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  1. Major_Damage225

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    T1-BB Hermelin T2-Mikasa duuh T3-Konig Albert "fat A" T4-Arkansauce B T5-Kongo & co. T6-Warspite T7-Nagato T8-Amagi T9-Jean Bart TX-Yaamaatoo
  2. Major_Damage225

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1- Hermelin T2-Emden T3-Tenryu/Katori T4-Kuma T5-? T6-Leander/Graf Spee T7-Myoko& co. T8-Mogami T9-Kronny TX-Des Moines
  3. Major_Damage225

    New map suggestion

    Im sure im of only a few but i miss the original ice map, you had a cap where BB's could slug it out over the biggest cap in the open, you had a cap where DD's could play peek'a boom between the numerous lil islands, and you had the middle two caps where cruisers would do theyr tactical tango, all while being able to support the BB and DD caps and have enough cover for theyr survivability.
  4. Major_Damage225

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    Idk if this would qualify, for me tier for tier best DD ever was the once T8 Fubuki
  5. Major_Damage225

    Map boarder

    Map border problem you say..... Ezzz solution. And it would be a realistic scenario too, you know fall of the map back into port just like IRL you know, flat earth and all....
  6. I still think that the best way would be to tag the "op" ships like Alabama & Alabama ST, and i think both camps would be happy, one keeps theyr ships while the other can buy the revised versions all while WG dodges a shitstorm. Just my thought and i know some will whoely dissagre but thats just my thought on how to make this a win win for all.
  7. Just my 1cent, WG is runing on a fine line atm. I would say that there can be a way for both things, as one poster mentioned, how about just renaming the old ships to another name of the same class or just add a letter like the Black ships have to diferentiate the two versions, any takers?
  8. Major_Damage225

    Opinion: What looks better on the Warspite?

    Here's a few pics, idk, i may be biased but to me this cammo makes her look like all out buisness like ''roll in, cause hell, roll out'' type
  9. Major_Damage225

    Opinion: What looks better on the Warspite?

    It's just my taste but i think the gamescom cammo 2016 looks the best on warspite.
  10. Major_Damage225

    (WIP) Pyotr Velikiy T5 RU BB

    Ahh now i see the bigger picture, GC is getting "rebalanced" bcuzz no T5 can be better then rashian ship da? Ok the Belfast, Kami & co are safe. Kutuzov getting buff da Yuri. Russian bias is real but then i love russian bias... RB never failed me in pokemon, yugioh etc, heres my trump card. Works perfect everytime.
  11. Major_Damage225

    HE BBs. WG best move so far.

    BB's firing mostly to only HE? I see nothing new there
  12. Major_Damage225


    I'll just drop this here.
  13. Major_Damage225

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    Antylogical derp ship....... Sooo when is the release date again?
  14. Major_Damage225

    The KV-2 of WoWs

    I'll say it's another rusky that might compare to the KV2 the Nikolai I. Slow-Check Kickass on same tier, not so good uptiered-check Derp HE-check Rashian bias-check
  15. Major_Damage225

    Never seen this US BB before?

    Soo, a replacement for when Musashi gets removed?