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  1. Yeah, no luck there either. Then again, I only ever played 120 games on that alt account before putting it on ice for about a year, so maybe the number of games played is a factor in whether or not you qualify for the gifts... I did make it to tier V, though. tbh, I'd have been quite annoyed if I had got the gifts on my never-played secondary account instead of on my main anyway, so I'm kinda relieved. Still, I agree with those who are a little miffed at the randomness of the gift-giving and the apparent inequity. Leave it to WG to screw up something as benevolent as gift-giving. Typical.
  2. While I would have preferred an actual naval base like Wilhelmshaven or Kiel to a purely commercial port like Hamburg, I must admit it is a gorgeously detailed final product, and having that most beautiful of anthems playing in the background just puts the icing on the cake. Well done, WG! Also, thanks for the free upgrade dismount! I'd been too stingy to buy doubloons just so I could dismount my Spood Beest mod from my Maass for so long I'm already in the Z-46. Now that ship can zip around at top speed 50% longer.
  3. Skill based teams now please

    Huh, I was wondering when a new one of these threads would pop up... it's been almost a week! Screw skill-based MM, just have the matchmaker balance radars between teams and I'm game! Had a game today where the reds had 5 radars and we had none. That was great fun for me in my Z-46... /s At least it was over quickly...
  4. What you got in your Santa containers?

    "meh-bote"?! How dare you, sir! I love my Gallant, and I will not tolerate her being maligned in such fashion! Pistols at dawn, sir! Pistols at dawn!
  5. "oops something went WRONG?!"

    And you open a thread about this on the forums instead of opening a support ticket because...?
  6. 2 Free santa boxes

    Sweet! 5 Frosty Camos and 30 days of premium! And I was just about to run out of premium time tomorrow, too.
  7. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    What an awesome thing of you to do! 0.) I'd like to join the raffle, please. 1.) Roma (if available), Alabama otherwise 2.) T-61 (if available), Warspite otherwise 3.) doubloons 4.) T-61 (if available), doubloons otherwise 5.+) doubloons
  8. In a way, I sorta sympathize with the OT... it's exactly how I felt in about every other game in her. If I had to choose one word to describe the Gneisenau, it would be “inconsistent“. I had games where I did 150k damage followed immediately by ones where I couldn't get the guns to hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. Like, all six shells missing a perfectly aligned broadside Pensacola at 7km by several nautical miles. And that was with me doing the exact same things each game, it's just that the guns are so incredibly troll. Yes, Bayern's and Bismarck's guns are, too, but they have 33% more of them. That does show. It's the combination of having shotguns and having only 6 of them that made the Gneisenau exceedingly frustrating to grind at times. I had intended her as a keeper - Tier 7 is my sweet spot and I think she was one of history's most beautiful ships - but in the end I was kinda glad to be rid of her.
  9. The Ultimate Frontier

    Aye, this is easily the most fun since the Dunkirk scenario. While I have now lost two games to incredibly moronic teammates (sheesh), it really rewards individual effort very nicely on the quite achievable 5* wins. I like that.
  10. Flags, flags and more flage

    Nah, I want the flags to stay purely cosmetic, otherwise everyone would pretty much be forced to fly not the one they think looks best, but the one that gives the best bonuses. We're already forced to use clown camo if we want to optimize our xp gains, at least let us fly the flags we like without gimping ourselves.
  11. PTS 0.6.15

    Well, they did last year with the Graf Spee. That was also an oddball ship with more historical than competitive value, so there is precedent. Then again, giving out free Tier 7 premiums would be a first. I doubt a camo (for a premium ship no less) alone will be the final reward, since that would really remove the incentive for people who don't own the ship to even finish the campaign. Also, what Capra said.
  12. PTS 0.6.15

    Sooo let's get to speculatin'! What do you guys think will be the campaign and collection rewards? I think the Duke of York would make a decent final reward, considering she took part in the battle and isn't the most appealing of premiums to pay real money for, what with not having a heal and all... thoughts? I also wouldn't mind a dinged-up skin for the Scharnhorst like we got for Bismarck and Hood back in the day. Could that be the collection reward? Can't wait!
  13. My first impressions of New Operation

