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  1. kapnobathrac

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Typo. Edited
  2. kapnobathrac

    just recived steel?

    They are spreading the extra steel they got from halving the AA guns on kremlin. Turns out it was a fortress
  3. kapnobathrac

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Kings grandfather has a slight resemblance to that actor Benedict counterstrike.
  4. kapnobathrac

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Well the keyword is “fun" since its a game. It’s not just about proving that you can beat the odds at times ,it’s also about enjoying playing. I can guarantee you that the tier 6-8 that meet my enterprise don’t enjoy it that much. Hell even I feel guilty hitting a DD for 15k in 2 rocket salvos. for everyone like you that enjoys playing with a handicap (read challenging) there are 5 People that don't like it.
  5. kapnobathrac

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Well among other things ,my post was not meant to cover every aspect,I regularly play my enterprise and that’s one reason I hate to have another CV in my team. Then there is which ever 2 CVs manage to focus an enemy CV to take it down leaving one team extremely crippled. even though I defended CVs I am well aware that the majority of the player base (not just forums) would vote for the removal of CVs altogether. I know I cause a horrible experience for enemy DDs,having 2 sets of planes spotting them and shooting rockets would make almost any DD alt+f4.
  6. kapnobathrac

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Well facts or no facts it is my understanding that everyone hates x2 cvs. Regular ships hate it for obvious reasons and CVs hate it cause they split the spotting damage between them
  7. kapnobathrac

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    I don’t like 2 cvs per team when I play my enterprise because the other CV steals a part of my damage and spotting damage and I sure as hell don’t want to be in a game where I earn less than 800k credits
  8. kapnobathrac

    Kremlin AA nerf

    Comrade if you reach late game in the Kremlin you are doing it wrong,da? you have W and you have left click. 6 minutes should suffice. Late game is for capitalists
  9. kapnobathrac

    Again PR

    I never got this,your friend stopped because ? He stopped playing altogether cause he didn’t like the game or cause he didn’t want to make more progress? You simply play and make progress as a Side effect,you don’t make progress with playing as a side effect.
  10. kapnobathrac

    The Hindy circle

    I Find the hindy very pleasant to play also. I think it has good guns but most importantly there is certain waltz between its rudder and turret trv that gives it fluidity. Unlike the henri turrets. (Well now the ship is as low as the turrets so that’s a win I guess). i use legendary mod and ifhe and its nice
  11. kapnobathrac

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    i spent 20 of those tokens that change from patch to patch. Does everyone get it in the ingame bundle or i was just lucky ? Wonder if i can take its engine down and put it on Henri
  12. kapnobathrac

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    We have a winner. And also like a previous poster said,the problem was the engine smoke rendering not giving the opponent a good clue at what speed Henri was at that particular moment which made leading hard. and @MrConway you said the ship was overperforming because "some" people were good att slowing and accelerating. Really you nerf a ship cause SOME people are good ? I bet there are a lot of these SOME people good with every ship. Henri IV moves like a moskva does not have the moskva armor you have to play like a ranged zao now does not have zao shell speed
  13. kapnobathrac

    Fires are insane

    fires are so rare on short that the seamen eat raw burgers
  14. kapnobathrac

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Well People didn’t grind/buy the henri cause it was playable. What a word,playable. A zao with 30 sec reload is also playable. The speed was unique. Now it moves like it has the curse of the Moskva. Like I said,uniqueness of old ships has to disappear in order for new ships to count as unique and sell.
  15. kapnobathrac

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    this,they are making all ships the same its just a gimmick to make you grind it. They cant have unique playstyles since the new released ships have to have that unique status in order to sell. If you already have a unique ship you might not invest money in the british cruisers. Man and i got henri not long ago,this sucks really hard. What a horrible company I played a game in it and it really looks bad AF