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  1. Clefspeare13

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    No longer getting erased by HE bombers will be nice
  2. People who are not regulars are allowed to have opinions and thoughts too, you know.
  3. Clefspeare13

    Wargaming Game Center

    I play WoWS here on EU but WoT on NA, and when I tried to launch one game after having played the other I kept on having to re log in to that region. So instead I'm just straight up launching the executable and not bothering with the WGC if there are no updates. Oh also, it will detect old game clients and add them to the WGC.
  4. That's interesting, since neither Malwarebytes nor Bitdefender find it to be a threat. You may be getting false positives, but for greater assurance maybe upload the files to Virustotal for a full check.
  5. It's already been forced on my. However, I just launch the games straight from the executable (eg: "C:\Games\World_of_Warships\WorldOfWarships.exe") in the taskbar and only use the game center for updates, not allowing it to run in the background. I've found that that's an acceptable way of doing things.
  6. Clefspeare13

    Bottleships etc....

    I must say, this is probably one of their better Jokes in recent history
  7. Clefspeare13

    Solution to German cruiser rudder & engine incapacitations

    Dam ze torpedos, full pufty ahead!
  8. Clefspeare13

    An aiming problem is an inevitable issue ?

    I'm not sure if I'm understanding your problem correctly, but the torped tubes turn with the turrets, so when you're aiming a certain direction with the main armament you torpedoes are also facing that way, so generally it's not much farther to go when you switch to your torpedo tubes.
  9. Clefspeare13

    Ocean map

    It is quite a boring map to play though, and the lack of any concealment makes it tough for US DD's
  10. Clefspeare13

    I accidentally found Cinematic Mode

    I have no idea what I did, but I couldn't turn it off without restarting the Client
  11. I found this on imgur today. She sank in 4 minutes with 859 sailors dying that day.
  12. I haven't ben on the forums enough to know a lot of people, but sometimes I'll meet some Alpha Testers I recognize
  13. Clefspeare13

    Today's Patch

    I expect Patch Notes/a Forum Post soonTM
  14. Clefspeare13

    Mahan OP

    I knew it would work Here is the replay article http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/6668-replay-function/