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    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    This is for me the last drop. I am severely regretting to have bought a years premium last Christmas. So much money wasted on a mediocre game in the hope it would get better over time. But it is just getting worse. I will never put money into this game again.
  2. I finally finished the last 20 diamond mission and collected a total of 600 diamonds. I got a Tachibana and a Katori. Decent rewards in my opinion although I am not likely to commit myself to such a strenuous event again anytime soon. It simply takes too big a bite of time out of my life.
  3. I just noticed the extra xp you get from signals and camouflage do not count towards the get 100k xp mission. =/ I was hoping it mattered.
  4. So with a bit of luck I should be able to grab me 20 diamonds this week. I hope I will have enough time. Thanks!
  5. Just reached the 300 battles mark. I got the sea dog flag. Pffff. I bought a tachibana a few weeks ago and have been saving up the rest of my diamonds. I am at 430 now just 20 short to grab the katori. The missions left to me are the kill 100 ships with battleships an I would still need 75 kills or so. And the 500 battles mission which seems very unlikely I will be able to achieve. Edit: I also still have the get 3250xp mission which seems extremely unlikely for me to reach and the kill 40 ships in tier 8 ships. I will not be able to do as my highest tier ship is a tier 6. Does anyone know if there will be some other missions this Monday maybe where I will be able to grab 20 more diamonds? Thanks.