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  1. Major_Damage225


    Reasons for loosing Karma are known to be: -You play bad -You play good -You'r a unicum -You have a certain ship -You play CV -You play DD -You play a BB -You dont comunicate -You do comunicate -You torp a friendly -You torp multiple enemys -You play a battle -You'r nickname -You use radar I could go on and on and on and on.
  2. Major_Damage225

    Georgia's sigma

    I personally love muh Georgia, ok i havent takes her into randoms... Yet, just goofing around in coop so there is that, but, that sayd, i find her really fun, she's defenetly a flanker, not a tanker. I have on her a full secondary build, instead of acuracy module i have the reload one, also (for now) i have the acceleration module on her, plus speed flag, and from a standing start to full speed i can outrun quite many cruisers and keep up with DD's, also outruning a few, witch i find hillarious, accuracy wise, if you'r used to Gneisenau, she feels more accurate, and when the AR kicks in her main gun reload is just troll. I find her accuracy best between 8-15km. As i sayd, i have her coop derp specced atm.
  3. Major_Damage225

    Isoroku yamamoto

    I have Yamamomtotototo on Kitakaze as primary, he then shares Harekaze, Kamikaze and clones, Tachibana, Katori, Yubari. Odly enough he preforms best on Kamikaze since it prints first blood for me, and after a kraken whilst on low HP, well, chat gose balistic usually
  4. Major_Damage225

    Yahagi in Review - Destroyer in cruiser’s clothing

    Give her a more DD'ish feel by removing her cittadel Joking aside, giving her TRB would be interesting if not make her too strong in some cases, because her torps are heavy damage. MBRB on the other hand would be verry interesting i think. As for the superstructure, yes it is verry limiting, i'll check in traning room later, mabe you can squeeze a degree or two out still, any extra degree would be welcome.
  5. Major_Damage225

    Yahagi in Review - Destroyer in cruiser’s clothing

    The ship is fun, but not for everyone, for those that like lil'YubYub they will feel right at home with her, but like YubYub, if she would get a degree or two on her launchers, it wouldnt hurt
  6. Major_Damage225

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    What would be the ships gimmick tho, remember every ship needs a gimmick in WG's eyes. Uuu, i got one, press J and it jumps out of the water, great torp counter da comrade Joking aside, it would be a good PR (public relations, not the ship) move, after so many blunders, wg could use one, and im sure Perth wouldnt complayn getting some company.
  7. Major_Damage225

    3 x CV low lvl fun

    Speaking of low tier ships, whats the average in the current meta, for a T3 ship to get dragged into a T4 match?
  8. Major_Damage225

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    You made a typo in your opening post there ol'chap Anyway, i wouldnt spend not even 500 doubs on a ship, witch i'll be able to get in a week or two anyway, just dosent hold logic for me.
  9. Dang you guys have high requests, i'd sell out for 4 things. -Kitakami (only one ship wordwide, mine) -A150 -T8 Fubuki with Harekaze gun options and 15 km 68 knot Kamikaze torps with 55 second reload. -a full scale fully functioning replica of the IJN Kamikaze, no armarment needed, just the ship. With all above things listed, i'd praise WG for the next 50 years Im cheap soo, thats reasonable right?
  10. Major_Damage225

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Meanwhile Arky is jellous of Tachibanas AA
  11. Major_Damage225

    Shinano or Yashima

    I vote for both, Shinano may come back as a CV, and what Aixin sayd, the name choice is good. As for the A150, i read somwhere... I think it was on the combined fleet website, the A150 was named Yokozuna "grand champion" witch i also found quite fitting
  12. Major_Damage225

    It is painful

  13. Major_Damage225

    It is painful

    He already left, ah dagnabit, i just got the popcorn ready.
  14. Major_Damage225

    It is painful

  15. Major_Damage225

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    From what i was able to dig up on the ''neverlying'' internet about this thing, it was actually concidered by the IJN in the 30's, for theyr then ''night battle'' tactic, only after the decission was made that they need it as a BB did the IJN convert the Kitakami into the torpedo variant instead. So i wouldnt call it fake, but mabe someone in the studio is afraid what this ship could do when played in a wrong manner, Kitakami showed what happens.