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  1. SgtTincan

    A case for a change in the Reporting / Karma system

    check this one, in a match with 3 fail synch dropped divisions (two on red one on our side) the guys toxic as all hell wishing cancer and the usuall pimp your mother stuff, i get in an argument with them and receive a 3 day chat ban . to quote tyrion "its almost poetic justice" thats pretty much all thats wrong with the reporting system. if enough people report you it doesnt matter if you did something bad or not, you're pimped . on the other side its pretty funny when you get asked something by a teammate in battle and all you can answer are the F commands.
  2. SgtTincan

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    the only problem i personally have with khaba (and harugomo) that she eats full ap bb pens unlike all other DDs
  3. SgtTincan

    Khaba is dead - powercrept to oblivion

    and you really think WG cares about the CCs opinion ? if they would listen to CCs i believe Smolensk, Pobeda(Slava),Colbert and Kremlin are in for a suprise .... No offense mate but its not the CCs that make WG do anything.
  4. SgtTincan

    Graf Spee

    six 11" shells every 20 seconds when constantly meeting tier 9 and 10 boats ? no thanks
  5. SgtTincan

    German BBs - pls improve aim

    how about giving german BBs the same accuracy treatment as russian BBs ? that way secondariebuilds would actually make a lot more fun
  6. SgtTincan

    Latest Mino build

    Thats how i run her, but keep in mind that im mad and engage openly when i feel fit. Module wise i use the default stuff with torp reload and legendaryy module in slots 5 and 6 https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=4,5,12,13,17,18,20,23&ship=Cruiser People tend to underestimate the Torps on Mino 16x10Km are a nice tool to finish off/area denial stuff.
  7. SgtTincan

    Exchange steel to get Georgia/JB?

    on a side note, both ships are in the store.
  8. SgtTincan

    Where is the fun to play "Le Terrible" now ?

    it used to have single 200s (5 of them) and i loved to play her in cbt, i think the stock variant still boast those ? havent played her since she got the twin turrets
  9. SgtTincan

    Richelieu. How to?

    ruthless agression helps me with her
  10. SgtTincan

    Game Play on the EU server.

    for me it spikes here and then the last two days, ping hops from 25 to (so far highest) 1700 and down again.
  11. SgtTincan

    WG please show the RN Cruisers some Love

    didnt read all answers so bear with me if this was suggested, if you get spotted by a DD why slow down and smoke? why not speed up and zigzag your way into safety. or you could turn out and set a smoke behind you , neptune and mino both make a 180 with the second smokepuff. in my book slowing and smoking is a bad thing when being spotted and aimed at, the blindsmokeshooters have become way too good to take that risk.
  12. SgtTincan


    my DDs definately agree with you
  13. SgtTincan


    i know, it happens to me often as well, the magic word is "taking a risk" wich these days not many a prepared to do. thing is, looking a fancy wave particles and thus not taking a risk to try pushing the other team out usually is the main problem in epicenter
  14. SgtTincan


    have you tried to support those DDs in the Center yet? They do spot red ships and god knows they (me when in DD) appreciate if anyone shoots the red stuff thats spotted in the center and middle ring instead of hugging hte next rock outside of usefullness the first 14 minutes to then die just as usefull without any support left to spot and harras the red stuff.
  15. SgtTincan

    Kremlin- have any one noticed any change lately

    she didnt change for me, one salvo all fall short next salvo 6 citadels , working as allways