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  1. HmS_Grimm

    Whos idea was this

    Who's braindead idea was this mission WG?? It's nearly impossible to get 12 incapacitations in a single game yet alone 12 kills. I know you can do other half of the mission, but yeeez does anyone eaven look before you release mission parameters?
  2. HmS_Grimm

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Happy New Year everyone ! I would like to join the lottery.
  3. Bronze league was terrible for me, nearly made me rage quit. There were just too many ppl with 200 battles & premium ships that don't understand the game, positioning.... Silver league was a lot better for me with 25 games & 21 wins I qualified to gold.
  4. HmS_Grimm

    Chat server/armoury solution

    It worked, chat, armory.... is alive. Best news in 3 days. Thanks Ghesthar.
  5. HmS_Grimm

    Planes and radar

    WG when do we get planes with radar?
  6. HmS_Grimm

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Sadly it's not a bug & it gets worse when you use Gun fire control mod. 2 upgrade.
  7. HmS_Grimm

    Reserve slots

    WG can you please do something about this stupid "vacant captain slot" award in containers. In last 10 containers I got it 4 times!!! Now I have 200 vacant slots that I can never use, sell.... at least allow us to sell them in Inventory. Here's a better idea change that stupid uselless award to port slots so at least we get something nice out of it.
  8. HmS_Grimm

    Cleveland - Tier 8

    Just imagine a T8 Cleveland in T10 battle when everyone will out-range you by min. 2-5 km. Win win situation.
  9. HmS_Grimm

    Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    Not a fan of Ibuki either, simply because it takes a few days to reload main guns. While all other T9 ships have reload time around 10-12s you get a nice kick in the balls with 15s (13.2 with Main battery Modification 3). The only better thing compared to Mogami is better torpedo angles so you don't have to show full broadside and 5% better AA. I'll sell it the second I can get my hands on Zao and forget about it!
  10. HmS_Grimm

    MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    Up to T6/7 you can play on stock ships with no problem if you have concealement skill for cap, on higher tiers upgrade your ship asap. If that means spending your free XP then so be it. Since we are already talking about how stupid MM is, this is what I had in a game today = 5 enemy radar ships and I'm in a DD. In the end we still won and all our DDs lived & finished in top 5! Remember you don't lose because of bad MM, you lose because of bad players!!
  11. HmS_Grimm

    Cruisers gun range

    We all know cruisers are the hardest ones to play in WOW since every other ship class has got better concealment, bigger HP pool ect.... I like playing cruisers and what really bothers me (besides sometimes getting deleted by BBs) is the main battery range on US cruisers. They already suffer by poor concealment, no torps (from T5 up), no smoke and also the lowest main battery range. It's +/- 2km of cruisers of same tier and eaven more when you play against higher tiers. I don't like sniping HE on max. range somewhere on the edge of the map, but getting closer to suicide range just to fire 5-6 times on somebody and die 2s later is also what I don't have in mind. So it would be nice if WG can buff the main firing range to like +/- 0.5-1km of same tier. Just balance the tiers!! T8 T9 T10 Mogami - 15.7km Ibuki - 16.5km Zao - 16.2km New Orleans - 16.2km Baltimore - 15.8km Des Moines - 15.8km Chapayev - 17.3km Donskoi - 17.8km Moskva - 19.4km Hipper - 17.7km Roon - 17.8km Hinderburg - 17.8km Edinburgh - 15.4km Neptune - 16.5km Minotaur - 15.8km Charles Martel - 17.6km Saint Louis - 18.3km Henri - 19.1km
  12. HmS_Grimm

    Yamamoto Missions

    Some missions might take you a little more time to finish, but how the hell are you supposed to finish Task 1 & 3?? Task 1 is nearly mission impossible to do it just once, but 5 times on T8-T10? No way!! Or how can you get 20 torps hits in a single game (Task 3) if you only play US CV's???
  13. HmS_Grimm

    IFHE brutal nerf to 152/155mm cruisers

    It must be great to be a BBaby these days in WG. BBabies get amaizing AA so CV's can't eaven get close widowt losing 50% planes, Hydro so they can see thru smoke/islands, +10 km secondarys, 3-4 repair consumables.... and now the only way that cruisers can kill them - fire. WG why don't you just remove cruiser line from the game since they always get nerfed?
  14. I think there is a bug with Science of Victory Mission 9 Task 12. MIssion is simple: Since when do cruisers, battleships and destroyers have aerial bombs & torps? And another bonus is when you get a kill (or in my case 3 in a single game) with CV you don't get a credit for it.