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  1. kapnobathrac

    Does the Zao need a change?

    Imo slap another turret on zao, give it smoke and a small reload decrease of about 6 seconds and it’s gonna be competitive
  2. kapnobathrac

    is this a new trend when playing petro ?

    But the thing is I didn’t have any extraordinary results that match I finished in the middle somewhere so it has to do with the parking and tanking. I pushed in the end so far up that I was the closest to 5 enemies and none of them bothered to shoot me so I’m sure it’s the tanking that frustrates people
  3. where you get reported for just for playing petro and winning ? went in with +4 and came out at 0. I dont really care but im just curious. inb4 this leads to a chat ban
  4. kapnobathrac

    Bad manners in game chat

    I never say anything after I die I usually say everything I need before I die. That's why I'm chatbanned 90% of the time and as you might guess the few games where I actually want to communicate a strategy with my teammates I'm chatbanned which leads to more frustration and which I let loose once the ban is lifted thus resulting in another ban soon after. Map spammers usually leads to some pretty Harsh verbal abuse from me
  5. kapnobathrac

    so i finally unlocked yamato

    And one more thing, I find that Yamato’s shells dispersion looks like English teeth most of the times which leads to a lot of damage output loss. I find other BBS more consistent, mine looks like kremlins at max range regardless of range unless it’s 10km of course
  6. kapnobathrac

    so i finally unlocked yamato

    My wr is 53% solo random since I don’t platoon to beat other solo people but I still doubt that I’m the reason ships stats look bad. anyway, I find Vermont or thunderer(and I’m playing mid range) a better playing experience Bb wise and even the republique and kremlin. I dislike her almost as much as GK which I sold and will never buy again. You can “overmatch” ships in the thunderer too with HE spamming and at least you can move without taking 25 years to do so. And that retarded nose Yamato has which you can citadel while you can barely citadel a kremlin from the side is just boring . Ship is boring
  7. kapnobathrac

    so i finally unlocked yamato

    having most tier x ships i decided that i need to have yamato, case why not ? i always said to myself that it looks quite pointless and guess what ? its a horrible ship just like i suspected IMO. Should have wasted my time on elbing instead
  8. kapnobathrac

    Enjoying all ships ( the game ) or choosing WR

    I Only play underpowered ships such as Kremlin pavlovsk thunderer CV so wr is of no importance to me
  9. kapnobathrac

    Max immelman seems pretty wea- i mean balanced

    My WR after 12 matches is 80% ish. I start with skip bombers and drop a squadron so I only attack once. I attack a ship and press F then repeat the same thing the entire match. Highest I got was 180k damage and kraken. Sounds stupid but it worked so far using only one attack and then F lol
  10. kapnobathrac

    specced immelman for secondaries

    it wasnt a complain about the cv, it was about how secondaries work. A bunch of flintstones on these forums
  11. so i specced immelman for secondaries and i like to get close and personal sometimes trying to position more aggressively when possible. I had a 1v1 with a hindy while i maintained a good angle. Shot 386 times with secs and landed 88. he managed to torp and kill me. I got him down to 1500 hp and for a good 15-20 seconds i couldnt eat the last 1500 hp even though my batteries were shooting like crazy. Seems kinda stupid
  12. kapnobathrac

    Max immelman seems pretty wea- i mean balanced

    Bought it i Find it harder to rack up damage compared to midway
  13. kapnobathrac

    Reverse logic to balance HE/Fires/IFHE

    Or cap the amount of shells a ship has in it's ammo room
  14. kapnobathrac

    Is this the worst state of the game ever?

    Spam HE with thunderer spam HE with haru spam HE with midway occasionally take petro and try to quick flank, if I take a BB down with me in 5 min I’m happy. try to cit their cv in the beginning with my Vermont that’s all I do in this game atm. Before the rework I played almost all my ships
  15. kapnobathrac

    Marco Polo or Yoshino?

    This. Get neither. Save the coal cause a better ship might be around the corner. Maybe the next thunderer