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  1. DKP555

    Completed stage 1 of Puerto Rico

    Yes, I'm serious. Directive seven is a b*tch, but I'm confident that I can do at least 5 of those missions in 6 days. edit: I always forget that this is a christian minecraft server
  2. DKP555

    Completed stage 1 of Puerto Rico

    I'll try to do all the directives, maybe except the CV ones, to get the containers, coal and steel while getting the PR as a bonus.
  3. DKP555

    Which ship for coal?

    If you want a BB, all of them are good, watch some vids and decide. If you want a cruiser take Salem or Smolensk.
  4. DKP555

    1 week of prem vs 1 week of PR-ticks

    It depends on the time you have to play this week. To do the directives you need at least a T5 ship so if you can grind them out fast enough you can start next week but if you won't have the time you should start the week after.
  5. Can you hear the phone ringing? That's because I effing called it. edit: can't say the f word because this is a christian minecraft server
  6. DKP555

    Thank you WG for Christmas events

    You should not be making jokes like these or WG will take you seriously and think that they will not lose support for using misleading advertisements and outright lies to make more cash.
  7. DKP555

    need a reason

    Why are you smurfing then? If you really have another acc.
  8. DKP555

    need a reason

    Oh crap! Using the stats from 200 games in up to T7 ships seal clubbing and comparing yourself to people with thousands of games. Btw you didn't say how many games you had on your other acc. in the first post, read it through yourself. edit: T7 not T6
  9. Mighty humble of you. Some of us have lost a couple hundred steel, a day of clan battles and premium because of this so the compensation should be a bit higher.
  10. DKP555

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    I hope the compensation will be premium time, prolonged clan season, containers and maybe 500 steel.
  11. DKP555

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    I just hope it won't be like last time when were getting kicked every 5 minutes for almost two days. They'll probably extend the clan season by one or two more days.
  12. DKP555

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    It is insulting, and in no way a fair assesment as you can NOT assess someones rectal incontinency from their post. Just kidding mate, but you really sound just as butthurt as the whiners.
  13. DKP555

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    You have not lost any flags or consumables used in that battle. I had my top Phoenix game when the server crashed, I was at 79k damage sank the enemy Omaha and Phoenix and was attacking their Hermes and Hosho when suddenly I get kicked and there is no battle result. That game would have been more than enough for me to get Omaha and start the Exeter mission but WG had to shoot he hamster running the server at that exact moment.