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  1. Hero_of_Tython

    Mikasa, give it protected MM WG!

    Having a quick browse through Wikipedia I came up with at least 1 pre-dreadnought ship for each nation. For the UK I think the best choice would be the Majestic Class Majestic-class battleship For the French we could have the Danton Class Danton-class battleship The USA could have the Virginia Class Virginia-class battleship The Germans best choice is most likely the Deutschland Class Deutschland-class battleship For the Japanese we could have the Shikishima Class Shikishima-class battleship (yes I know that gives them 2 tier II BBs but this would be a regular tech tree not a premium. And when the inevitable (and mostly fictitious Russian BBs get added) they could have as their tier II the Borodino Class Borodino-class battleship
  2. Hero_of_Tython

    no battle result

    Not sure about this. Have played 3 games so far in a Division of 2, these are the first 3 game sin this mode either of us has played so each time we took a different ship it was the first time for us in that ship. First match we both took BBs, ended in defeat got the Battle Result Screen no problem (all towers destroyed 3 ships left) 2nd Game: I took the CV and he took the DD, we won (I was the only shop left in the CV) but no battle results or rewards 3rd game: I took the CA he took the CV, again we won (this time division mate was ht e last man standing, again with CV) again no battle results and no reward. So the first game both of us are in a ship for the first time and we get a result screen, the 2nd and 3rd game no such luck, unless being Halloween we are simply not allowed to win Nice game mode but if you don;t get the rewards for winning then what is the point of playing it
  3. I'd keep the current XP system as it is, but if you want to reward good performance instead have bonuses for doing well. I'd have them in the form of continuous missions. Basically you'd get a bonus by hitting a target with a certain class of ship, for example causing a certain amount of damage with BB AP shells, this could be cumulative over any number of battles or it could be for just a single battle. So if BB dishes out the damage (which is what you want them to do) he gets a bonus for it even if the team losses. Obviously there could be other targets for BBs such as the amount of potential damage blocked to reward good use of armour. Cruisers could be rewarded for things like fire damage, air craft shot down or number of hits with main battery guns. DDs well obviously Torp hits or damage done by torps/flooding and perhaps number of enemies spotted. And carriers, number of fighters shot down, number of bomb hits/fire damage and number of torp hits/flooding damage. Those are just the obvious targets for the classes but I am sure people can come up with plenty of others, that reward good play and contributions to the team. The trick will be not making the bonus rewards too large so players chase those instead of trying to win, but large enough that it feels like a genuine reward for good performance.
  4. Hero_of_Tython

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    I think this whole mess started because WG have painted themselves into a corner regarding premium vehicles. You see it in WoT when they stubbornly refuse to Nerf OP premiums for fear of the players that purchased those tanks demanding their money back. This has set a precedent for WG that once a vehicle is released you can't make it worse (even if it is OP) unless it is a vehicle you will never sell again (Type 59). Now as I understand it from watching AgingJedi's video, the feedback on the GZ was that it was too good for a premium so with the above precedent in mind WG had 3 choices, 1: delay the release and miss GamesCom (the best idea that was probably torpedoed by the accounts department). 2: release it as was (remembering they won't let themselves nerf it afterwards) and be accused of another OP premium cash grab or 3: Nerf the stuffing out of it, release it then buff it later. Needless to say the most moronic of the 3 options won out. The when all the complaints started rolling in someone at WG had a bad case of ButtHurt and decided to lash out at one of the CCs, then had to trawl through the CCs video to find some "reason" as to why they had lashed out. Message to WG's PR department "copying the SOP of the current US President is NOT a good idea". Their subsequent actions seem to suggest that someone more competent is doing damage limitation. It is a step up from FochGate but they still have some way to go.
  5. Hero_of_Tython

    Is fire damage OP?

    That's a pretty ancient set of stats you have there, I sold the Tenryu a very long time ago. Never said I was Lord Horatio Nelson, I don't suck and I am not the WoWs equivalent of a Unicum either. I just think that changest to the fire mechanic might be worth at least trying out on a test server as they might improve the flow of the game, if they don't work then don't implement them, but dismissing something without testing it seems a little shortsighted and the other 0.01% hide our stats because we hate what XVM did to WoT. Stats are one of the biggest sources of toxicity in on-line games so on principle I want nothing to do with them, I don't care what your stats are and I don't think you should see mine. If we ever meet in battle feel free to judge my performance then, but not before and I'll reserve my judgment on your abilities until I see you playing as well, I think that is fair don't you.
  6. Hero_of_Tython

    Is fire damage OP?

    Nothing idiotic about it, you just don't like it. Feel free to disagree and tell us why you don't like it but if that is too intellectually challenging for you just keep slinging insults about like a petulant 10 year old. And for the record I don't have a problem dealing with fires I just think the OPs suggestion is they way I'd have done fire if I had been planning the game, and I am not alone, several of the people I play with agree. Also the I like how you judge my "skills" in the game, hacked WG portal have you so you can see my stats even though it is set to private or are you just using the tired old logic of "if someone doesn't agree with me they must suck". Quite honestly players who wave their stats in peoples faces and just compensating fro "short comings" in other departments.
  7. Hero_of_Tython

    Is fire damage OP?

