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  1. Only yamamoto will be able to do a custom paintjob on a ship or will the ijn line as a whole be able to have its paint customised?
  2. Too bad dd's cant launch depthcharges to clear the mines. . how many times i wanted to eat the keyboard because of this. still a classic thoug.
  3. Myoko is one of the most flexible ships, dont expect to make records with her but she is a verry reliable and a verry solid ship (though giving her a bit of love wont hurt) but she is a bff of a ship, she'll be always there if you need her. I love mine and all her variants.
  4. Conclusion of the day: Mines are a no go in this game, as mutch as it may sound plausable it is not going to be a reality, due to far to many reasons witch can cause too mutch bad stuff happening. Case closed.
  5. You have them now, so farm that elite xp to boost up the next 19pointer.
  6. I think ima use jonny on leander(my only cl thnx to new year campaign) and swap him between that and warspite (when i actually start on the RN)
  7. When the italian BB's appear me thinks theyr "thing" will be fastest shells in game with the flattest trajectory (and looking good aswell) . (bdw me want roma nao to add to my collection) wg gib.... pretty please, i promise i will take care of her.
  8. 1st off i dont have hindi, not yet at least. 2nd, change Zao back to Sejo ok ok we understood ok, its clear ok. 3d, i like cookies ok.. ok.. (the green happy ones.. ok) Storms off back to makin strudel.
  9. Im pretty sure Aquilia will join Graf Zeppelin as a one off premium of the italian tree to become a coletcables jewel since... Eee la bella italia.
  10. No kamikaze planes will ever be implemented out of various reasons, as was stated by wg many times, the only kamikaze will forever be the DD. Night.
  11. From the looks of it ARP happened and finished, thats not to say it cant happen again but then theyr are other colabs that may come, for now ARP is no more.
  12. Best BB in game is the Mikasa.
  13. How is this a nerf to BB's utilising smoke, like its ever used, i dont know mabe it's just me but i can't recall all the times i used my smoke for a BB, i told them ima smoke them, but out of 50 games one or two did use it, all the other times.... flank ahead..
  14. Ohh those things hit the mines every match, only problem is that they do that after dumping theyr two torps not before.
  15. So there is a cv hiding there huh, hmmm, ima try to find it tonight after work.