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  1. A couple of good games with the clan.
  2. Dying in the new Operation

    Apart from making good use of smoke. Make sure you stay in relative close company to the other dd's. As if you're isolated, there is a high chance you will be singled out for attack. More so if you are the first ship they come across.
  3. New british premium ship idea

    You'd have more luck suggesting something like HMS Penelope at T6. A quick and easy premium to make too. The Arethusa class hull, is already a T6 Panasian CL. The turrets are on Leander/Perth. So all the ship parts are ingame already. Equip with HE/AP (as a preimium perk like Belfast), repair, Brit smoke and hydro. Just needs a premium camo added. Maybe even one with lots of holes.
  4. AI changes in coop?

    I like the changes and it's certainly made things a bit more interesting. The only thing I would say, is the bots change their speed far more often than I have ever seen a player do in pvp.
  5. Should I stop playing tier X?

    If you're not having fun at a tier or with a certain ship, you're better off playing a tier/ship you do enjoy. Otherwise, frustration is likely to set in and you could end up not enjoying the whole game.
  6. School Kids

    To me, it was noticeable that as soon as the school holidays started. Week day games have felt like it's the weekend. Some games have been more frustrating. But overall I have no problem with anyone playing the game, be it kids or adults. We can all play badly at times, it's not limited to someones age.
  7. the "carry harder!" thread

    You can only do so much to get a win
  8. Almost 55k coal and no steel
  9. Official thx to wows admins

    Being the only human on the team can be a challenge. But it's certainly not mission impossible, as you are trying to make out. Showing broadside in pve will get you punished just as hard as you would in pvp. Why expect any other outcome.
  10. OP: Killer Whale

    Biggest problem for some, is realising that they need to get to the exit point. I've lost count how many times I've lost this op, due to most of the team chasing down ships and not making any attempt to get to the end zone.
  11. Yes it is frustrating when they lemming train one side and you are on the other. But not a reason not to have the map in game. For every time I find myself on the wrong side of the map, I have as many games being on the side they charge up. Just the luck of the draw. Much like any pvp game
  12. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Great to see your mods back again
  13. Met @Capra76 on my team in his Kamikaze R, while I was in my Gallant on the Fault Line map earlier. We took one of the caps, before I tried BB hunting.
  14. Bonus Code on German facebook

    Thank you T0byjug, much appreciated
  15. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you all