    To be honest I'd like to see the fire damage per tick decreased perhaps even down as low as 25% of what it currently does. But then make fire more of a debuff, it could slow your reload (loading crews need to be more careful handling live shells around fire), make your gunfire less accurate (smoke from fire makes it harder for the gunnery crews to aim), increase your ships detection range (big orange fireball and black smoke very easy to spot), make AA and secondaries less effective (same reason as main gun accuracy). And to compensate the cruisers who rely on fire to rack up their damage totals have any damage caused to ship while it is on fire count as assistance damage to the ship that started the fire.
  8. Hero_of_Tython

    V Krasny Krym, what do we know about her....

    Every time I see one of these on the team list I keep thinking it's called the "Krusty Kream", should have gone to Specsavers.
  9. Hero_of_Tython

    V Krasny Krym, what do we know about her....

    One thing I do know, is I will not be buying this, for several reasosns. 1. The bundles are over priced for a tier 5 crusier 2. The Diana, Aurora, Murmansk, Molotov and Kutozov. We already have enough premium Soviet Cruisers so we need this one like a hole in the head. 3. Most importantly, IT'S CRAP!! Seriosuly, here is the link to the stats for this floating turd on the Wiki page: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Krasny_Krym now compare that to the Murmansk stats: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Murmansk So it is your choice but why would you buy this new waste of pixels instead of the Murmansk. Seriosuly WG stop pandering to the RU player base just for once and give us a new German, Japanese or British premium. Perhaps go further and give us a ship from a antion not yet represented, I would happily consider spending money on a French or Italian ship (providing it wasn't as plain awful as this latest heap of scrap). Oh and WG, if you are pandering to RU players, this piece of garbage is 100% fail.
  10. Hero_of_Tython

    Molotov available in the premium shop

    Ignoring your use of an N word in your post, I actually think that the Germans are rather under-served right now with premiums, there is only the Tirpitz and Eden and neither of those is available in the tech tree (or all the time in the gift shop), they may have the smallest tech tree currently but they need at least 1 permanent premium on sale
  11. Hero_of_Tython

    Molotov available in the premium shop

    Maybe it does sound like a broken record, but that is no reason to stop playing it when the issue behind it is genuine and there has been zero sign of progress. All we get on the issue of other nations (especially the Royal Navy) is "when it's done it's done", which bearing in mind they've been teasing the RN since back in the CBT is a line that is wearing very very thin. WG need to wake up and give their PR dept a big does of coffee to get them into gear. I am not asking that WG say "RN here next patch" but I;d like something more definite than what we have had to day, such as "we are 75% of the way there" or "We aim for within the next 2 months" or "Before August", that sort of thing. Tbh I really mind at this point if it wasn't the RN but the French/Italians who appeared next, just a new nation with different ships to increase the variety of vessels in game. TL DR version, its very hard to be patient when you have no time scale and no progress reports. edit: The reason it is turning into a "Where is the RN" and "Soviet bias" thread is that every time someone puts up a dedicated "Where's the RN thread" it either descends into nationalistic name calling or gets taken down for breaching the forum rules, apparently asking for the RN is against the rules somehow,
  12. Hero_of_Tython

    Molotov available in the premium shop

    Yawn, yet another RU premium Cruiser, isn't the Diana, Aurora, Murmansk and MK enough to be going on with? Might be a good ship but I don't care I already have the 4 RU Cruisers plus the Nikolai and Gremy, so I really don't want another RU money maker thanks all the same. Now had it been the Campbeltown I'd be interested, heck it has been a few weeks since you let the EU Youtubers release their reviews and we still don't have it. Give us some RN ships, give us some US Premiums, some IJN premiums and what about the poor Germans? Heck some French and Italian ships would also be welcome since those nations should one day appear in game.
  13. Hero_of_Tython

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    Aslain, The custom gun sights don't seem to work, no matter which one I choose I still get the ingame sights only. I've done a clean install several times, plus cleared out the DLC cache all with no effect, anyone got any ideas. Logs attached _Aslain_logs.zip
  14. Hero_of_Tython

    Other Shipyards for ARP ships

    Try this mod http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/46554-0541-nagasaki-dock/ It replaces the ARP dock with one a Japanese themed dock, quite beutiful IMO. There are 2 versions, 1 with a snmow/cherry blossom affect and one without. Once you;ve extracted the zip files you may need to rename the first folder from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1 then just copy it to your res-mods folder, works fro me and doesn't seem to take up too much proccesing power to run (loads fast anyway) even with the snow affect. You still see the anime skins of the ships in game although I think there is a mod in Aslains mod pack that will remove those skins as well
  15. Hero_of_Tython

    Framerate stutters/microlags?