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  1. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  2. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  3. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  4. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    Currently recruiting for our second clan battle team
  5. VonBroich

    Torpedoes makes COOP unplayable.

    While I don't agree with your proposal. I can understand your frustration. But it can be as frustrating for dd players, who have set up a torp shot. Only to have a bb charge in, trying to get damage or secondary hits. What I'd suggest is you try playing co-op later in the evening. You can have plenty of games late at night with only a few human players. So you'll have a much better chance at getting the damage you need. Around midnight usually works for me.
  6. VonBroich

    Only eight suggestions...

    If you're making a loss in co-op with a premium account, you're probably being to passive in your play style.
  7. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    Now recruiting for clan battles
  8. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  9. There are enough people spamming torps all over the place as it is. Removing friendly fire will just make it worse still. If you don't want to go pink, just look around and think before you launch torps
  10. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  11. VonBroich

    My Worst Tech Tree List. What's Yours?

    Without a doubt RN Heavies. I'd hoped they'd be so much better after having so much fun in Exeter
  12. VonBroich

    enemy bot runs away in coop games

    I've seen this sort of thing happen too. But have put it down to the bots, still having a habit of going after dd's. In both your examples there was a friendly dd on the opposite flank and the ships you highlight, certainly look like they are going after them.
  13. VonBroich

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  14. @MrConway As there seems to be a demand for historical camo's. You could let the players design them and then have votes among the player base as to what they would like to see implemented into the game. You've done it in the past for some of the premium ships. So why not let some of us skin creators have a go?
  15. VonBroich

    Dockyard not loading

    This was posted earlier and fixed it for me