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  1. I gave it a 3, and thats only because i have good memories of it from beta-0.8.0, but now i dont play anymore at all despite once being a diehard wows supporter, heck i was that person who went: -"why are you sleeping, get up, grab a ship and let's rule the seas" -"ohh your going to work, tell your boss your sick and come play wows, you'll love it" -"what are ya up to, ohh banging your wife, thats boring, come play wows, its more fun" I bought all ships, spent more then i wanna know on crates every new year, bought merch happily, the lot. But, slowly the joy and spark of this once uneque and amazing game fizzled out, few examples: - "Dumbing down the game" - WGs direction in making the games go faster by any change they do. - The lack of trying to make encentives to make players play better, ok, some just come to pewpew, cant change those. - the abandonment of ops development. - all the "gates" from santagate onwards and the devs lack of meaningfull comunication. - clear lack of direction of new ship lines and the game and usless "gimmicks" - lack of new maps, most maps feel made from the same template (your missed old islands of ice) - CV debacle, at first i was pumped hoping they would make it work, but just to see later that the RTS CV's were better (thats a imo) witch could have been easely rectefied by just making 2 game modes (with/without), there are enough players to support that, so the "long queue times" dosent hold water. -MM and its "insert mm stuff here" -sideproduct of wg making the game less skill based being player quality thus making allot of good players leave (my clan is dead since most left due to this) Thats just a few fast ones i could come up with, but there is more, thing is, the game still has potential, if the development team would be interested in making it good, i know the $$$ department cares only for that, then again, those people dont play games, hell they probably math out the yearly cost of theyr families looking how to spend less to make more profit. I feel for the devs that have the passion, the art and modeling department always did a above quality job, and everyone in the studio working to make the game good, just for them to be forced to do stuff the blind/ignorant higher ups think/want to do despite theyr lack of vision long term. Ima cut my thoughts here since i could go on and on till tomorrow. I still keep the fond memories of the game and the wonderfull comunity, one day i hope to see the game turn back into a good one but i fear thats just wishfull thinking, so for now wows is nolonger on my play list, i hope in the future that will change, till then ima just keep a eye on the forum here. Have fun eveyone, happy hunting and stay safe.
  2. Major_Damage225

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Well, you know wg is working on makarov lima, makarov 1942, makarov 1943, makarov black lima 1944 and makarov azure right, after all the most desired ship has to be avalable for all tastes
  3. Major_Damage225

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    With a special only once in a lifetime bundle with 10k capt xp and 50 zulu's for only 35k doubs yes
  4. Major_Damage225

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Haia gents, here is my 2c on this missy thing, as others stated make a copy paste of the ship, name it A'la Virginia, Missoury 1945 and done, or you know, add New Jersey. Wg made so many copy pastas i dont see why not for this.
  5. Major_Damage225

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Remembered one. -Back in my day the terror that is Katori was T1
  6. Major_Damage225

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Soo this, the ship didnt need them, it was about the ships, not the gimmicks.
  7. Major_Damage225

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Was the days before overmatch mechanic™
  8. Major_Damage225

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Decided to make a fun post of "back in the day" stories, i saw it on another forum so decided to make one here. I'll go first. -Back in my day, cruisers could tank BB's
  9. Major_Damage225

    I'll Throw Down

  10. Major_Damage225

    Larger Mini Map

    Soo this, is there anyway a mod can be made so the minimap can be on a secondary monitor, it would be a awsome QoL adition. Or mabe just the map as a whole but on a second screen.
  11. Major_Damage225

    Please update funnel smoke effects

    Defenetly the smoke can use a litle touch up, now, this is just a imo, i think the smoke should be thicker, darker like the ARP one (but not that cartoonish) and it should strech a litle longer, since ships going at flank speed burned allot of material, i know some will say it would be intrusive visually, just give a option in the settings to toggle it "more smoke, less smoke" even the gun smoke, make it thicker and last a bit longer, again its a imo but i think it would look good. Few pics.
  12. Major_Damage225

    Jurua - to buy or not to buy...

    Since i have gallant i see no point, and if i want a trolly cammo, rasputin has that covered, and with the money saved i can get a box of beer
  13. Major_Damage225

    Jurua in the shop

    That cammo should come with a warning for unexpected uncontrolled bowl movements.
  14. Major_Damage225

    The Kitakami returns!

    Well, guess we will find out if WG actually returns kitty. Then WG will have to invest in premium hamsters