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  1. Zlaraki

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    Hence why Im still begging them to add afterchat. There are still plenty of tears to collect afterwards. That is where the real fun begins and the world of poems flourish. Ive had a guy add me, discussed the subject "dmg farming" for 20min. I dont defend dmg farmers, but I tried to explain the guy that dmg farming is fun, while he tried to convince me that I wasnt having fun at all... like he knows what I prefer and what not... Pretty weird conversation but in the end I got all the salt I needed.
  2. Zlaraki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I have bad expierence with Unicons grouping against me, this ranked season wasnt any better. 4 unicons on one side is just too much of an adventage to even call it a match.
  3. Zlaraki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Nothing personal but that pic is disgusting.
  4. Wait am I the only one running SE on Haku? Am I missing something?
  5. Alright guys, enough complaining. That was an amusing rant but in order to solve things you need to come up with an solution. I dont know how much WG cares about my feelings but Im gonna try. This is what it takes for me to be a happy consumer. I understand its hard to make a post-ac/Mad max theme beautiful , but you can make it more satisfying and this is what I would add so that paying big bucks would be worth it. Back to the drawingboard: Lets talk about the areas I highlighted here going by numbers. Few things I noticed with this camo compared to your previous released camos is that nothing changes when I press the speed boost, nor do the guns have a special sound. 1. So the fire boost thats coming from the back is barely noticable, make it a bit bigger. 2. The wheels that are highlighted in area 2 should be spinning and going up and down in the opposite direction of each other. 3. I noticed the skull upfront is coughing fire like its choking on something. I say open that mouth and let it spit some real fire. 4. You should add some extra effect when speed boost activates. 5. Lastly the sound of the guns feels a bit ordinary, a bit more effect is surely needed here as well.
  6. I dont know what happened but half our team disapeared within 5 min while their CV was in love with me. We almost made a comeback but I lost the comeback by getting flanked by 2 BB which I should have predicted. I was tunnelvisioning trying to kill off those low hp ships who managed to get away time and time again. Very frustrating match but you played well. MM monitor means nothing to me since I always farm dmg.
  7. I managed to give @El2aZeR 2 losses in a row. Huge achievement if you ask me. Tho one of those games he was on my team, not that I planned anything...
  8. I dont want a refund because I have nothing to spend dooblouns on. I have waited years for a good Khaba camo and this is what I get. For the people who are saying to upgrade my graphic, you are right, but that is not the issue. Altho the game doesnt look as good, it still runs smoothly and the camo would still look ugly af. Take a look at Shima with this current setup. Its not the graphic card, just the camo that is extremely disappointing. I want WG to go back to the drawing board and upgrade these latest camos, with that you can increase the price as well for all I care. The funny part is that my camo is 30 times more expensive that my graphic card, not even kidding.
  9. Zlaraki

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    If you want to compare sure... My 12 season: - 103 games - 57% winrate - rank 3 Your 12 season: - 181 games - 48% winrate - rank 4 You know whats actualy worse? You played season 11, while I didnt, so you didnt have to climb all the way from the lowest rank like me, making my achievement much more solid. This shows that I have improved more than you, not that I care too much. Im calling you out since you quoted me.
  10. Zlaraki


    So submarines will be a nightmare for CV and BB. I think giving CV a nemesis is logical, but BB as well? I dont think thats a good idea and here is why. DD counter BB already. CV absolutely crap on BB. And the sad part is that cruisers can actualy burn down or kite away from BB as well, given how many overpens they get. This concept will further enforce the camping meta. We actualy have to do the opposite. We must buff brawlers for this game to flourish once again.
  11. Zlaraki

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    I plan to preserve my sanity. Im just happy Im progressing as we go. Im sure next season I will be good enough to reach rank 1 without breaking too much sweat. It was a good season overall, I met alot of big names and actualy carried them.
  12. Zlaraki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After seeing a waterfall of tears from all DD mains, I went back to my rusty Shima who has one ofthe worst AA and shot down 32 planes. The key is how you manage your cont AA. Just recently I deleted a whole squadron within 2 seconds with my Khaba. There is something wrong with the AA system.
  13. Zlaraki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    If the match lasted 10sec longer then I would have won.
  14. Zlaraki

    Harugumo vs Khabarovsk

    Nobody likes Khaba, not your team not your enemy, no one. Hagu has more options so I would go with that one.
  15. Zlaraki

    WG we have a problem.

    oh I agree with that, it definitely got worse, but in comparison with other online games Warships is still up there among the best when it comes to community.