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  1. Episparh

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    We will see in three weeks. Free stuff is free stuff. I can leave without it, but those Siera Mike signals will be very useful
  2. Episparh

    London Port... Modern or Historical?

    The problem with London port is that it's seasonal themed around Christmas. I personally prefer Black Sea port until the one for the wows birthday arrives
  3. Episparh

    London Port... Modern or Historical?

  4. Episparh

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    I suspect the "snowflakes" for t10 will give SC and other ships some minor rewards like coal.
  5. Episparh

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Yes, I have all perma camos given for free. I am still short on regular camos and signals. What's your point. I am not f2p, it's obvious from what I have. I am not whale as well, only whales have fking excess of camos and signals.
  6. Episparh

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Dude, you have 30k battles and apparently spent substantial amount of cash. If I bought perma camo for all my t10 - that is 100k doubloons.
  7. Episparh

    Submarines are Coming

    I would buy a self-destruct button as the above scenario will leave a bad taste in my mouth for an hour.
  8. Episparh

    up to date smolensk review?

  9. Episparh

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    It's easy to find a submarine while in DD... You just look at ev1n's screen
  10. Episparh


    If your DDs are translates - not all DDs are but usually you get the standard example which smokes in cap, leaving the support blind and dieing from enemy torpod... Because sitting broadside in smoke is very smart thing to do. There are BBs, CAs and CVs also. Lastly, the ships you mentioned, I will add Moskva to them as well... sorry to bring you the bad news but this ships are very hard to kill if well positioned and angled. Stalingrad and Moskva in particular can even bounce Yamato shells. So go figure.
  11. Episparh

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    It's impossible to believe in them as soon as you see their comments during the submarine demo. They even didn't thought about what other classes will do if the DDs dies... That concept they've shown looks like utterly broken eye candy. Be ready for the cash grab!
  12. Episparh


    It's exactly two and a half Grozovoi. Be ready for a lot of depression with her though. If your DDs are and die in first 5 min, which is standard nowadays, you gonna be blind with zero impact.
  13. Episparh

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    @Toivia I do not open reward tab in port for that reason. When an event ends I click it and get the summary of what I've got from various missions and directives during the event duration. The only thing that is not accounted is the daily login stuff and direct drops such as twitch drops and daily containers.
  14. Episparh

    Submarines are Coming

    Pin this somewhere on a wall and come to it once SS hit regular game play. Unfortunately, I will not be able to discus this with you then so I will make it clear now. The best thing WG can do for this game is to abandon submarines after a month of testing and admit that it was a horrible idea which they accepted while being mentally irresponsible due to abuse of quality vodka.
  15. "Submarines are relatively slow. Their speed on the surface is a mere 25–30 knots; at periscope depth their speed is reduced further. When underwater, submarines will be able to cruise at the same speed as when at surface level." WTF ?!?