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  1. SgtTincan

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    Dynamic crosshair calculates 30 knots by default whereas static uses 20 knots for the math
  2. SgtTincan

    Buff German secondary damage?

    imo its the aiming point for secodaries that should be moved from citadel to superstructure, should be enough
  3. SgtTincan

    Dear WG: Is there a future for FreeXP ships in WoWs?

    im hoping on Alaska, got them FreeXps ready for her
  4. SgtTincan

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    the concept is good. it looks amazing Controls are somewhat annoying, it would help a lot (imo) if we could disable the mouse steering for planes. That way looking around and aiming would become a bit more stable. AA and modules and damage/dot values i wont comment on since those will all be changed and adjusted anyways. what i also would like to see was a diferent implemntaion of the fighter consumable, maybe just add a second one to give teammates some cover. i.e. have 2 fighter consumables, one that follows our strikers and one that protects the area it got called from. p.s. i really like the fact that you can still control your last active squad while your ship got sunk.
  5. SgtTincan

    "North" map remade... do you like it?

    loving the reworked one, specially the norhteastern corner island where 23 ships go to every damned match on that map
  6. SgtTincan

    "Lock on" bug?

    noticed as well, manually re locking works usually, what i find disturbing is that smokestack clouds show stationary when target is clearly moving at max speed
  7. get your combat flags for coal or sovereigns or missions or ranked or just with playing the game
  8. SgtTincan

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    it will never get better as long the game rewards damage more then anything. its most of the times easy to in the first minutes of a match if people want a win or just farm damage. its not allways the BB/CA/CL/DD/CV players fault, its the damn reward system. me in Harugumo, i can either go for objective and risk my boat being blown to pieces or park near a rock and farm 150k in a few minutes, wich one gives me more reward ?
  9. SgtTincan

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    nerf islands on a side note, make something to show that Yamato does not need to fire HE Shells all match long
  10. i want an special ocean map only weekend event ! maybe people will learn again that a ship can move further then just to the next island....
  11. SgtTincan

    Yamato shells all over the place

    i find it strange enough that ones spread is only given with a lock, wonders sometimes why dispersion is not just one set value and not a totally diferent thing with or without lock. i know, mechanics and stuff but im asking why its not one and the same with and without locked target.
  12. SgtTincan

    Radars ruining game

    how often are these 3 to 8 radars coordinated ? how hard is it to position oneself accordingly to not get shot even if radared ? how hard is it to just wait a moment and not rush the cap in the very first minute of the match ?
  13. SgtTincan

    How to perform best when playing bottom tier?

    what i do is that i do not care what tier my oponent is. it has guns/torps and needs to be sunk before it sinks me.
  14. SgtTincan

    Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    i have in my DDs more problems with friendly cruisers/BBs hiding behind rocks not able to shoot the boat thats radaring and being spotted by me.
  15. SgtTincan

    1 overpen 2 citadels

    QFT mate,been there done that