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  1. Stache64

    Problem entering battles

    I had problems with disconnects and getting back into the game afterwards yesterday evening /night ,turned out i had massive packetloss (100%) on some of the hubs connecting to the EU server ,so really nothing i could do about that
  2. Stache64

    cannot connect to server unnkown problem

    Lot of problems yesterday with disconnects and then not beeing abled to get back into the game ,tracers showed massive packet (100%) loss on multiple hubs connecting to the EU server
  3. Stache64

    Nice valentines day camo

    I do not know who dreams up these horribly fugly camo's all the time but they are not improving over time sadly..............
  4. Stache64

    0.6.0 new commander skills

    only gold?? ...nothimg about giving them your firstborn child......hmmmm WG EU seems to be slacking in its limitless greed!.
  5. Stache64

    t10 games are sub-par compared to lower tiers - issues

    I personally stop researching ships after tier VII !(because even a tier VIII can get you into these horrible tier IX and X matches),IMHO the playstyle and enjoyment plummets towards 0 ones the tier IX and X ships appear . I see a shitload of hiding ,backpaddling and all the while i'm busy dodging a gazillion 20km range torps and hope none of these high tier CV's take an interest in me . All in all its boring and horrible and it makes me pauze before i even consider playing a tier VIII ship...........
  6. Stache64

    Ranked needs to be overhauled somehow.

    they should allow ranked battles with at least 2 man divisions ,honestly the amount of stupid players/gameplay surpasses normal battles during cerntain times of the day!.
  7. Me personal i am enjoying battles from tier 4 up to 7,8 (only if do not run into too many 9's and 10's though) so much more then the higher tier battles . Its just the whole feeling; everthing is just so powerfull ,the DD's have insane amounts of longrange torps and very good guns ,cruisers are very good but condemed to a more backround support role,the battleships can kill anything with a few shells and if a high tier CV takes an "interest" in you you will be talking to the fishes in a few moments no matter what you do,all in all comming up from tier 7 and 8 the feel of the game just gets worse and im saving my credits for something else then the tier 9 and 10 ships . IMHO the gaming experience from tier 8 on upwards deserves no more then a 5 on a scale if 10 ,while the earlier tiers score a lot better. just my 0.02$
  8. Well we can always hope that WG EU somehow ,sometime get their sh*t together in the future ....i would not hold my breath untill then though ,just keep ignoring these overpriced bundles.
  9. In all the games i played yesterday and the day before i encountered a sh*tload of Tirpitzes ,so many in fact that a stopped playing anything above tier V because i kept getting dragged into tier 8 games with my tier 6's .Yet i encountered a grand total of "1" MK cruisers . So as far as i can judge it, the community is giving them just the right answer to their shitty pricing policy on the EU server !!. Well done !.
  10. Stache64

    Upcoming tech trees: England, France, China, Italy ...

    They do not build anything but are pretty good at copying "foreign" designs
  11. Stache64

    Manuel Topedobomber drop/ minimum Rang Balance

    The manual drop distance is too short and against torp planes that can turn on a dime and instanly drop chances of evanding them. in anything like a battleship are slim to nothing .
  12. Stache64

    Italian WW2 Warships

    Just get a copy of " Italian warships of world war II "by Aldo Fraccaroli and you will find that the Italian navy was pretty substantial and IMHO they fought more ship to ship battles with the royal navy in the mediteranian see than the kriegsmarine ever did.
  13. Stache64

    Carriers...in real life they are effective....

    i just have to call BS on the rediculously short arming range of the torpedoes!!. planes can nearly drop em on top of a ship no time to evade whatsoever!.
  14. Stache64

    Historic Scenarios?

    Wel WWI was the TRUE age of the dreadnought (no aircraft carriers) and if we can implement some of those epic battles (dogger bank, Jutland, ect.......) i'd be more then happy!
  15. Stache64

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Yeah let's have a MOD armsrace so we can see who's the biggest lameass!!