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    Hab die USS Sims gezogen. Und ratet mal was ich seit der closed Beta im Hafen hab? Genau! Die USS Sims hab den Auftrag schon abgeschlossen aber keine offensichtliche Kompensation dafür bekommen. Was soll die denn sein?
  2. this is similar yes...But look up the Dodge Viper Logo. It is not only similar. IMO its exactly the same. I'd love to have this as a patch ingame. But IMO this is clearly a copyright infringement.
  3. Der_Besieger

    Neues Event: Kampf der Elemente (Battle of Elements)

    Genau das ist der Punkt, Oechsen hats verstanden. Die Kami gibts nich zu kaufen, und ich hab schon genug und nicht wenig Geld für Premiumschiffe ausgegeben.
  4. Der_Besieger

    Why I stop play for Clash of elements

    Sorry Wargaming, I have a real life and no time for this insane coin grind. Already now I can't collect enough coins for the Kamikaze, even if I get all of those from round 2 and 3. How did you think would this work out?
  5. Der_Besieger

    Neues Event: Kampf der Elemente (Battle of Elements)

    Auch ganz kurz meinen Senf da lassen, ganz einfach damit es als weitere Rückmeldung wahrgenommen werden kann: Sorry Wargaming, ich hab auch noch einen Vollzeitjob und eine Familie die zu Recht ebenfalls Zeit und Aufmerksamkeit verlangen. Ich hätte gerne die Kamikaze gehabt, aber ich kann sie schon jetzt nicht mehr bekommen, selbst wenn ich künftig alle noch 600 möglichen Münzen erspiele. Die Anforderungen sind nur für Schüler, Studenten und andere Erwachsene mit zu viel Zeit (aus welchen Gründen auch immer) erfüllbar. Für mich definitiv nicht.
  6. Der_Besieger

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    and still waiting for an answer from WG to my questions stated before....
  7. As on request from TheCinC I'll try to cover the topic armour angling in a 1vs1 and a 1vs2+ engagement. As I write this out of the tip of my fingers and I have not prepared a script there might be something missing or incorrect. In this case please note me, I'll add/correct if the critic is valid. And due to the fact that I almost exclusively play BBs (and no CVs and DDs at all) this guide might be a bit BB-flavoured, and IMO this guide mainly applies to BBs. Nonetheless this will mostly also apply to cruisers and maybe to a certain grade to DDs as well. First of all, the goal of armour angling is to minimize the visible size of your own ships hull as a target to your opponent(s) deny as many of your opponents as possible a flat broadside and as a result of this to minimize the AP damage taken and maximize ricochets and blocked shells as much as possible good armour angling can only be as good as your situational awareness. If you charge into a location where you find yourself surrounded then you're pretty screwed, especially if there are DDs around. So have an eye on the map and evaluate the situation before you advance. Use islands to your advantage to zone you off from enemy shells or torpedoes. And of course armour angling with a cruiser against a battleship for instance is not very effective, because the battleship will mostly penetrate your armour anyway. As stated in the initial post in this thread bow on in a 1vs1 is a viable option. This reduces you as a target to the smallest size possible. But this results in front or rear turrets blocked by your ships superstructure and the turrets are unable to fire. Either you deal with it or if the reload time of your opponent allows it swing your ship around for shooting with the other turrets (big issue with the Fuso for instance). But be sure to swing your ship back around in time! If you consider your armor sturdy enough you can show as much of your side to bring your rear/front turrets to bear. Well, IMO not much more to say to the 1vs1. Moving on... if there are more than one enemies around: you should hold them in a zone roughly 90°, each 45° off your port and starboard bow or aft to minimize penetration damage and maximize ricochets and shells blocked by armour. if this not possible then angle against the ships with the biggest guns and take out the ships first which are the easiest to sink (low health or broadsiding ships). Try to constantly prioritize your enemies If possible try to melt down the enemy you don't angle against (in majority destroyers) with secondaries or torpedos if you don't need them against the higher priority targets in your 90° sector. Use radar/sonar if available to detect the occasional opponent DD and his torpedos in your flank. when you are angled properly, consider to sink the DD first despite (also using your main guns) he is not the biggest fish in the tank because IMO torpedos are more dangerous than AP shells. But don't put too much effort in sinking the DD. this tactic is situational and very risky but can save your [edited](worked for me already): when in a brawl against two try to get in a position where you angle and get up very close to an opponent BB or CA (for DDs just ram him ). The goal of this tactic is to use one opponent as a kind of a meatshield which is seconds before his execution. to be safe from eventual torpedos from your meatshield you need to get so close that you could spit over to the other ship. but in that progress you eventually need to show a broadside yourself. (If someone is interested, I've got a replay about this. Not a textbook example though) and lastly: know when you need to disengage and run! You are of no use if you are dead. That's it for now. I hope this helps.
  8. Der_Besieger

