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  1. Episparh

    Subs, simple yes or no

    Counterplay? What counter play? And you are right, it reminds me for 2015/16 before changes to spotting range when firing guns. Certain ship could pepper your ship being complete undetected while constantly firing guns in open water. Submarines have no counterplay. The fact that co-op battles are extended to max length, 8-9 green ships vs single red submarine bot should tell you a lot.
  2. Episparh

    Subs, simple yes or no

    Haven't posted for a while... I gave up on ranked because of submarines. If they are forced on pvp modes this will result in me leaving my port and removing the game from my hdd.
  3. Episparh

    Odin, how do you find it now?

    Brawling ship design + low hp = port queen
  4. Episparh

    [Dockyard Nerfbat] ANCHORAGE

    Well, I was interested in that ship... emphasis on was. I will probably still get it to be yet another port queen
  5. Episparh

    PT 0.9.8 - Dockyard

    Oh, excuse me for not reading an article. It's my bad after 9 months break I forgot WG ways.
  6. Episparh

    PT 0.9.8 - Dockyard

    I hoped to try the ship as well but it's not in my port after completion. Else it is just a dockyard test AKA wasted time.
  7. Episparh

    PT 0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battle

    Lower tier team have great advantage. I've played like 30ish battles and higher tier won in just 2. Bots do not belong in that mode. One of the wins was because MM gave 2 CV Bots and 3 DD Bots to the lower tier.
  8. Episparh

    The Last Salvo Phenomenon

    "... For Broadside, for broadsideA long time we layBlow high, blow lowAnd so sail we ... "
  9. Thanks mate but I am not concerned about my karma. That guy certainly had no idea what he was talking.
  10. Episparh

    Twitch Prime Loot

    I got only the doubloons I think
  11. Episparh


    Good, tonight I will get that commander and send EU client, to acompany the NA and PTS clients in the trash been.
  12. Episparh


    login to https://worldofwarships.eu/ then click: https://leaderboard.worldofwarships.eu/en/#/ And select "06/09/2019 - 13/09/2019" You should see something like this:
  13. Episparh

    Los of Sound Bugs ?

    Get used with the rushed down development
  14. Episparh

    best update this 0.8.8. in last 18 months

    Biased poll! Where is the option: This one is worst than we had.
  15. Episparh

    I love the new port :D

    That's actually a glue... The most favorite food of players nowadays.