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  1. So no perma camos for tier X like we had during spaceship event?
  2. Im back after a long break. I noticed we have a similar event to spaceships so my question is; Are there any new perma camos to buy or obtain in any way? Thanks in advance!
  3. The captain penalty you recieve when you switch ships through tiers. 175k penalty on lower tier??? Are you serious? I will be able to buy a next tier ship by the time I complete that. And the story repeats when I buy my next ship. Either lower the price of doubloons or lower the penalty on lower tier ships. It doesnt take a genius to figure that out.
  4. Zlaraki

    If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    Damn CV looks alot of fun when I gave it more thought. Im actualy sad they are gonna remove this unique playstyle what you call RTS. I still think its way too overpowered, but not sure why they had to remove the RTS... Anyway, lets see what they come up with before we cry. I was a CV hater but once I tried it out, I fell in love with it, so Im gonna give WG the chance to show me even a better version. I will be open minded from now on when it comes to CV.
  5. Zlaraki

    This is just getting ridiculous, WG

    Oh yes... Every game that we play as BB, we deal 10-15k dmg volley consistently to dd. Most of the times we cant even shoot when you're spotted because our turrets are so slow. Did I tell you that I have a 26 sec reload?
  6. Zlaraki

    If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    True, I just had a look and god it looks boring. I'm excited what rework has to offer.
  7. I want to start playing CV, but Im not sure which tech line to choose from, especialy since the rework is announced. How much do we know about the rework? I'm interested in a more offensive play style in which I can easily stack points. What are the pros and cons? Thanks in advance! I also want to add that I see only Midway in ranked. Is there any reason for this?
  8. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    What? I was det in that screenshot. You can see the achievement in the right top corner. You never fail to disappoint me.
  9. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    So... even with your name written in the chat you dont believe that screenshot is up to date, even after our recent discussion? Well thats it folks, I'm done here.
  10. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    Im pretty stunned by your memory... I even quoted you. Its mind boggling how many times a person must repeat himself here, sometimes I even have to dig their own words out. Anyway, lets look at it again. Incase you missed it: "he is posting up probably old screen shots." Its not like this happened ages ago, you posted this few hours ago.
  11. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    One for you my dear. Anyway, I dont see the point in playing khaba. Im better off in a cruiser since Im getting "citadeled" anyway and the fact that my team will have a proper dd in my place who can spot is also a factor. Check chat btw. I wanted to test one game with my legendary module but I had enough.
  12. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    If I used the flags then I wouldnt have found out about this problem nor could anyone draw hard conclusions since Khaba is barely played. Detonation on Khaba is like a secret citadel inplanted 2 days ago. There is no other explanation. Its happening way too frequently to say its bad luck. You can laugh all you want. Once I get my legendary module I will bail out.
  13. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    Im talking about Khaba for one. 2. Ive said I didnt have similar expierence with other ships like shima for example. 3 Ive also said that this is happening in the last 2 days, thus any of your arguments is not valid.
  14. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    You are missing the point man. Detonation should be a rare case not every 2-5 games. This aint about bad luck anymore. Something is going on.
  15. Zlaraki

    3 detonation in a row now

    2 games later detonation by secondaries. I need only 15k exp to complete my legendary module and then Im gonna bail out with this ship. Too bad I rarely see anyone play Khaba, like 2% of my games so its pretty hard to draw conclusions and believe one person whos actualy playing the ship consistently now. I want to note that this wasnt always the case, Ive been playing Khaba for a while now but these last 2 days have been very and I mean very suspicious.