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  1. Zogash85

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I'm still waiting for Vanguard...
  2. Zogash85

    Would you like a after chat?

    I don't think this would be such a bad idea. Maybe for 1 minute or so after the end of battle, there's a ffa chat window in the post-battle result screen. I've often had games where I had team mates or even enemies who played really well but I couldn't get around to complimenting them (and I don't mean the anonymus +1 'compliment') during the battle because I had my hands full right until the end. Sure there will be some toxicity, but that is no different than we already have it during the battle, so who cares.
  3. Zogash85


    I don't mind being low tier in my Gallant. Hell, I don't mind being low tier 5 games out of 6. What I effing HATE is being in a game with an enemy team that includes 2-4 Clevelands and 1-3 Baltimores 5 times out of 6. There is nothing I can do in these games. I can't contest caps, I can't torp, nothing. GAH!
  4. So. First time playing since 0.7.5 hit the live server, and load times are (literally) killing me! I'm used to the first game of the day taking a bit longer to load (but usually still plopping me in within the battle's first half minute), but this is something else entirely: between the loading bar filling up (at about the same rate as I'm used to) and me getting to actually join the battle, I have to wait what feels like ages! First game in my Gallant, while a loss, I still managed to pull my weight with three kills after coming in with a quarter of the team already dead or dying, with about 5 (!) minutes off the game clock, but that second game just now... ouch. Got to join with 12:18 left on the clock, so over 7 (!) minutes late, by which point the flank I spawned on had collapsed and I couldn't even accelarate to full speed, let alone turn around, before getting spotted and blapped by the enemy Fiji & Friends. This is unplayable! What have you done to my game WG?!
  5. Not having bothered to read anything beyond Page 1 of this thread, here's my take on Lemming trains: Their success and failure depend on 1) how willing to push their numerical advantage the train is and 2) how skilled at delaying tactics the rearguard is. If either one of them doesn't work, the result is usually a forgone conclusion. After all, in a 9:3 vs. 6:6 situation, the lemming train only has a 1.5:1 advantage, while the other flank is at a 1:2 disadvantage.
  6. Zogash85

    We need

    I personally wouldn't mind a "The battle ends in two minutes." warning, like the one we already have for five minutes. I'm not too bothered, and I do keep an eye on the play clock, but I appreciate that others may have their hands full enough handling their boats. It wouldn't hurt, is what I'm sayin'.
  7. Zogash85

    Franz von Jütland new german comander with special cpt perks

    Phew, so I'm not the only one thinking this dude is sub-par, then? Of all the skills they could have chosen, they went with the ones that are least useful for all but a few German ships. Improved SE would have been rad, Improved PM almost universally useable, but no, they went with skills no competitive KM build has points to spare for. SAD!
  8. Zogash85

    German premium ships candidates

    I think Blücher could be made to work at Tier VII. They wouldn't even have to change her much from the Hipper, since that one is already more of a Tier VII than a Tier VIII - just reduce the HP a bit and you're done. Then buff the Hipper and Eugen to make them competitive at their tier, and voilà, everyone's happy.
  9. Yeah, no luck there either. Then again, I only ever played 120 games on that alt account before putting it on ice for about a year, so maybe the number of games played is a factor in whether or not you qualify for the gifts... I did make it to tier V, though. tbh, I'd have been quite annoyed if I had got the gifts on my never-played secondary account instead of on my main anyway, so I'm kinda relieved. Still, I agree with those who are a little miffed at the randomness of the gift-giving and the apparent inequity. Leave it to WG to screw up something as benevolent as gift-giving. Typical.
  10. Zogash85

    Thanks for Hamburg and free Captain skill resets

    While I would have preferred an actual naval base like Wilhelmshaven or Kiel to a purely commercial port like Hamburg, I must admit it is a gorgeously detailed final product, and having that most beautiful of anthems playing in the background just puts the icing on the cake. Well done, WG! Also, thanks for the free upgrade dismount! I'd been too stingy to buy doubloons just so I could dismount my Spood Beest mod from my Maass for so long I'm already in the Z-46. Now that ship can zip around at top speed 50% longer.
  11. Zogash85

    Skill based teams now please

    Huh, I was wondering when a new one of these threads would pop up... it's been almost a week! Screw skill-based MM, just have the matchmaker balance radars between teams and I'm game! Had a game today where the reds had 5 radars and we had none. That was great fun for me in my Z-46... /s At least it was over quickly...
  12. Zogash85

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    "meh-bote"?! How dare you, sir! I love my Gallant, and I will not tolerate her being maligned in such fashion! Pistols at dawn, sir! Pistols at dawn!
  13. Zogash85

    "oops something went WRONG?!"

    And you open a thread about this on the forums instead of opening a support ticket because...?
  14. Zogash85

    2 Free santa boxes

    Sweet! 5 Frosty Camos and 30 days of premium! And I was just about to run out of premium time tomorrow, too.
  15. Zogash85

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    What an awesome thing of you to do! 0.) I'd like to join the raffle, please. 1.) Roma (if available), Alabama otherwise 2.) T-61 (if available), Warspite otherwise 3.) doubloons 4.) T-61 (if available), doubloons otherwise 5.+) doubloons