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  1. HMS Cossack

  2. HMS Cossack

    soo this, no need to hide it, give already
  3. How to handle people like this?

    One way i know would work but it's too extreem to be implemented, it involves people and cliffs.
  4. Problem is the lack of will to learn in people, coupled with wanting to be given a iwin button in younger generations and we get where we are Bdw welcome back Wolf
  5. What will we see in 2018?

    If we get nations not represented, mabe (BB i know, i know) K.U.K Szent Istvand as a T4?
  6. How to get HSF Yamato Camo?

    You have to register, play yammy, mushy, jare & graffy and collect, (i have one beer to many so im happy to be corected by our pros here 😂)
  7. PSA: Yamato HSF camo

    so i take it, it's too late to join right, i missed it
  8. Musashi P2W

    Finally Yamato will have a big target to shoot at
  9. What will we see in 2018?

    Return of Kitakami
  10. A new level of ABYSMAL...

    Nerf islands in general, how many times i shot/torped them and they wouldnt sink, not even a citadel
  11. Missouri or Musashi?

    No decisions needed, get Missouri now, you can get Mushi later anyway... double win
  12. Tears Of The Desert Map - Rework

    It's waaay better than the current one, personally i would just bim the map, easy fix, but the way you reworked it, looks like a massive improvement over the current one, nice work (wg time to start fixing TotD)
  13. New unique (French) commander on the way

    Defenetly looking forward to this, now we have, USA Seagull, RN Jack, IJN Yamamoto, the french are getting one, so by all logic after this one it's prolly going to be Germany next. Edit: If i may suggest a name for the german commander, let it be either Otto Von Bismarck or Alfred Von Tirpitz (i know i know bizzy&torpy) but i still think it would be a nice choice, just my thoughts
  14. Finally got a supercontainer.....

    Well, i know its not mutch, better than stock, though a litle buff to 5km specced from wg's part wouldnt hurt
  15. How would you improve the skill of player base?

    I thik the old saying "you can fix anything but you cant fix dumb" would be apropriate.