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  1. kapnobathrac

    Fastest way to Make Credits?

    Enterprise. If i got some credit flags i usually get 700k-1.1mil without playing good in particular (not good compared to unicums i mean)
  2. kapnobathrac

    Odd Shells / Tracers

    Please check in device manager if the PC detects your nvidia card and reply. Does it have an exclamation mark ?
  3. kapnobathrac

    Odd Shells / Tracers

    Do you experience fps drop at the same time ?
  4. kapnobathrac

    Am I the only one going for DD with torps?

    salty crackers
  5. kapnobathrac

    Super container!

    They increase and decrease the chances regurarly ,its not a set percent all the time. I got 2 supercontainers from picking "try your luck" and 2 from "get more resources" within a short period and then nothing for ages. Would be nice to get percentages on everything that is simmilar to lottery.
  6. I like to hunt dds with my torps in my enterprise. I know dds already hate me and landing torps on them make it so much more satisfying i mean,when I see a dd I go guns blazing with all my aircrafts. After they see I lose my rockets they usually get relaxed but then I pull down the aircraft window and go like a day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid and come back for them with torps Am I the only one?
  7. kapnobathrac

    Germans, Carriers and Planes.

    Game will inevitably have to go to paper ships and they will be balanced based on the real ships that already exist in the game.
  8. kapnobathrac

    Rocket planes attack pattern

    I find the enterprise rockets pretty good against destroyers and currently aiming for hakuryu. How are her rockets compared to enterprises?
  9. kapnobathrac

    Wait What...?! 6 DD's not a Surprise with Wargaming

    It’s all about CVs now man please keep up with the news
  10. kapnobathrac

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    I’m astonished that nobody says anything about those ships with rail gun AA instead everyone wants to see the CV get destroyed as a part of personal vendetta not balance. Next step : release CVs minute 12 and don’t compensate with credits and xp
  11. kapnobathrac

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    risitas laugh
  12. kapnobathrac

    Großer Kurfürst need boost

    I have it and : good citadel protection but but you need to show a lot of broadside which kind of negates this strength big and slow sometimes even spotting torps with hydro is not enough to avoid them. Easily demolished with HE Meta is camping and sniping and her guns suck at that
  13. kapnobathrac

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    He is afraid that one time it might happen several times within a short time frame and will lead to more serious consequences which is understandable. Identifying the problem if it occurs often is the solution to avoid some more serious punishment. I was in His situation due to a faulty PC and I also expected a potential ban.
  14. kapnobathrac

    Game Crash/Computer Crash - Flagged for unsporting behaviour!

    I had a lot of these in the past and it let 2 times to the failure of my motherboard so I had to replace it with a new laptop. But should I have to spend money just to fix the problem? Yes and no. If I do want to play I have to fix the problem(in my case spending money). If I don’t then I can just play another game. Thing is, the rest of the players should not be forced to have a bad game because of my computer. WG sees it also at a downside if one faulty PC ruins the game for an entire team. They don’t really care much about having a a player with a faulty pc and would rather see the player banned. Someone has to pay and it is you (and could have been me also)
  15. kapnobathrac

    Do you have more fun in matches with CVs or without?

    When it comes to ships that annoy me during matches CVs are are on the third place. I usually hate cruisers with fast firing HE and DD torps more. I think it's OK both with or without CV