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  1. Awful in world of warships!

    Being a new player is one thing, being a reroll and still not getting it is a whole new matter
  2. Awful in world of warships!

    I do belive OP left the forum because the replies went against to his expectations.
  3. Austria-Hungary?

    Beograd T5 prem DD, Dubrovnik T7 prem DD and Tegethoff (Szent istvand in particular) T4 prem BB (regulsr Tegenthoff can be ina tech tree waay down the line timewise) Ive been looking into making a Austrohungarian/Yugo tech tree for 2 years, when i have it done i'll share it with you.
  4. You know, one thing i will never get in OPS, you have players who play it regularly and still dont see the same old same old patterns in them
  5. Awful in world of warships!

    You want help, ask nicely and everyone will help you, be a thick skull and well, jackhammer time. Did you come here to get help/tips/advice or to troll?
  6. Premium shells in WOWS

    I really am seeing the posibility here for OP to get 100+ reactions (75 from just downvoats atm)
  7. Mikasa is lackluster!

    Soo, despite WG saying there would be no predreds ingame apart from Mikasa, i do wish they would reconcider theyr decision and add one predred for each nation, that way Mika wont be the sole representative of it's class. (and it would work out verry nicely)
  8. Mikasa is lackluster!

    Give the mikasa around 800m more range on the secondarys and it would do.
  9. Need one more star to unlock the final task on the first stage, so yeah almost done (didnt get to play mutch last few weeks)
  10. Premium shells in WOWS

    -61 this is the biggest - or + i have ever seen on the forum here Forum 101, how to make the forum errupt. Mention Premium ammo = pitchfork armageddon
  11. The only thing im looking at as i have around 8.5k oil colected are two special upgrades, im not gonna complayn
  12. Frustrated customer regarding steel posibilities

    You wont get Mikasa for steel, but you will get Sukasa for coal soon™
  13. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    I'm a litle batheled aswell about the oil>coal thing. Dose it take into account only the oil you have collected in the current clan, or dose it take into account the oil you colected in all clans? Hopefully someone from WG can clarify this.
  14. Premium shells in WOWS

    To anything with words premium and ammo anywhere near eachother.
  15. Indianapolis Marathon 70K damage

    Ok thanx, so i can only miss one more then.