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  1. RamilV

    Fan made British destroyers tech tree

    Personally I would have wanted HMS Zubian as a tier 2 or 3 DE....that ship was awesome....
  2. RamilV

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    Another fun game on the Emerald, was when I somehow managed to get in-between 4 enemy ships. 2 BB's and 2 CL's. They all fired on me of course, I panicked and started chucking torpedoes everywhere, tagged 3 of them, but didn't sink any. No, that honor went to the single enemy CL i failed to tag. For some reason, he fired his torpedoes into the melee (less than 5 km) and managed to sink his own BB and CL xD. I wish I was able to see their expressions!
  3. RamilV

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    Personally, I enjoy British cruisers the most, especially the Emerald. It' a floating citadel with very poor guns. But I love her nonetheless. My best game with her was sinking 2 BB's, 1 CL, and 1 DD. She is just so very fun to play! This was another good one.