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  1. SgtTincan

    Is anyone else getting this?

    hey OP you are in for a nasty suprise with that tier8 carrier of yours. Mine ends up in tier10 matches more then anywhere else ;)
  2. SgtTincan

    CV legendary modules

    they did announce it somewhere that for the time being the cv mods will be deactivated untill they get reworked/changed/fixed/whatever
  3. SgtTincan

    DDs are not sacrificial penguins!

    talk to your team OP sometimes it does happen that they read or even reply and act accordingly. when im in midway and i have a friendly DD headin to a cap i will try to support him to my best abbilities, be it spotting the hosstiles routes to the caps or dropping fighters above him or just sticking around untill he has the cap, even if it costs 2 minutes and lots of rewards since spotting and covering with planes does not weild much (hopefully yet).
  4. SgtTincan

    How do you aim those rockets

    for the ease of keeping the DD spotted while you turn you can also drop a fighter if you have one spare
  5. referring to Navyfield by chance ? loved that one a looong time
  6. SgtTincan

    CV rework appreciation thread

    i like the new style too, what i dont like is that scouting and supporting teammates and blocking caps for enemies does not reward propperly. So while you wander through tiers practice to scout a bit and protect the team where possible and see that you get enough damage done to make a few credits. For the lower tier stuff, lategame is your domain if you are a tier6 cv in a tier8 match, spot support and go for the isolated ones and look where you are flying to avoid the flak bursts. uuuh almost forgot, lower tier fighters shredd hicher tier bombers just fine so fear not popping thise above your team.
  7. SgtTincan

    What's your captain strategy?

    my only rule for captains is that none shall enter a tier 8 ship before having at least 17 points
  8. SgtTincan

    How is Conqueror's accuracy compared to Lion?

    Conq, 457s,reload mod, tank built and within 10 to 15 km . you just have to time your repair cycles propperly
  9. SgtTincan

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    its not that easy to hit a dodging DD with divebombs, you have to lead a lot and to predict his turn so its a 50% chance to get a good strike in. straightliners on the other hand, well, devstrike inc. same for smoke shooters, you sit still you get bombed the same way you get shot by surface ships. i think DDs main problem is that their AA is not as strong as bigger boats AA, you go for a BB drop with your DB you lose a couple planes. On the other side a DD spots my planes from 10 km, thats seven and more km sooner then i can spot him and plenty time to prepare evasive actions. a bombs damage reductions against DD is fair imo since a global nerf to he bombs will make the carrier too weak against the other classes, maybe implement the BBAP overpen mechanic to HE and AP bombs for destroyers ?
  10. SgtTincan

    Yamato and Two CVs

    in CV i dont give a rats behind for a yamato, untill the magic moment it isolates itself from the group but that counts for any ship and type so yeah
  11. SgtTincan

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    fixed it for ya to reflect my experience with surface ship teammates
  12. SgtTincan

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    did not look up your profile, did you play carrier above tier6 ? if you just simply do a strike you have nothing left to strike with . one does not simply strike into tier6+ aa specced ships and aware players.
  13. SgtTincan

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    3 st luis 4 phoenix 5 furutaka (even pre twin turrets) 6 cbt cleveland now graf spee 7 helena 8 old new orleans 9 hate them all 10 minotaur (the most fun i can get if i dont [edited]up positioning too hard) edit: tier 9 maybe alaska if i ever decide to buy her
  14. SgtTincan

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    id rather have the rewards for spotting upped a bit. Floods are fine imo, it does depend on where the torp hits the boat. What i find disturbing is the randomness of the Bombs, 1st pass stationary chapa 4k nicely aimed, second pass same stationary chapa comming in at an angle (not nicely aimed) 17k and 2 fires... oh and my midway WR is crap in case the statjunkies come out with them torches
  15. SgtTincan

    Shokaku help.

    for me shoka works best as late game killer, early/mid game its mostly spotting with a third of a rocket Squad, shoka shines when AA mounts are hurt/killed and ship captains are tired