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  1. Major_Damage225

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I fully agree on this, just played a game of epicenter and both team's bot DD's just went into full cuddle mode for the duration of the battle, either remove the mode for the time being or rescript them so this AI behavior get's limited as mutch as possible. For now i did only 6 battles in the new cv's, however tuesday i got the day off so i am doing a game day, and i will have my thoughts so far ready by then
  2. Major_Damage225

    Separate front and aft guns lock

    I find the turrets constantly turning sometimes to be a pain, sometimes in the heat of battle they turn wherever, and me being me, theyr out of position just enough to make the perfect shot slip away, a funny thing on the Fuso though, if you move the guns the right way, you can have 6 pointing 90* to starboard and 6 pointing 90* to port, that is if you want to go charging ships from both sides, it can have some quite lol moments
  3. Major_Damage225

    Separate front and aft guns lock

    Buh bye
  4. Heard of him, but Kopitar is still better
  5. Major_Damage225

    Shooting myself

    I suceeded with Gremi back in CBT, and i think i wasnt the only one
  6. Major_Damage225

    Why WoWs "feels wrong", CV rework is not helping

    Can someone gift OP a new keyboard, me think his keys were put in upside down
  7. Major_Damage225

    Wargamings BULLY tactics

    Pfft i been pink many times for doing "censored" to my coop bots the did "censored" because my waifus went and "censored" me in "censored" situation.... know what i mean
  8. Major_Damage225

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Played my first and only battle for today, in Gremmy, got jumped by all 3 enemy dd's, so kami R, minekaze x 2 and a gulio + marblehead, basicly got wiped by a lemming train......and i fell for it........ the horror Time for sepuku.
  9. Major_Damage225

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    Bought a 6pack, gotten a mission for Chappy (saves me 80k grind off Schors) and some cammos & flags, no permacammos though.
  10. Major_Damage225

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together

    Since there are so many Kami' floating around, i think it's time for Kami's rebalacer Gremmy to say hi
  11. Major_Damage225

    CV Rework Discussion

    If i was eager to try the new CV's, i'm just too impatient
  12. So, this year. 1st game-fail, bcuz going the long way around the map taktik. 2nd game-4star, would have been 5 if transilvania didnt stop.
  13. Major_Damage225

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    Your in the english part of the forum. Anyway, @KarmaQU_EU cool off lol, just because you didnt get accepted dosent mean you have to open a topic about it, i didnt get to try the cv's either yet would have loved to(and give my feedback on every aspect), as do many yet noone is complaning abou it.
  14. Major_Damage225

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    You can do a experiment if youl like to see that that is 100% spot on. Take 2 pals ina division, all three use T7 Lion ok, then all three shoot the same target at the same time, used to be fun with Fuso till the new ship came, 46 shells is just too good, screw the accuracy
  15. Hmm for me, top 3 worst for Ranked. CL-Marblehead BB-Bretagne DD-Jianwei