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    Help with flags.atlas file

    eh... i suppose you're right, i just saw you could get flags that large and detailed and thought i could try my hand at them myself, rather than relying on either the base game dds and atlas or those of other flag mods
  2. A_Soft_and_Fluffy_Void

    Help with flags.atlas file

    sadly ive just tried it out and it doesnt really give me the resolution to match what the High Resolution Flags mod, i put in an image of HRFs dds file and show what im talking about, hence why i believe i need to mess with the atlas file to get anywhere near this level of resolution
  3. A_Soft_and_Fluffy_Void

    Help with flags.atlas file

    huh, i always thought that if you messed with the dds file without changing the atlas all that would happen is all the flags being misaligned in game, like having a flag appear with bits of two other flags or something, like when you use an older version of a flag.dds file on a new wows update thats added new flags and thused changed the atlas file. Is it really that simple?
  4. A_Soft_and_Fluffy_Void

    Help with flags.atlas file

    okay so how do i get it to let me use larger resolution images for certain flags like you see on the High Resolution Flags mod?
  5. No idea if this is the right place to ask for help with mod stuff since i've never really interacted with the forums at all For a while now ive been using a private little flag mod for myself but it was just a simple pasting of new flags over old ones in the .dds which i was fine with but when i noticed that flag mods can have much larger flags by editing flags.atlas and since then ive wanted to do that myself. I found a tutorial on how on a flag mod page which recommended i download TexturePacker to edit files, but while i can seemingly create a new atlas file, i cannot open the wows one, which i figure i need to do to get the individual png's that make up the atlas file, unless im seriously misunderstanding how this whole thing works. Any help would be seriously appreciated because i have no idea what im doing