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  1. Episparh

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    @BrusilovX not only Belfast but Exeter too and since ahe is the current sale...
  2. Episparh

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    EXP earning is not generous without premium time, premium camouflages and signals regardless of skill level and those mentioned above are paid so go figure.
  3. That's correct purchased ships after 0.8.0 do not refund as free XP - the ship XP will be added to the previous ship in the branch tree
  4. 2-3h just playing my current progress ships and t10. Exeter's marathon takes me far longer
  5. Episparh

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    You should definitely get Jean Bart. Both ships have silver ship version. The Des Moines and Salem are almost identical with the main difference that Salem get British heal and short range radar which you can't combine with hydro. The Jean Bart is very similar to Richelieu, just she have a lot faster gun reload and access to gun reload consumable. Oh, JB have far superior secondaries. And here are the reasons I suggest JB: 1. Bow tanking is far interesting than island humping and JB excell in that. 2. JB is better at punishing enemy mistakes.
  6. Episparh

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    When PTS will be available ... the video says immediately but I cannot login
  7. Well, @loppantorkel I tried to pull my weight but I was just another potato in your back to carry Thanks for the game.
  8. Episparh


    Because I am human and can make mistakes I have ctrl+F the x5 package for "credits" it highlighted only flags. The last line was for mission ends in 31st march.
  9. Episparh


    I did checked yesterday, that last line wasn't there. Unfortunately, I didn't made a screenshot so I can't prove it. But as long as the line is there I am fine now with the package itself. However they lost my last bit of trust I may had.
  10. Episparh


    Oh, they've added it actually... What does this tells you? That line wasn't there yesterday. I am done with this.
  11. Episparh


    There is a reason why goods have their detailed description on the package in stores, as someone wouldn't pay as much for example chocolate with substitute for nuts as would pay for one with real one. They do not ask you to go on the manufacturer site to get details for it, do they?
  12. Episparh


    Are you trolling or what? Readily available where? You know some game publisher announce even the chance to get something from loot box in the box description. It wouldn't hurt WeeGee put a single line in package description: "If you already have the ship it will be compensated with credits upon mission completion", would it?
  13. Episparh


    The compensation is not for the mission but for the ship. But anyway, it looks like this is acceptable for all of you. Have fun!
  14. Episparh


    Nah. If the seller is not transparent I just stop buying.
  15. Episparh


    So you think that is right? It looks like the only way to not be frustrated from such deals is to not buy anything, else you get useless credits or the ship you bought might be re-tiered or nerfed later. Very good customer care, I agree.