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  1. Hopefully today we can get higher in the Typhoon league >inb4 massive crashes during playtime
  2. Clan base has just been expanded, join while the places are fresh and new \o/
  3. Typhoon league missions are going a bit slower than planned but we are doing our best to get that fancy flag Ohh and good job @Narazals Keep at it
  4. @Narazals I have looked at your statistics and I see you have good grasp about the game Please join our discord server and I would like to play a few division games with you, and if you meet our expectations and get your competitive ships in port I would be happy to take you along in clan battles. btw congrats on that Akatsuki game, that's higher than my max damage ever done in my Tirpitz edit: sorry for the late response, had irl stuff going around
  5. Yesterday night, with a spectacular clutch game our clan managed to get in the Typhoon league!!!
  6. Gearing is a perfectly balanced nice shippu...... It totally doesn't need a nerf at all.............
  7. 0.6.14

    I have had the same problem as @KapteinSabeltann but it got solved with the solution given by @Hugh_Ruka it is a bad design tho, please fix it
  8. I feel so sad..... please post cute waifu pictures below other screens
  9. Belfast is still pretty balanced sailed in the middle and stood there all game shooting at ships left and right, survived on 500HP
  10. Thanks to @Aslain you may install a mod which displays our glorious clan logo for increased moral support for the team! Katyusha approved
  11. When most of the things get right in a game for you (over 2000 base xp)
  12. Our clan base is mostly set for optimal research progress so you can spend more time cuddling your waifus/husbandos \o/