    How is it even possible to lose in this op? Oo Out of 10 games, 7x 5 Stars, 3x 4 Stars (missed focussing the CV in my first 2 games, after that I just started soloing him after taking care of the Atlanta and Cleveland that spawn in the east ... EZ, third we got the carrier but the kill-the-ship-in-2-min mission happened to fall on the BBs and we just couldn't burn them down in time). KGV (shooting mostly AP) and (especially) Scharnhorst are perfect for carrying this operation: they are fast enough to get from the east (where your job is to kill the Atlanta and Cleveland), down into the southwest to kill the Raptor, and back into the center for clean-up, their guns reload fast enough to deal with the blap-able Phoenixes/Omahas/DDs in short order. Nagato and Gneisenau's guns aren't as suited (too few, too long of a reload, too high penetration against the squishy cruisers) imho. Basically, this is how I play it in my BB: 1. Immediately turn East and head towards the round island at D9. Don't go too far north. Quickly kill the Omaha (Phoenix?) that spawns slightly to its north, then the Cleveland to the east (you should have cruiser help on that one), then ASAP assist the bot Aoba in killing the Atlanta, before she can be killed and you lose vision. DON'T go too far north, or you'll take too long to get back into position. 2. Once all three are dead, double back west (or preferably, southwest) and engage the BBs and Pensacola to the south. They aren't much of a threat, and can be quite easily torped if you're in the Scharnhorst/Gneisenau. There's also a lone Clemson cruising around the base entrance - if you can get him, do it, if not the base bastions will kill him eventually. Keep going towards the island at G3/4. En route, some cruisers spawn to your south (1 Omaha, 2 Phoenixes), but they are blapped easily. Obviously focus on the one that's marked for the secondary mission first. 3. About the time you reach the island, one of two things can happen: a) more likely, a Cleveland, an Omaha, a Phoenix, and a Colorado spawn to your west, or b) less likely, they spawn on the other side of the map. Either way, the Raptor will be in the bay of the island at H3 and try to make a run for it, trying to circle back south and run away down the 1 line. If the fleet spawns on the opposite side of the map, simply burn down the CV asap and turn back east to help your teammates. If they spawn on your side, bring the island between you and the fleet to not get burnt down, kill the CV, then circle back northeast and deal with the cruisers and BB, again focussing the one(s) marked for the secondary mission first. 4. About the time you should have killed the CV and be heading back northeast, a group of three DDs (1 Mahan, 1 Farragut, 1 Nicholas) spawns down south and heads up the 6 line towards the repair base. You're in the perfect position to give em hell so help your cruisers finish them off before they can reach it - just watch out for their torps. Once they're dead, finish off remaining ships from the previous wave. 5. At this point it's pretty much won. There are additional spawns to the south and/or east, including an Alabama, but they're not very dangerous. Simply focus the ones that are nearest your base first, so they can't kill the towers before the timer runs down. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
  14. Prinz Eugen, definitely. It still pains me what they did to that naval legend... making her nothing but an overpriced clone of the already rather mediocre Hipper was totally uncalled-for. I want her, I really do. But in her current form, I wouldn't pay a penny. If she got a heal and an RoF buff, then I'd consider spending money on her, but until then, hoping for that SC luck, it is. Speaking of SCs, I got one yesterday (from Flags&Camo) after a looong drought - 50 Anniversary camos. D'oh! Better luck next time, I guess...
  15. Vampire mission is up

    Totally. One game in Scharnhorst, and I'm already at 8/20. The current operation is perfect for these missions - lots of Phoenixes, Omahas, and DDs to blap, a Ranger to farm damage on (in my experience, if you want to get that CV kill secondary mission, you have to do it yourself), and basically unlosable if about half your team semi-knows what they're doing. Much more effective than normal Co-op, let alone Randoms if you want to get the marathon done ASAP. EDIT: And as an added bonus, xp isn't too shabby either, especially compared to normal Co-op.