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  1. WinningSpike010

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (11-01-2019)

    About MM monitor does someone know which stat is related the player name's color to? It seems to be about some ship's stat (=it changes to every ship) but not related to the displayed ones. So what about that??
  2. WinningSpike010

    What about old hydro/radar's icons restoring?

    No they weren't always... A lot of time ago the circle (current icon) was for radar spotting and an icon similar to: (((o))) was for hydro. I'm very sure about that. At least this was in last ranked season where I played mainly DDs and got a lot of either hydro and radar spotting. However maybe you're right about the last time before it was changed to the triangle... Thinking about the recent period I'm now rememering that sometimes I got spotted in mid-low tiers (T.4/5) with the old radar icon as warning and couldn't realize how was possible ships in such tiers could have radar!! LOL!! I never realized before that WG actually removed the old hydro icon... I've always thought it was a bug just because I can't remember I've read anything about the merge of the warning for both devices into a single icon. Anyway I've just found out one can now read that into the current F1 ingame table of instruction. But, repeat, I don't remember I've read that somewhere else...
  3. WinningSpike010

    What about old hydro/radar's icons restoring?

    Well, on last sub-update WG decided to restore the old warning icons for spotting by hydro and radar instead of the generic danger indicator (exclamation point into a triangle) they introduced on 0.6.15: >> Update - 100MB [UPDATE] Update will happen 28 December; preparation begins at 06:00 CET until 07:30 CET (UTC+1). The game will be unavailable during this time (1.5 hours). General Changes: Winners of the Clan Battles Season have been added to the loading screen of the "Hotspot" map Added "Hotspot" achievement to the game (Rank among the top 16 clans in the Clan Battles Season) Added New Year pictures for combat missions, challenges and events Added start and end dates for Campaigns Returned old indicators of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar >> This could be a good news, because it's useful to know if you (mainly when playing a DD) are spotted by a long (radar) or a short range device (hydro) to choose the adequate reaction: either simply gain a little more distance or run away and dodge... and pray. Anyway it seems the "old" warning icons have instead become THE SAME icon (the old radar's one - see attachement) for both devices now. This means the restoring becomes quite useless: if the icon is one for both devices so the triangle or the circle it's the same thing... In fact the cruiser in the pic killed me (I killed her too... ;>) just because I was surprised Atago could have radar and I've reacted one second late. Maybe is there something I've missed? Or maybe could be a bug?
  4. WinningSpike010

    Saving Transylvania - tips for success

    Does someone know if one can earn ALL the rewards for mission accomplishment EACH time he gets it or they are for the first time only as for the weekly scenarios?
  5. I'm using the "Class panel with small bars 2.0" mod by BADoBEST from Aslain modpack but the last version has bars too big and icons too spaced so on red team's side they are getting hidden by ribbons and having the mod this way became almost useless. Does someone knows how either to move ribbons lower and/or to reduce bars and icon spaces back? Thx in advance for any help.
  6. WinningSpike010

    T5 CV fighting vs T6

    Well, it seems this would be another MM's brainless behavior to add to the different number and kind of DDs (=IJN torp DDs vs gunboats) in teams and to the different number of GER T.7/8 almost-unsinkable-supercuiser-like pocket BBs in teams and so on... Thx WG!!
  7. WinningSpike010

    T5 CV fighting vs T6

    T5 CVs can't use ALT key and T6 ones can. What if in a T6 battle there are T5 along with T6 CVs? T5 can't use ALT yet? And T6 instead can??? If this really happens is totally unfair because it would mean T6 CV's fighters can strafing and T5's can't... How T5 fighters could fight T6 this way?? Please tell me it isn't... I can't believe WG fucked this up too!! I've just lost all my T5 fighters vs T6 in few seconds (and obviously all bombers and TBs aftermath of them) not even having time for shooting a single bullet. It's ridiculous!! If that is true I'm going to sell my T5 CV immediately because T5 ships almost always play in higer tier battles...
  8. WinningSpike010

    average game time in wows?

    I've posted the screenshots of all my battles' time lasting during a whole day but that was the last post on old forum then the following day WG closed it and opened this not moving here the old posts... Anyway not so hard either to guess and to do!! Now the screenshots are attached here too.
  9. WinningSpike010

    average game time in wows?

    Agree. Last time I've checked it up was little longer than 10 mins but I've noticed even the minimum of ships balancing that WG set last summer is now almost completely messed up. Anyway most of the updates bring a worsening of battles' balance and during this very last days I got even a 6 mins lost battle... BATTLES IN THIS GAME ARE FALLING DOWN INTO RIDICULE EACH DAY A BIT MORE!! I already gave this game up for some weeks a pair of months ago. Maybe is the right time to quit definitively now...
  10. WinningSpike010

    Average battletime has become too short. In other words...

    What the hell!! Poll questions and attachements removed in new forum,,, Thx WG!!
  11. 85... I can't see a "real" fight since long time ago. Most of the battles are getting to become slaughter instead fights. The trend lasts since many months ago but it seems getting worst in the last 2-3 months IMO.Sometimes WG asks us if we are satisfied about the battle we've just played, but it happens too rarely. So I've created this poll to understand if I'm the only one who has this feeling. I've attached some screenshots of my today's battles plus the one of the last battle I played before I gave up with this game for some weeks because ofthe bad feelings I'm getting about the current battles' balancing. As you can easily see, most of the battles seem lasting barely around the half of the max available battletime, now as well as It happend one month ago... However this experience is limited to the mid-tier battles (4-7) only. In fact I've chosen not to waste the time researching high tier ships because I don't like at all the play-style of the high tier battles.
  12. WinningSpike010

    Good Job on that "Matchmaking" of yours

    I guess YOU haven't been... Teamplay??? Here?? LOL!!!!
  13. WinningSpike010

    Reported for no reason

    Ah ok. I wanted to be sure... Well, in this case I can assure you that they don't. Instead 30k dmg on Scharn probably does, mainly if dealt to lower tier ships than yours and without accomplishing some other achievement (cap, def, torp, dmg with secondary, etc.). I had sometimes such bad PR as I landed in total noob team that got annihilated within a time too short to do anything required to increase the PR of single battle. ;-)
  14. WinningSpike010

    Reported for no reason

    Excuse me, would you please tell me what did you mean with "PR" (personal rating? points of reporting?...) and where did you check it? Well, it seems all you are very lucky with this thread... When I open last one describing how I was threatened about being reported by another player "...because he had radio..." I immediately got either the thread removed and a warning for forum rules breaking... Anyway the most hilarious (and pathetic) report I took was "reported for reporting" after I told a team mate I had just reported him as poor player... LOL!! But if he had some friends linked on TS he could actually make me chat-banned... Is it fair??