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  1. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    I've now got both. Yam is a far superior Battleship... However the Montana cannot be dismissed. IF there is no Yam, or at least it's not targeting you, it's a fierce ship when played nose on and the extra turret means you can engage targets to the front and /side. My highest damage game to date is in this ship, (a paltry 231,000 damage but It's mine) however in that game our shimakaze melted their yam in one torp run Leaving me to engage iowas and NC's who fell before me (went side on). Yam's guns allow for damage almost at every angle. Montana suffers from RNG. However it's hard work, and it's not fun for me. I am seriously thinking of selling it and using the captain to go up the cruiser tree. then i yo yo back to I can't do it, and cycle round again. Meanwhile it sits in my harbour unused. ( will take the yam everytime).
  2. JimmehE81

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    Ascender try secondary reload module plus the secondary accuracy and range module. I fine it's an extra 10k damage per battle plus if taken down cruisers and DD's with it whilst fighting other things. The accuracy module loss is a little concern but it;s 20m difference, enough to care but with the range/accuracy of the secondaries i've found they can really save you bacon from low hp/ late game dd's
  3. JimmehE81

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    even though I';ve linked the wiki page where the description.... you know what nvm I am happy with it it works for me.
  4. JimmehE81

    Subguns viable?

    Not really viable, HOWEVER I took the secondary mod on my amagi as it's quite an assaulting Battlecruiser, combined with the tier 4 skill and spotting i've been able to hurt some dd's and finish off wounded ones. Where it really impressed me however was a real fight I got into with a cleveland and a another Amagi I focused on the Amagi and put the secondaries to the cleveland, I managed to kill the Amagi, and lo and behold the cleveland had less than 9 k hp. one volley later and I was very happy. What I've heard is that on the Izumo and Yamato, they become a viable option since they are capable with mods and skills of shooting out to nearly 10m and do a lot of damage. However as always you sacrifice something else to get this.
  5. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    Alkiap, that's good advice thanks, if shes nose on will change out for HE, with a 30 % chance to burn on those shells... only a matter of time .
  6. JimmehE81

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    please see world of warships wiki they updated it to stop the confusion: Icon Equipment Name Cost Description Target Acquisition System Modification 1 2000000 Increases maximum acquisition range: +20% to maximum acquisition (spotting) range http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Equipment_(WoWS)
  7. JimmehE81

    An opinion piece/review on Japanese Battleships

    the Acquisition module increases the detection radius of enemy ships. I.e. counter the stealth module and paint Same logic as Torpedo Acquisition skill, you detect the torps earlier.
  8. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    cool thanks hmm
  9. I concur with the thread, given the supposedly technological advancements up the tree, why in gods name does accuracy get worse? Yamato is historically noted for not having the latest fire control systems, and relied heavily on her spotting planes and older style equipment. Ok so ignore the Montana as she was a blue print and a pile of steel, but the Iowa had early fire control computers (calculation systems really not computers) by the end of the war.. why is she worse than the Yamato? TBH it my opinion it's for balance only, Izumo is poor armour etc wise so Iowa needs to lose something in order to have a fair fight, and then OFC they are the same guns on the Montana, so they make them the same.. IMHO make the Montana more accurate as it's a generation on from the Iowa class. It wont matter about the 12 guns because you have to go full broadside to use them, and going full broadside in the Montana is just asking to end back in harbour before the match ends.
  10. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    Thanks both for the responses taken a couple more days and played some battles slowly. TBH I think I was having tier 10 itus that is to say "wow I have a tier 10 come here all you noobs I am going to crush you"... which of course never happens you have to put into practice all that you have learned before. So I am now playing her like I played the Iowa almost exclusively bow on target, and reserving the rear turrets for other targets. Also focusing on other targets (other than when Yamato sails round the corner side on). Also yes I think i was taking more shots at angled Yamato's as I thought my place was to take them on, not to take everything else on, which seems to work better for me. Though the agility compared to the Iowa gets me down slightly turns like a bus with one wheel locked. Alkiap you reference my stats, where are you seeing these? was it just the XVM site ?
  11. I see what your saying, I was reading my Iowa stats from prior to the patch where mods came into play, just tried again in game selecting the range extension and see that reflected. My apologies it's a ludicrously small difference, just given they are the exact same guns, in the same turrets in a more "advanced" ship, there is no reason any difference no matter how small, if anything the Montana should have a tighter grouping, I know what you would say about 12 guns , but you have to broadside a ship that is one giant citadel to get all 12 on target.
  12. Accuracy on Montana there is no earthly reason for the same guns to have different stats. please remedy. Monty Max dispersion = 295 no mod, 276m with accuracy mod Iowa, Maximum dispersion = 272m, 253m with accuracy mod.
  13. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    insult to injury. Just "detonated" to a lone torpedo 2 minutes into game (mutliple torp bombers shot down, one launches then dies, it comes through and gets the aft magazine, and I've got the EXPLETIVE mod installed.) 300k loss, no damaged caused seriously this ship is useless at it's tier.
  14. JimmehE81

    Montana game play suggestions - Help

    Accuracy edit, yes a small difference, but no reason for any difference at all same guns, same turrets. in a more advance ship True with my Iowa I was less likely to face Yamato and I buy what your saying, but with the decrease in accuracy for the same penetration values, coupled with the wider beam and thus larger target, against a foe which is superior it's a losing battle, but Yam's are not really my fear, it's everything else using me as a pinata. I felt the Iowa's more tapered nose offered, yes likely less armour, but at a steeper angle and with a narrow beam meant that fighting nose on was a viable option, now it doesn't work. I like your comparison the the NM, and yes probably a better comparison, (since the fuso was a fierce opponent as well) however the Montana, just does not feel worth it. I will keep it as selling it would be a criminal waste of credits but I am seriously thinking of stripping the captain off and going down the cruiser line.
  15. JimmehE81

    Iowa vs Montana

    + 1 to ascender, I will add this to my thread on the Montana, but it's appropriate here. The Montana is also wider across the beam (width) thus even nose on the Monty makes for a bigger target than the sleek tapered nose of the Iowa, which though has "less armour" because of it's tapering felt more bouncy to me than the Monty does. (as well as being a naturally smaller target because it's not as fat)