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  1. Please remove T8 from Tx MM

    Please enable T5 in TX, my Kamikaze want's some seal...erm...walrus clubbing
  2. Sharks still winning?

    So i've been doing some number crunching, personally i didnt want to bother with the permacammos, they do look nice though , that's not what im on about though, i was going full coal math. So since reaching full shark loyalty ive gotten the 195 tokens and switched to eagles. From the eagles im hoping to pull out the remaning 95. 195+95=290 tokens ÷ 5 per crate = 58 crates x 400 coal per crate = 23.200 coal in total, not counting the daly progress crates. Im stuck deciding between the full coal loadout or a cammo for a ship i dont intend to get for quite some time (have other grinds going) I'm betting on the Alaska to be avalable for coal (my speculation) thats my reason behind the "need to hoard coal" Decissions, decissions, why do you do this wg
  3. Used to be the signal containers, but since ive got enough signals for a looong time, switched to "more resource" containers, i want to pile up as mutch coal as possible, just in case Alaska gets the coal price tag
  4. Sharks still winning?

    So, my thoughts on the Shark/Eagle situation, how may players you think did the math about the loyalty points (forumities excluded)? The majority of players i think just picked theyr team and are sticking with it till the event end. Just my 2 cents
  5. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    The only time the reload mod would make sence is: 1- Ocean map 2- Division of 3 Shimas 3- 20km torps
  6. Submarines ingame?

    Welcome back Boris
  7. Sharks still winning?

    Pardon me if im asking this, i know the answer is somwhere in the forums, but after reaching full loyalty with one team, how mutch loyalty tokens can you earn with the other till the event ends?
  8. Sharks still winning?

    I'm on 72 points, so yeah, another day or two before i switch
  9. New ways to balance

    That one is probobly in the works, wanna bet?
  10. Invisi-fire

    Pretty sure OP would like the old open water invisi fire, not the current LoS one
  11. Invisi-fire

    Despite relishing the thought of invisi fire Gremmy, Akizuki, Zao and alike..... It was a bad design, thats why it got removed, you can be certain it will never return and that's good, i'm sure many will agree.
  12. New ways to balance

    I can think of one way.... Well two ways to balance the game actually, add IJN Tone with manual contoll (as in you fly the squad) AP bombers, and add IJN Kitakami with 20km, 70knott dw torps with reload booster....... sounds perfect dosent it? Disclamer: its the beer talking
  13. Should 7.8 even be called an update?

    Anything adding or optimising to the game is a update, heck you could change a few textures only..... but still it is a update.
  14. Rightful Heir to the Cleveland in Operations?

    Silver ships: -Buddy -Leander Premiums: -Perth -La Gasssssss *(ment De Grasssss)* Those are my picks
  15. Cross server prime time for clan battles

    I am keeping a eye out for that, i was kinda hoping some news might have leaked out by "accident" of course, since this concept is a (i think so at least) "big thing" in wows.... cross server battles.