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  1. WOTomatoSauce

    Why are fighters driven by War Thunder Arcade players?

    I turn small animiations on and the fighters looks much better
  2. WOTomatoSauce

    Did the Langley get nerfed?

    The langley never leaves the starting position. I just go in the dectiton I started in put the engines to full and ether get killed or spent 20mins in the starting position
  3. So if my fighters engace enemy fighters they just sit there until one of them dies. It appears as if they are trying to ram into each other instead of fight. Is it possible to make it more dynamic?
  4. WOTomatoSauce

    No Enterprise?

    No where is safe from Bert the Avernger.
  5. They're slow, have awful reloads, couldn't hit the ocean, and spawn on fire. How do people enjoy playing battleships. Is they any way to not suck in the US tier III ship? The Desyoryer tactic or don't stop moving and go in zig zags just doesn't work here
  6. WOTomatoSauce

    Patrol boats as alternate path to Carriers

    Are't cruisers? And I was talking about a game play perspective.
  7. WOTomatoSauce

    Patrol boats as alternate path to Carriers

    I don't understand why BB go to CV, they seem like very different skill sets, I would understand DD-CV to get you used to torps. What about some form of ship squadron? The command vessel could be a tier I ship or cargo ship of some kind. The whole thing would act like Carriers but with small ships instead. So instead of driving the one ship (or two cruisers and two Battleships) you would command a command ship and some little ships like Carriers do with Aircraft at the moment.
  8. WOTomatoSauce

    Bring out the marshmallows.

    I seem to be catching fire a lot recently. Well I've been dieing more than usual because my damage control ability was 10-20 secs away from being ready to use again. I feel like every opportunity my ships will take the chance to burn to death.
  9. I'm a bit worried this will make DD useless (well, the US ones) as the smoke screens are needed for survival. If you get spotted in a DD you don't take damage, you just die. Will it allow Destroyers to be spotted behind islands. It would be necessary to Destroyer captions to know when they are spotted by this ability.
  10. WOTomatoSauce


    My framerate is everywhere today. It used to be stable 60fps, medium settings with a few lower. But now it is everywhere. I'm getting 15-90fps. But genraly it can't decide if it wants to stick at 30fps or 60fps. I was in the north map if that helps
  11. WOTomatoSauce

    suggestion storm wheather

    I would like random weather It doesn't have to be stormy, just rough.
  12. WOTomatoSauce

    Smoke screens.

    I am struggling to use them. Every time I do I still get hit. I turn AA off, I only fire torps and I still get hit for the duration of the screen being in effect. Is this happening to anyone else
  13. WOTomatoSauce

    Troop Carrier

    You'll have to watch out for ice bergs.
  14. WOTomatoSauce

    repair cool down.

    I was the little bugger. As I said my engines went down. in between repair uses. (SO I was not moving). came back up by themselves. Knocked down instantly. Repair ability used. Instantly knocked down again. It is a little game breaking to take away the Destroyers only defense. Plus it feels horrible to to sit there and slowly watch your ship die unable to save it.
  15. WOTomatoSauce

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    You will need to set a limit. Is a aim bot the line?