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  1. Bjens

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Isn't this the exact same situation from what was it.. halloween a year ago or so? the tirpitz time. Much exclusive, rare, and so on. Halloween event is not for EU, only Americans celebrate it. etc etc. Meat, grinder, repeat.
  2. If the server crashes due to say "unhandled exception" type of error Id say it's way more realistic that you end up with a rollback scenario
  3. Bjens

    Survey on the way - Express your views

    Describe the game WoWs in one adjective... "Mediocre" It arrived in my mailbox 29.10
  4. I only played a few games so far after the patch.. the game does indeed look a bit better just.. overall. Definetly agree with most post-patch threads here, also the cap ship names.. I don't even mind at all. But my exterior menu is telling me I got no commemorative flags, and the ranked menu is telling me I got nothing to show for having made it to rank 10 first season and my promised 15 stars head start is gone... Whats with this? if anything I would say participating in the pilot-ranked-season should earn you a special commemorative flag representing that very first ranked season level 10...
  5. Bjens

    GJ Wargaming for giving a bad update! (5.0.3)

    I think this is still appropriate regardless of what hes referring to
  6. I've financed my premium time so far from Tirpitz and Warspite bundle, and now that the initial prem time I received is out, I started using gold from those sales. Though I wanted both the halloween destroyer and the imperator Nikolai, they looked really cool both when watching streams!, I decided all the other crap isn't really worth it. I just want to buy a ship when I want a ship, and to buy premium time/gold when I want those. I heard so much from friends who are longtime WoT players about "surely they will start creating actual sales on premium time soon, just wait" .. but nothing so far :/ thats the nr1 item I would rather want a sale on now rather than wait and buy premium time incrementally. If there was an actual good discount on 365 days premium "now!", I would buy it instantly cause as a long time mmo player I'm quite used to the subscription model, rather than this obviously micro-milking strategy in place for WoWs now.
  7. Bjens

    Halloween Trophy Submissions

    Found this among the belongings of my great grand father, the familys famed ww2 sailor. A sticker on the back of the frame read.. "DOOMSHIP BISMARCK . spotted 31st Oct 1943" Edit: and to go with the experience, he was later given the grand trophy below... (I hope it is alright this way. I didn't really get the downvotes at first, but I suppose the picture above though it took a bit of time to cobble together, is no trophy. Sorry for missunderstanding! tried my best with the trophy from a ingame photo ) Happy Halloween! I know theres been a few rings on my doorbell tonight... #WoWsTrophy
  8. Bjens

    10 millions reward.

    1 million for rank 10.. nice surprise
  9. OP is it just me or is the sort of.. layout/usage of the wow website template vastly different on NA vs EU? like EU: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_content=premium-shop&utm_campaign=wows-portal and NA: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ I read trough this thread at least once and updated when there were something worth mentioning as you edit the title, but I can't remember seeing something about this. Worth mentioning too there are two versions of the Fujin pack on NA.
  10. Bjens

    Konigsberg, er, wtf?

    Okay, yea, I saw the credits one of the times I played yea, but it seemed so..uniform. It looked more like just some chit they decided was "okay" for every game when normal earnings were taken away.
  11. Bjens

    Konigsberg, er, wtf?

    This part about modules costing full price though, while there are zero earnings on the ships. Will it be fixed for future/similar contests?
  12. Bjens

    Reddit "Marbleheads Will Roll" Contest Update

    I had to get home from work, but I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reply. It seems you have the right ideas for moving forward. Hope to hear more from your team on this in the future!
  13. Bjens

    Reddit "Marbleheads Will Roll" Contest Update

    ah, I didn't even know there was a warship presence on FB. I'm not that active on it though so, thats probably why Regardless, I think theres nothing wrong with expanding the sphere of influence so to say, but when things are run as "service specific contests" (service as in reddit, facebook, twitter etc) I don't really see the point unless you have something like a special facebook sponsored event where you end up with a facebook-blue tirpitz with a "f" logo where the anchor should have been. Then I don't mind as long as it's advertised correctly. Like with the PCworld or PCgamer thing or whatever it was with special codes for existing accounts and new accounts. People understood they had to get a magazine copy for it to work, and then at least in my point of view it's just fine. Now I don't know exactly how things are organized now, and how the strategy is for things to be in the future, but it seems like it would be beneficial if all contests were run "from the forum", but advertised absolutely everywhere. And then, advertised for what it was, so there was no initial confusion mudding up the overall event experience. NA only, EU only, do this, to get that etc and if the requirement for getting global stuff organized is for one region to wait an extra day or two with announcing something... imo, it's worth it.
  14. Bjens

    Reddit "Marbleheads Will Roll" Contest Update

    I can understand it's difficult to "run" a contest on Reddit, but I think Reddit still is a way better channel for posting news about stuff, and linking to a relevant place for actually running things. Having to hang around on the forum 24/7 to catch something is sort of inefficient.
  15. Bjens

    Insults Insults Insults

    Imo, the lack of rewards for playing in a way which benefit the team rather than the player is one reason for lack of teamplay. This is another/the other. Namecalling and shaming rather than encouraging and trying to help is simply destroying the ecosphere in each game and stopping people from trying to work together.