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  1. The Giveaway Stream is today!!! Looking to go live in about an hour and a half, hope to see some of you there!
  2. I'm a World of Warships streamer (All be it a small one lol) But I recently passed my 1000 follower milestone and I'm going to be having a celebration stream on Saturday the 17th at around 1pm UK time onwards. Wargaming and the EU community team were kind enough to give me some codes for premium time and flags that I can giveaway throughout the course of the stream and I thought I'd put the word out amongst the warships community, so that the maximum number of people get a chance to win one of these codes! My Twitch stream is: www.twitch.tv/priciegaming and as mentioned, I intended to giveaway these codes to viewers on Saturday the 17th of December, starting at around 1pm UK time onwards, into the evening. I stream mostly everyday from early afternoon UK/EU time onwards, I hope to see some of you sometime!
  3. Pricie

    Sever Issues - November 4th

    Will we be getting a reimbursement of our premium time as this is the 2nd time in as many weeks that's the servers have gone down. I for one, don;t think it's unreasonable to get the days of premium re-credited to those that have payed to play a product and are unable too due to problems at WarGaming's end.
  4. Yep servers have been struggling for me since yesterday evening, making the game unplayable. and Today I'm another that can't log in at all. This is the second time this has happened in a very short space of time, still I haven't had any premium time credited to my account by wargaming for a game I am paying for, but cannot play. I expect you will remedy this for all of the people involved this time.
  5. Pricie

    Server lags?

    It's frustrating I know.... However you do realise, your post is 3 posts down from MrConway's at WG saying they are looking into it?
  6. Pricie

    Server lags?

    Yep I'm having the same problem, 2 days in a row now....... :/ Ping is jumping from 35ms to over and 1000ms all the time, making it impossible to play. I've just bought more premium time which I cant use cause of this issue, sort it our wargaming cause I'm sick of paying you for a sub-standard service. My Prem time is still ticking down while I cant play cause of your terrible server issues.