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  1. +1 That map is just the worst. And in Epicenter mode it is unbearable. I hate it. I HATE IT! I don't think I've ever had a game on that rancid disease of a map that I went out of feeling 'yeah, this was an enjoyable match'. Not. Ever. And no, I think his wording is just fine. There have been polite 'requests' to remove this insufferable map for ages now. I fully endorse the baby gloves coming off.
  2. So, as I'm sure many of you are aware, HMS Duke of York (17) is soon™ coming to the game as a Tier 7 premium BB. (Images courtesy: The Daily Bounce) At first glance, she looks like a (rather uninspired) clone of the lead ship of her class, the King George V, and by and large, she is - with two major differences, both in the consumable department: The first thing to catch the eye is that, like HMS Hood, she can equip the Defensive AA consumable, or unlike any other BBs except the Germans, Hydroacoustic Search. Splendid. But then it hits you: there's no Slot 3. There's no Repair Party consumable. Whaaaaa...??? A BB, and neither a particularly well-armored nor an extraordinarly sneaky or noticably quick one at that, with an average HP pool for its tier - without the ability to heal?! That I'm curious on how they are planning to compensate for this glaring weakness is an understatement. Thoughts? Ideas? Speculations? Discuss!
  3. Then again, this is a WWI/WWII game - Sweden was neutral in both wars and their DDs never fired a shot. Again, immersion matters - at least to me it does. Same reason I'm not looking forward to the pan asian DDs a single bit. Pandering to the Chinese/SEA market and nothing more. That's just my opinion, of course.
  4. Tbh, I'm against entire silver lines for smaller navies that have to be fleshed out with multiple paper ships to make it to tier 10. It's unavoidable for the big players like Germans and IJN, but them adding more and more paper ships into the tier 9/10 meta is increasingly breaking immersion for me. Unless they terminate lines earlier, like they did with Akizuki, I'd honestly prefer them going the premium-only route for the minor navy ships that were real, cf. Blyszka/Perth.
  5. Well, oil beef hooked... failed by the Search Function. feelsbadman Thanks for the link mate.
  6. What is this all about? I've been waiting for a German premium DD for a long time, and it looks like we're finally getting one. Usually we get treated with a shiny preview picture of the upcoming ship along with some indicative stats - I couldn't find anything of the kind for this ship. Is it this? We need answers!
  7. 3 Stars so far: 15 Halloween Camos (2016) 15 Type 3 Halloween Camos Blade Camo Meh. Color me underwhelmed.
  8. "Store credit" is a very common form of reimbursement when it comes to used consumer goods. Tech and clothing stores do it all the time, so why shouldn't WG? You usually cannot return opened and watched DVDs/Blu-rays to the store and expect your money back, why should premium ships be any different?
  9. Money has different value to different people. Some, like me, don't have an endless supply of it and have to ration it carefully. Others seem to swim in it - just yesterday, a viewer on Flamu's livestream donated 250€ to him (closely followed by another 50€) to have him play some atrocious flute 'music' (it's 'Tonedeaf Tuesdays' on his stream where viewers can donate small amounts of money - I think something like 1.80€/min to have him play 'their' music in the background). That's 300 Euros (!) for 5 minutes of internet 'fame'. With people with that much disposable income, is it any wonder some spend 1000s on the game itself?
  10. "Nerfed into oblivion"?! Get real, dude! Both ships will still be powerhouses in their respective tiers. I don't own Kutuzov, but do own and regularly play Belfast, and I have absolutely zero problems with the change. Going as close as 5.6km before smoking up has always been suicidal, the update doesn't change that. It does, however, make positioning less of a no-brainer and raises the skill-ceiling of the Belfast a bit - which, in my book, is a very good thing. That ship was way too easy-mode anyway. And from what I can tell, Kutuzov's range sweetspot is at 10+km, meaning the smoke-firing detection will still be mostly irrelevant. You're blowing things out of proportion big time.
  11. I'm not sure what saddens me more while reading this thread: the unearned sense of entitlement of the OP, or the atrocious manhandling of the English language in 80% of the posts.
  12. It can be, but really only if the CV insists on getting his squadrons really close to you - the Yubari's mid to long range AA is just as pitiful as other Tier 4s'... I think that large AA gun has 2 DPS or something like that. You'd need BFT and AFT to increase the range on your (more impressive) short range AA guns, but you'd lose out on so many more overall useful skills, they're just not worth it.
  13. Agree to disagree. I cannot for the life of me see that mediocrity you're talking about. My Tier 6 BB stats: Out of the four, QE feels the most consistent by far to me. Yes, the turret traverse is slow as fuuudge, but - knowing that - you just have to plan ahead a little more.
  14. I don't know, man. I never felt that QE was any more inaccurate than other BBs of her bracket - I have a 32% hit rating in her, which is about the same or slightly better than my other BBs. I also didn't have the feeling that she had any more trouble dealing damage with her hits than the others, quite the contrary (77k average damage is about 8-9k more than I manage(d) in my other Tier 6 BBs). Warships Today stats corroborate that impression - I'd put up a screenshot but for some reason I can't upload images right now... - suffice to say that QE has the highest main battery accuracy (shared with Dunkerque) at 28%, and the second highest average damage (49.6k) after Arizona (53.2k). So, I guess... it's just you?