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  1. Apparently, she can be made to work. How he did it, I don't know, maybe the enemy CV player just wasn't that good, but our GZ sure had quite the game.
  2. 500 ribbons means a combination of all the ribbons you earn over any number of battles. If, for example, in a battle you get 75 hits 3 citadels 5 secondary hits 2 torp hits 2 floodings 2 fires 1 base cap 3 base defend 2 kills 3 plane kills then that is 75+3+5+2+2+2+1+3+2+3 = 98 Ribbons. Obviously it is much easier to get main gun hits than it is to get any of the other ribbons, so ships with a high rate of fire (i.e. CLs) get this mission done quicker than, say, BBs (unless you go beastmode in secondary specc Germans).
  3. If you're going that route, the same applies to Rangers and Lexingtons as well. Those ships (especially Ranger) are nearly as broken as GZ is, and they don't even have a 50€ paywall. A mediocre Hiryu/Saipan player will demolish a mediocre Ranger player just as much as a mediocre Shokaku/Enterprise player will demolish a mediocre GZ/Lexington player.
  4. I seem to be a lucky guy comparably speaking... The last 6 SCs I got (those are the ones I can remember) were: 1000 Doubloons AA Mod 1 1000 Doubloons Damage Control Mod 1 1000 Doubloons (1st Yamamoto stage) 100x Red Dragon flags (1st Yamamoto stage) I was hoping for Tirpitz or Prinz Eugen, but I'm certainly not complaining. All four non-mission SCs were from Signals&Camo containers - I gave up on TYL a long time ago. 8-12 signals a pop is much more valuable to me than 4 signals and a higher (but still sh*tty) SC chance.
  5. How is that accurate?! Nobody, and I mean literally nobody, has said anything of the kind. A strawman if ever I saw one... As for: Problem is, against an equal skill opponent in any of the other Tier 8 CVs it does not work. Not in air superiority, not in strike potential, and not in scouting ability. Every single game I have seen a GZ, the opposing CV had a field day - yes even the Lexingtons made her look pitiful. You may know people who have 'fun' getting their arses whooped time and again (to each their own...) with nothing but the small hope of the enemy CV being either a) a complete bob, b) also in a GZ, or c) all of the above, but I don't. Random average Joe will more likely bite his keyboard in frustration than regularly enjoy using the AP bombs, seeing as they do f*ck all against hardly anything other than German BBs... Also, that last quoted sentence just baffles me. "If you buy something [...], you just get on with it." Not if it's an unfinished product with major flaws that weren't clearly labelled pre-sale, I don't. I smack that thing right back on the counter and demand my money back.
  6. Which obviously is precisely the target audience WG was aiming this particular release at. That and Germans who are hyped to own the German CV. On Gamescon weekend, no less. Honi soit qui mal y pense. Their most blatant cash grab to date Irrelevant. If super unicum CV players like Farazelleth can't get this turd to work in even a semi-competitive manner, it ain't the players, it's the ship.
  7. And how were regular non-CC content watching customers supposed to know the ship was bad (because, as we've been told, the silent majority is what matters, not us select few informed forumites/CC-followers)? From this? The EU announcement of the Graf Zeppelin provides ZERO information about the major issues the GZ comes saddled with: not a word about its pitiful fighters, not a peep about the essentially unusable AP bombs with their outrageous 6-second-delay. No mention of the lack of torpedo bombers every other CV in the game has at least some measure of access to. Nothing. The reasonable assumption to make considering the amount of information provided by WG EU proper is that the GZ will be similar to other CVs already implemented in both power level and viability. it isn't. Requesting a refund is more than justified if you ask me.
  8. Well, fudge me with a spork... WG is turning into a nuthouse! It's like Foch-gate all over again.
  9. Are you effin' serious?! You really like pouring oil on raging fires, don't ya?
  10. Understanding the concept of time is hard. Yesterday, when the special started, there was no 300% first win bonus, it was the regular +50%, which is what Darkrenown was saying. Why do people struggle so much with reading comprehension? This isn't rocket science...
  11. Was ist das denn für ne blöde Frage? Nur weil ein Schiff nicht fertig gestellt oder eingesetzt wurde soll ich im Spiel nichts davon erwarten dürfen?! Sag das Zao, Hindenburg, Montana, Großer Kurfürst, Neptune, Minotaur, etc. pp. Ich erwarte von einem Schiff in einem auf Tierstufen basierenden Spiel, vor allem von einem Schiff für dass ich soviel Geld zahlen soll wie für einen ganzen Vollpreistitel, dass es sich gefälligst kräftetechnisch in seine Tierstufe einordnet! Das ist nun wirklich nicht zuviel verlangt. Deiner letzten Aussage kann ich allerdings uneingeschränkt zustimmen - wer den Kahn in seinem jetzigen Zustand zu diesem Preis kauft, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen und ist Teil des Problems.
  12. I wonder how many people will buy the amazing Graf Spee (+slot) "deal" for €18.90 when they could get it ingame for doubloons at 30% off (3440 doubloons including slot=€13.37 ).
  13. TX premium camo is a very minor factor (if any) on why MM for Tier 8s is screwed. It was giving Tier 4 "preferential" +1/-1 MM that screwed the entire tier balance over: Tier 4 never meeting Tier 6 means higher likelihood Tier 5s (who don't get lucky to be top tier in a purely Tier4-5 game) will be thrown into Tier 7 games. No chance of meeting and being high tier vs Tier 4s means higher likelihood of Tier 6s being thrown into Tier 8 games. Overinflation of Tier 6s in their MM spread means more Tier 8s will overflow into the more sparsely populated TX spread. It's all a cascade effect escalating from Tier 4s getting +1/-1 MM, really. The only big winners in this system are Tier 4 (for obvious reasons) and Tier 7, who sitting in the middle get lots of top tier games vs the overflowing Tier 5s, while their Tier 9 nemesis is more often thrown into TX games than actually being top tier vs Tier 7.
  14. FTFY. No one made people grind that moronic mission, and if they chose to do it anyway and validate/enable WG EU's Edited mission design, that is 100% on them. No pity. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.