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  1. Major_Damage225

    Team Killing Bots?

    The amount of times i had bot's nuke eachother is more than i can count, only thing that gets me pink in coop (many times) is when i have a "friendly" bot torp me, naturally i nuke it..... I know theyr Ai and all but as a whise man once sayd "ima Ai my foot up you'r miscoded a$$"
  2. Major_Damage225

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    I know what OP ment, i just wanted to say it cannot be the worst ship in the game as per OP's thread title, it cannot be, Albany has that honnor since the begining to my knowledge
  3. Major_Damage225

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    Wasnt the Albany unanimously declared the worst ship in wows? Since the begining.
  4. Major_Damage225

    #NORISKNOGAME CV needs help or we all will

    How can someone keep track of that IU armagedon and play at 8fps.
  5. Major_Damage225


    Upcoming port consunable comrade
  6. Major_Damage225


    Personally the new Fjord port is now my favourite, just gorgeous. The 3D artwork department did a amazing job on it. But i see one error in you'r screenshot. You should have used the Tirpitz not Bizzy
  7. Guess i'll just reset the few skippers i have set up, since last free respec, i unspecced all my skippers and just use 6, the rest have been pickled, somehow i knew it would be best to select a few ships and play those and keep the rest in mothballs just in case. Offtopic, here's a pic of a upcoming carrier focused game and theyr ship models.
  8. @MrFingers ol chap, good one, for a second you had me, i was just about to write a fuming post before i had a second look. Tho, in reality, would you be surprised? I certanly wouldnt be.
  9. Major_Damage225

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    I'd prefer if WG would give co-op mode a option of two dificulties. -Standard (current) -Expert/Hard (new "vet" mode) The second mode could give idk +15% of xp/credits more than the standard mode but, you'd be outnumbered 2 to 1, or make the Ai mutch more chalanging, because atm coop is a frag rush, 5mins is long, 3 mins is becoming a norm. Again, just my opinion, i doubt it would take enormous resources to implement. And dont say it would increase que times for regular coop, since only players that want to play hardmode would play it, potatoes would try it, get pulvarised and go back to standard coop.
  10. Major_Damage225

    Khaba needs torp range increase

    Khabas bread and butter are her guns, the torps are there for that "oh " moment or when you catch a ship from around a island
  11. Major_Damage225

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    AP rockets eh, when do we get SAP depth charges/hedghogs then, preferably with the ability to lob them at surface ships aswell?
  12. Major_Damage225

    How many flags can you have at once?

    8 combat flags 1 national flag 2 decorative flags (where aplicable) 1 special skipper flag (Yamamomototototo) For a grand total of 12 on the selected ship. Tho i would like for one to be able to slap on more decorative flags since i got a metrictonn of them
  13. Major_Damage225

    New ships revealed - MN Champagne - USS F.D Roosevelt

    I wonder when IJN Sake will be announced
  14. Nothing less then a medal this Keep it up
  15. Major_Damage225

    Favorite Nation Poll

    I like trying every line but since my first ever ship in WoWs was the YubYub and my many mentions of Kittykat, old Bucky, the naging for more ships (ones that actually floated) like Ise, Yamashiro, more DD's, Tone etc i think it's obvious im IJN biased