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  1. I'll still pick Senjo over moskva, sorry but to me Senjo is peace, Senjo is love, Senjo is wheredidthatcomeftom, basicly what i wanted to say is its to me, it's sooo freagin gorgeous ima happily go down with it every time(CBT muse... need i say more)
  2. Soo seems the popularity lineup BB - Kurfurst/Yamato/fill blank CA - Moskva/Hindy/Henry/DM/Zao DD - Z52/Grozovoi/Gearing/fill blank For people who dont have a TX, are given: BB - Kurfurst (because it's kinda forgiving) CA - Zao (currently weakest ca, but if masterd is still strong, but mastering it is not easy) DD - Shimakaze (weakest dd i think, but hey, others need targets) Did i get anything wrong?
  3. I'll swipe the thread for a post or two Witch ships netted you 1mil+ Mine were: Nagato Harekaze Tirpitz Missouri Edit: Duca D'aosta just joined the 1+mil club Edit 2:scratch Duca, i didnt see the combat mission XD, my bad.
  4. Any link to the source? Musashi is TX material, if they intend to mod it into something other, then please do not call the thing Musashi.
  5. So basicly the the torps punishes teamplay, and the ones who get into the thick of it but dosent do anything agains the "sniper elete" , if this is what the devs were going for they didnt need to make a new DD line, all they'd had to do was give the IJN back theyr unerfed torps, would have required less work.
  6. I'd get him moving, id tipe to him "if you dont hit flank till i get there your eating fish" (all wording and actions are purely fictional, any resemblance to gameplay is strictly coicedencial)
  7. Why would anyone use the range mod on the freagin yamato, i dont even know why they made that in the first place
  8. I have none, like others it just bugs me not to check Hmm come to think of it, wg should make a flag that you get after having 500+ unchecked items, name the flag hoarder umm colector i ment XD Edit: good on ya for resisting to collect all that
  9. Hmm if Ichhy get's a 360* #4 turret in the future (just my thought) can the Amagi get the same treatment?
  10. I've redeemed that code but didnt get it, you lucky scrubs , oh well more luck next time i supose.
  11. So i have to sign up starting nov 22 2016 Anyone have a delorean?
  12. Lol i didn't know that that can happed, when a server gose down it's logic that all players are disconected, next server downing ima try that one, who knows mabe i get lucky
  13. I tried dymaic but it didnt work for me, i'm used to the static one and eyeballing so i kept it, the No7 with the angle lines, dont intend to change it anytime soon.
  14. So, i play wow's from two comps right, i havent played it on the other since last patch, now the thing that's trolling me is this. I open the launcher, and start the game, game starts, i see a flash of the game loading screen then my monitor gose black and the bouncy message ''input not supported'' starts blobbing up and down. This has never happened before, everything else works exept wow's since the micropatch, any ideas? I have the graphics on medium on this rig, always worked before, i can get into the game (sound) but tring to click the right thing on a black screen aint fun. Anyone had anything similar, im stumped, i did the integrity check, all ok, i will try a full reinstall and see if it persists.