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  1. This has been explained to you time and time again. The new launcher insists on running at all times, that's the difference.
  2. I understand you very well and it's clearly a case of gross hyperbole.
  3. As far as I understand, there is no option in the new launcher to terminate it. Technically, there should be no need for a launcher to run except for when it's looking for updates. So, why is that exactly? We already know from experience that downloading torrents via the old launcher worked perfectly fine. It would be naive to not ask this question, especially when you take WG's former display of business ethics into consideration. They care little for their users beyond taking their money, so why should I trust them when they insist on having the launcher online at all times?
  4. An exaggeration, yes. But not of Uglesett's caliber. However, I've fixed my post, just for you!
  5. Wrong. If you're selective about what you install on your computer, you will have a drastically more efficient and safely running computer. There is no need for wild exaggerations. This is the same principle that discerns whether you have a clean browser or one that has 20 dodgy search bars and constant pop ups.
  6. That the new client is "better supported" is nothing but conjecture on your part. What I find tiresome and inconvenient about this is the fact that it will leave a gaping security hole on my PC. Seeing how WG has acted in the past and thoroughly demonstrated that their desire for monetary gain heavily outweighs their consideration for their userbase, I do not trust WG at all. That's why this bloatware introduction simply becomes just another worry and another bothersome element to a game I once used to enjoy.
  7. Goodbye World of Warships. You were a good game, but unfortunately Wargaming has done everything in its power to make you undesirable. At this point everything about this game is just tiresome and inconvenient.
  8. Tubit101

    What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    What is it that I supposedly don't understand? The point is that it's not a good way to make people spend money on the game. It's a very clumsy short-term solution that ultimately devalues all content in the game except for the T10 content. From a game developer perspective, that's like shooting yourself in the foot.
  9. Tubit101

    What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    Flamu never raged. He voiced some very legitimate concerns in a calm and collected manner - which at worst could be called a rant. WG have gimped themselves by making more than 90% of their own ship content a frustrating and largely pointless choice to play. Good luck with that WG... The video in question
  10. Tubit101

    Double CV matches... Why?

    Fingers crossed for the new CV rework...
  11. Tubit101

    Where are the other premium ships?

    I'm not against them making money either. I just disagree with their ethically questionable methods. Selling a currency and then removing the items available for that currency easily falls into that category.
  12. Tubit101

    Why players not are climbing the ranks in Ranked as expected

    Hyperbole. Sometimes you get lucky, so it's not "literally" impossible. It's just far less likely. But yes, destroyers are not rewarded properly for their efforts. It is far easier, far less risky and most importantly far more XP for sitting in the back farming damage, while letting others cap, spot and detect incoming torpedoes for you at the risk of their own ship.
  13. Tubit101

    Where are the other premium ships?

    Don't know if it's already been mentioned. I only had time to skim this thread, but... It seems to me that WG made the decision to reduce the number of ships available for doubloons because they saw that a lot of people have a lot of doubloons on their accounts. So, if they reduce the amount of ships available for doubloons, they have effectively made those players spend their money twice.
  14. Tubit101

    Wild USS Monaghan Spotted!

    I'm adding this video about the Monaghan B hull, since it's relevant.
  15. The problem is that instead of improving what can be improved, WG does nothing. Spotting damage XP is something that can easily be improved. Spotting is an integral part of the game and cruisers most ships completely rely on it. Yet, this crucial teamwork dynamic is ignored by WG. They've had a very long time to fix it, but they choose not to. Other dynamics such as firing and doing damage while obscured by smoke from someone else is also something that could be rewarded, but isn't. In terms of programming, it seems very easily implementable. Instead of designing missions and other objectives such as badges that reward a wide range of positive behavior, WG is one-dimensionally focusing on rewarding doing damage, sinking ships and gaining xp - all of which are tied only to dealing damage.