crying over the upcoming russian cruisers. They should all learn to play instead of comparing stats. Seems this forum has gone to the extreme side where people overuse "the players skill" in order to be a part of the elite,at least on paper,who overcomes any game problems and finds a way to victory regardless of the ship and situation. The line is drawn of course when russian ships come in to equation. Its acceptable to cry then
  10. kapnobathrac

    asashio semi special MM

    some games have 2 BBs and 2 dds. One team has 2 asashio the other 2 akizuki. Kind of a big handicap innit ? Same happens with radars sometimes . Might as well randomize carriers and let one team have 2 while the other 0.
  11. kapnobathrac

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Quick cash from free xpers and nerf it later
  12. kapnobathrac


    Kittykaze better MM and less sluggish
  13. kapnobathrac

    Buff Carriers

  14. kapnobathrac

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    I knew one day I will benefit from grinding that POShyte Moskva. I’m closer to these op ships