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  1. I dont know about the mirror caps/bases map, personaly i still think this kind of map would bring something new, and if the MM is a goofy as it is now by giving you the same map over and over, at least it it wouldnt be the same tipe of game since the map would change diferently from the last time
  2. There is no limit to crazy or vodka when it comes to russian
  3. Looks like a sweet FXP T8 BB to me
  4. I stand corrected
  5. Depending on the price, the top bundle has a jacuzzy option aswell comrade XD
  6. Pretty mutch, i think Nikolai was this thing's tug boat
  7. I didnt mean for the ships to loose mutch hp, more like 2hp per second whilst in contact with said iceberg, i dont want to get keelhauled for giving wg a idea after all
  8. This was the ultimate BB study done in June 1914 by the Russo-Baltic SY in Revel. It was never seriously considered for production and was more of a design study to see if it can be done. It was considered to be too big for the Baltic Sea operations. Data (all in metric units): Displacement - 45,000 tons Full length - 265.0 m Full width - 34.4 m Draft - 9.15 m Armaments: Sixteen 16"/45 Twenty four 150mm/52 Torpedo tubes: Four 450mm Armour: See drawings Engines: 11 universal boilers, 16 oil boilers, 119,452 h.p. Speed - up to 30 knots All info found on this ship was posted by senior_kickass on Spacebattles forum. Imagine this thing in wows
  9. I can see the salt flowing if that would be a option A side effect would probably be people pushing the bergs as shield's infront of theyr ships, for DD's and CA/L's it would be a buff, but then we would see BB's playing air hockey with icebergs XD
  10. So i had this idea pop into my litle bean, with all the talk about maps getting stale, why not make a dynamic, ever changing map. Here is the idea, you take a map, Islands of Ice for this. All of the in map islands get removed (the out of map ones can stay because of scenery reasons) the islands get replaced with icebergs, some big, some small etc. The icebergs themselves move/wander randomly around the map, but not into caps, that could cause some salt (i got pushed out of capping etc.) If two icebergs hit eachother they just move apart, into a new directions. I think it would bring a everchanging map and thus make things a bit interesting. If a ship would bump a iceberg it would not change it's course, even get a light team damage like hp reduction, nothing serious, few hp a second. What do you think?
  11. Here is a idea for a map, take Islands of Ice, instead of fixed islands, you make hudge and small icebergs, and make them randomly move about the map, you play the same map, but it's always diferent, small cap's and you'r set (aaaand, if you hit the iceberg you'r hp deminishes a'la team collision, why not ) Edit: it's called Dynamic Map
  12. I would be happy to sell the craptonn of reserve places i have for 1000 silver, or perhaps exchange them for port slots 50 reserve > 1 port slot Edit: op you should rename the topic to idk "usless capt reserve slots" or something, i didt think it was about exess skipoer slots prior to reding it
  13. Was it a bug, or was it wg trolling a bit
  14. All those cammos have the same result, a big "SHOOT HERE" sign
  15. Concidering the range increase, that 0.5 seconds is irelevant.