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  1. Major_Damage225

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    The skill level to play Kitty to its potential is extremely high, however imo the Fun she has the potential to give is in spades and then some.
  2. Major_Damage225

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Ill just leave this here for the lolz
  3. Major_Damage225

    i am so so mad at wargaiming ( rant )

    TLDR, but buisness as usuall the eh Chill, being mad makes you mad, so to not get mad, dont be mad. And litle advice, i know you may like the cammo, but IMO no cammo no matter how good it may look is worth steel.
  4. Major_Damage225

    Is there something special planned for 1.0.0?

    Hmm WG taking a note from Intel's 14nm++++++++++++++++
  5. Major_Damage225

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    As i mentioned, i was saying it based on the opening posts picture with the ships in there, on one side you have the kagero, on the other side you have mutsuki and okhotnik, so i added if hypoteticaly there would be a kami in the list. I hope i clarified it
  6. Major_Damage225

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    Yeah, i forgot about the CV In a CV game, it would be dificult, but i was looking at the opening posts ship lineup, so in that case it would be a powerfull ship
  7. Major_Damage225

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    Traning room is where the best battles are made. As for that hight tier group, a well played Kamikaze (not on the list) would mop the seabed with those ships, exept mabe the Kagero if it catches kami off guard. Mutsuki and Robotnik would also pretty mutch wrek them if played smart.
  8. Major_Damage225

    Best dakka ship at Tier IV?

    Kuma or Svetlana FTW, svetlana profits from the gun reload skill as she has 130mm guns, idk if IFHE is still worth it on her tho, both are big floating cittadels tho so keep that in mind, Kuma's torps hit harder aswell if memory serves.
  9. Major_Damage225

    The lowest tier ship you still have fun in?

    T4-Arky with secondary spec skipper T2-V25 with a 10+ point skipper T3-Katori, most DDs forget that it has torps T4-Rasputin for the trolls
  10. Major_Damage225

    The Kitakami returns!

    Im in the same boat tbh, despite knowing id never play it outside coop/ traning room meme matches, i'd still go through hell to get her
  11. Major_Damage225

    The Kitakami returns!

    I wonder how it's gonna be made avalable, coal, FXP, steel or just straight up doubloons (verry mutch no but you never know) Im sure WG will try to limit the ammount of people getting it, so im seeing a steel ship here or at the verry least a coal one.
  12. Major_Damage225

    Roon is big brain ship

    That a$$ in first move also works well in the Harekaze when entering a cap
  13. Major_Damage225

    Is the Forum kind of Slow lately ?

    So the forum is in snooze mode, good to know, i though it was my junk phone, good thing ive read this, was just about to fix my phone with a sledgehammer
  14. Major_Damage225

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    I wonder if the traning or server room can handle a 960 torp wall meme battle