    Premium camo for T10 ships

    But the in-game economy acts like the opposite. I've earned so many credits, I could buy a whole new BB Line at once (if there was a new line available)
  9. Great guide! Thank you for that! Not really nothing new to me but anyway a very good guide! and by the way: Your stats! Wow! I don't want to encounter you in a battle I thought my stats are quite good, at least well above average but this is scary Do you play in division only? And do you have some BB replays?
  10. First of all great guide! Stumbled upon it just now. A good range for BBs is IMO roughly 12 - 15 km given the fact that you have some support slightly ahead of you that keeps DDs off. without support I'd probably keep more distance for more reaction time on incoming shells. This is quite important if you have torps incoming and you are forced to turn giving away your broadside so far range fire is more dispersed and need more time and aiming skill to reach you. Additionally: You have to know the strenghts and weaknesses of the BB you an commanding. German BBs are more prone to plunging fire and very impervious against flat trajectory shells. This is supported by the fact that for instance the Bismarck has outstanding secondary range and the Tirpitz has torpedoes. If you see the enemy (thinking particularly at IJN cruisers) and the cruiser makes a turn away from you and is frankly showing his broadside in the process then he likely has dropped torpedoes. For DDs in general - if visible - it is basically the same. I try to counter unspotted enemy ships and torps with my fighter plane and if available hydroacoustic search (why don't they call it just sonar?). Captains skill vigilance and module upgrade target aquisition mod 1 (available up from tier 6, both stack up) also help you out in this matter. But for me I use these two perks rarely. The other skills/upgrades are better options for me. I don't mind engaging destroyers in my BBs, especially when its the Bismarck, Friedrich or Große Kurfürst with full secondary build a nearly guaranteed Close Quarters Expert Achievement Scharnhorst is also pretty good against DDs since many AP shells won't overpen. I'd like to add that just bow on in an engagement is just a bit short. This is only correct for 1vs1 encounters and not all of them. Armour angling needs to be mentioned an explained more explicitely. But maybe this is too much detail for a beginners guide (it is a beginners guide, right? )
  11. Der_Besieger

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    WG, I am still waiting for answers for my questions...
  12. Der_Besieger

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Got yesterday with my Bismarck (+ Premium Camo) about 1,4 Million Credits in one match and this was not the first win of the day Earning 500k credits is IMO a piece of cake. I have so many credits I don't know what to do with them We need a new BB line. What about the Royal Navy BBs? I can't wait to detonate the Hood with the Bismarck
  13. Der_Besieger

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    The official statement sparks hope, no question. Still some questions unanswered including mine I have posed before: which concrete measures will you implement that this desaster won't happen again?
  14. Der_Besieger

    Erste Hinweise auf den Spee-Feldzug

    Auch wenn ich mich nur im englischen Thread aktiv beteiligt habe auch hier ein Dankeschön an die Community Manager und Contributors! Das ist schon einmal der erste Schritt in die richtige Richtung
  15. Der_Besieger

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Santa convoy is now in the client? well well...just a first step in rebuilding the broken trust, but not bad for a start. Still no official statement on the website. For me it depends at first on the content of the statement edit: and secondarily on the rewards of the mission whether I start trusting them again. Just a "here is your belated convoy mission, have fun!" is not enough.