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    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    I don't think people appreciate what the MM is like at low tiers right now. I've spent the weekend trying to play the South Carolina/Wyoming/New York and it's very common to be facing 3-4 DDs at this tier that are 1-2 tiers above you, and it's usually the same situation for CAs. Most games I've played over the weekend there have been 3 or less BBs on each time, this is a dramatic change compared to 3-6 months ago where BBs in the queue outnumbered pretty much every other ship combined 3:1. Low tier BBs are in the worst place possible right now because they will be facing DDs that may as well be literally invisible, CAs which regularly out-range and out-DPS them, and CVs which will almost certainly focus them 100% of the time.
  2. PorkusMaxmius

    So, USS New York

    My advise is to ignore all the keyboard warriors on this forum. In tier 3/4/5 Battleships are so inaccurate that they will literally miss a stationary target because somehow 2 shells fired from the same gun will travel at 45 degree angels from each other and 1 shell will always fly over the target while the other one will miraculously drop into the water in front of them. Until I see video footage of these keyboard warriors with 50%+ accuracy scoring consistent long range citadel hits, I'm going to continue assuming they're talking out their [edited].
  3. PorkusMaxmius

    BB gets ramed by friendly DD

    Compensation/fines are just completely messed up across the board. Today a friendly cruiser comes up behind me while I'm in a BB duel and unloads a full spread of torpedoes directly at me from about 4km away and I end up taking 15k damage + flooding, putting me dead in the water since both my crew cooldowns were unavailable. I know I shouldn't have, but I did fire a single salvo at him out of sheer frustration and I did a massive... 810 damage. On the post game screen I was fined 1000 credits and received... 2000 in compensation. Apparently 810 is 50% of 15,000 now.
  4. PorkusMaxmius

    High caliber AP vs cruisers

    Exactly the same reason why you see so many King Tigers in WoT. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether the King Tiger is a good tank or a bad tank, it has everything to do with the King Tiger being a COOL tank.
  5. PorkusMaxmius

    For god sake FIX HE insane fire effect!

    +1 to this. I could JUST ABOUT deal with the insane fire rates if it was JUST the fire, but critical damage to modules is just too much combined with the fire. 1. Get set on fire 2. Get set on fire again 3. extinguish 4. Get set on fire and rudder jams
  6. PorkusMaxmius

    World of Anything but BBs.

    Whoa check out this internet badass over here. BBs stay at long range because they are using one of the few advantages they have - range. Shooting someone who cant shoot back = priceless advantage that should never be ignored. Please explain to me why I should drive my BB into range of cruisers, who will spam me with HE causing fires and critical hits with every salvo. Please explain to me why I should drive into range of DDs who can sink me with a single torp salvo.
  7. PorkusMaxmius

    World of Anything but BBs.

    ^^^ This is because everyone is rushing to play the "big" ships, because everyone wants to feel cool playing what the THINK are the "strongest" ships. It's the same how in WoT, there are always 10x more heavy tanks in the queue, even at tier 9-10 where heavy tanks are pretty much obsolete.
  8. PorkusMaxmius

    CVs are redonkulous

    Watched some streams and videos of higher tier CV play. When a high tier CV wants you dead, you're dead and there is nothing you can do about it. It's that simple.
  9. PorkusMaxmius

    St Louis needs to go

    I know right. I'd rather face a Tier 3 BB any day of the week than a St. Louis that knows what he's doing.
  10. PorkusMaxmius

    USS Wyoming Worth It?

    I don't know if this is just because of the current population of the EU server or if it's an issue with the match making, but the problem with the Wyoming is that you regularly face tier 5 and even 6 enemies who will just stomp all over you because there is a significant power spike around tier 5. The South Carolina on the other hand, is almost exclusively matched in tier 3 games which means it has far fewer threats to worry about.
  11. PorkusMaxmius

    World of Anything but BBs.

    Imagine playing artillery in world of tanks, where your targeting reticule is always at max dispersion and the RNG is always horrible. That's what it's like trying to play low tier BBs. There is no amount of skill that can overcome the horrific RNG that causes 50% of shots to overshoot and 50% to undershoot from the same slavo, all I can do is wait for the guns to reload and hope my next dice-roll is more favorable. Understanding the aiming mechanics and leading targets is incredibly easy at low tiers because so many new players just sail at constant speeds in a straight line but the RNG ensures that hit rates remain abysmal. I can't imagine what it must be like at higher tiers where players presumably know how to angle and evade more effectively, and I doubt I'll ever find out because there's literally no motivation to suffer through the low tier BBs when I can play cruisers and have my skill rewarded or just troll around in a destroyer nuking people with torps.