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  1. OP: Killer Whale

    Biggest problem for some, is realising that they need to get to the exit point. I've lost count how many times I've lost this op, due to most of the team chasing down ships and not making any attempt to get to the end zone.
  2. Yes it is frustrating when they lemming train one side and you are on the other. But not a reason not to have the map in game. For every time I find myself on the wrong side of the map, I have as many games being on the side they charge up. Just the luck of the draw. Much like any pvp game
  3. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Great to see your mods back again
  4. Met @Capra76 on my team in his Kamikaze R, while I was in my Gallant on the Fault Line map earlier. We took one of the caps, before I tried BB hunting.
  5. Bonus Code on German facebook

    Thank you T0byjug, much appreciated
  6. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you all
  7. My first impressions of New Operation

    Couldn't agree more. Don't get me wrong, I've played with some great teams. Some far more aggressive than I like to play ops. But at the same time, as you point out, you need to know the right time to head for repair.
  8. My first impressions of New Operation

    When all the BB's on the team hide in the repair area. Seriously, this happened three times today and in each case the game was lost. You're in a BB, why hide behind the rocks?
  9. Not often I play pvp, but was determined to get the Guadalcanal flag. So more than happy with this result
  10. Yes. Says it can't open the package file system.
  11. [Operation] Killer Whale

    That's the one thing about this mission that really bugs me. This was the third time it's been the mission of the week and still some captains don't understand the need for half the fleet to get to the exit point. To me, this is the one mission where teamwork matters most. In the others you can still have a good chance of winning if one ship goes off on their own. In Killer Whale, one or two players going in the wrong direction and ignoring messages to head to the exit will end in failure.
  12. WG against premium ammo?

    The fact that WG are still thing about and looking into premium ammo is worrying. I'll admit, I used premium ammo on some tanks in WOT, but only bought shells with silver, for tanks I knew would benefit from using it. Here in WOW, I think we already have enough tricks up our sleeves/gimmicks in the form of RDF, radar, hydro, smoke , et al. So as far as I'm concerned, there really isn't the need to add anything else. Introduction of premium ammo here in WOW would be yet another sorded attempt to milk the cash cow and can only be a bad move for the game in general.
  13. I had a Belfast in game earlier. Like the Iron Duke in your game, it scored nothing. I'm not against potential new players trying out ships, but could they at least be lower tier. Having a Gamescon Zeppelin and Conqueror in the same game, both doing little more than getting in the way, isn't fair to regular players. Why not have them play on something simmilar to PTS?
  14. Monarch thoughts?

    Monarch - as she is, how about just no! No, no, NO! All this says to me, WG see the opportunity to have KGV in her 14" configeration as a T7 premium and Vangaurd as a T8 Premium at some later date. Milking the cash cows yet again.
  15. World of Warships Q&A questions

    Teamkill Penalty I play mostly PVE and kill the odd bot. Normally I get a 5 match "Pink" penalty. I've not been pink for a couple of months. But on accidentally killing a bot today, with a torp at long range doing 3.8k damage and sinking him; I got a 7 match pink penalty. Could someone explain why this penalty was a higher penalty than normal.