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  1. In a way you are right, but you know how this looks for someone who only reads the News Section. Too many times you see this concept in other positions/businesses. They do something wrong and then try to hide it behind charity. Not saying that it was intended to be like this, but at first glance it looks like it, if they wanted it or not. That is sadly the way it is at least for me. Because of this i can totally understand why some people say that they will not donate, after all everyone can decide this for him/herself. At least not over Wargaming. I'll e.g. support a Charity for Children in my hometown and maybe would have supported this one as well. But there is something called trust and at least for me this one is sadly lost in the moment. It depends on how the situation is handled i might change my mind, but for the moment i'll rather give my money direct to a charity then doing it over Wargaming's "Table". Sounds hard, yes i agree, but this is, at least for the moment, my decision.
  2. I understand mate - but I just want to highlight that I'm sure we can have a discussion about two separate topics. I understand your feedback about the Puerto Rico - but let's keep that topic in the Puerto Rico threads and focus here on this activity. About the CCs - I think our general approach and relationship with our CCs tells you more about us than an exceptional mistake that we made - and corrected afterwards (he is a CC again). No worries, I understand your points and I hope you understand mine. OK, we (as a Community) can discuss this somewhere else, that is true. But this whole thing, if you want or not, is connected by now, because of the way things happened. And for everyone this just looks like a cheap way out of a problem. Which it maybe not for WG Staff and Community Managers, but it shines a bad light on WG as a hole, if you want it or not or if it wasn't intended to be. That's why i wrote what i wrote.
  3. Crysantos i do understand that this may be planed long in advance and that canceling this could be difficult and should not be done. That's my opinion too, as i said i'm in for charity. But you do understand that the timing couldn't be worse and how it looks to many people. I don't even know how nobody in WG would have thought that the PR event and its challenges are OK. Problem is how the PR is handled by you guys. The way this is handled, because it seems that its not handled in the slightest. Only one i heard a slight Sorry from was Conway in Yesterday's Stream. And does anything change with that... NO. Tuccy even sad in the Stream something like: "Or, you can buy it" I don't think this event is, without paying money or play the game like 12-18 Hours a Day possible for not even at least 1 % of the Playerbase. Those who do finish, or already finished this put ~200€ in WGs you now what and get the ship like that, without even doing the Directives. I get that Wargaming is a Business and you guys have to make money, that is after all what i business does. But this is over the Top. Especially if its packed/presented as a Christmas Gift and something like that happens. To the thing with the CCs. OK that maybe true, but you remember what happened to iChase with that Graf Zeppelin thing, don't you. Theoretically if you (as WG in total) would do something against a CC because of this. The backslash would only get bigger, which is the worst that could happen. Sorry that i'm so rough with you guys, normally i'm not, but (i can't even put this i english really) its just the wrong event to the wrong time. Even though i have to say, yes you are right, this shouldn't be canceled.
  4. don't get me wrong i understand that, but then your timing guys is pretty wrong. Hope you understand what this looks like! Oh and i'm not angry because i will not get the PR, that not the problem for me. But they destroyed a really cool concept on getting a Premium Ship, if you work hard. I have Alaska and really don't like it, So i would have got this just to have it in my Port but how this is handled buy WG Staff is wrong and as long as there is no change to that (which will not come because its wargaming after all) i will not pay anything even for charity. And of course the CCs have to answer like that, after all we know what happened to IChase when he voiced his opinion.
  5. First that Puerto Rico Skam and now that, Try not be like: "Hey watch we are doing Charity Stream for Children, we are the good Guys" after that.... Do you really think anyone with a good Mind will donate for this after what you've done? I do understand that you had to make getting the Puerto Rico hard, because Tier 10 Premium Ship. But what you guys did with those Directives, i believe that the Person who thought that these challenges are ok is insane and i guess he thinks that we all have no life without the game, especially in the Winter Holidays. Don't get me wrong i'm in for every Charity, if i have the possibility myself. But i have the feeling that this is only to get away from that Puerto Rico **** you guys did. So sorry for that Charity but you don't get a Cent from me