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  1. VonBroich

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Or more likely, open their wallets and buy a ship the day before the season starts!
  2. WG have come up with plenty of questionable ideas in the past. But this really is the moment they have jumped the shark with this idea. It's a fast and quick way to put off a large proportion of newly started players, which will only be bad for the game in the long run.
  3. As a co-op player I'll agree that it's a challenge to make T9/10 games profitable. But I'm happy with that. I don't expect to make money or even break even if I don't put the effort in and have a good game. Like you, I have premium time and premium camos, but turn a profit in probably 80% T9/10 games. You just have to be aggressive without being suicidal. But it's not all about just getting kills. Make sure you cap/decap on a regular basis and shoot planes down. (Though that's hard without cv's in co-op at the moment.) All these extra bits add up.
  4. VonBroich

    Historical Accuracy vs. Complete Tech Trees

    RN dd's are also a full line. As well as the two RN released premium ships
  5. VonBroich

    +/- 2 tiers, is it fair ness or Bullying

    More like a D- Poor trollish attempt
  6. VonBroich

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I think you're far to focused on your short term performance. If you look at your chart stats. Since mid December till now, your win rate has only dropped 56.5% to 56.4%. A whole 0.1%. Certainly nothing I'd be worried about. At the same time your average damage is up 2k, PR up by 33 and average experience up by 49. Which is all good. Better you take a longer view, than have these knee jerk reactions to a couple of bad days, which we all get.
  7. VonBroich

    Looking for a home.

    Hi PORT is currently looking for new members. You can find out all about us here -
  8. VonBroich

    [PORT] Clan looking for sausages (and recruits)

    Now recruiting for clan battles
  9. VonBroich

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Game takes longer to get back into port from the battle result screen. Sometimes 2-3 seconds before a battle results fully disapear and a ships renders in port.
  10. The same can be said for Stage 4, part 1. Over any number of battles; earn 7 achievements. Unless they bring back the 4 Goal Haul award. This part can't be done in co-op either.
  11. VonBroich

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    Can we have her prewar camo as an alternative please
  12. I guess when we buy a premium we don't mind the odd tweak here and there. Be it a buff or a nerf. But what has been proposed is a fundermental change to one of it's original selling points ie. T5. Which in doing creates a dangerous precedent. Now I appreciate a lot of work goes into developing premium ships and WG needs to make sales to cover the development costs. So having to pull any ship from sale, due to it being OP, is the last thing they want to do. They are trying to make a profit and I have no problem with that. We've seen WG release the old A hulls of many of the IJN bb's, as lower tier premiums. Perhaps something simmilar could be done here. Keep the current GC at T5 as is, for those of us that have it. They could then create a GC mk 2 at T6. Give it say an armour/AA buff, as part of a mythical refit and call it something like GC 1943. WG have done this for West Virginia 1941, which leaves the door open to a full refity WV at some point in the future.
  13. VonBroich

    Players Testing responsibility

    How about offering, as an incentive. Part or all of the xp earned on PTS as free xp on the live server. That way there is more of a return to time put in, than a selection of flags or 24hr premium time
  14. VonBroich

    Screen Recording

    I don't klnow if you're still looking or not. I've used OBS https://obsproject.com/
  15. VonBroich

    Clan chat

    Thanks for your answer. But you can see the "missing" clan mate has been posting in chat. Fingers crossed this weeks update will do something. As it's been more noticeable since 0.7.12