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  1. MIRAI The Future of Warships wants YOU! We are a clan where members enjoy watching animes and playing together, we take part in Clan Battles and other tournaments with the determination to win while having fun! What we offer Diverse community from all around Europe Activity in clan wars (Typhoon league) Excellent teams and a decent player base Motivated staff Improvement as a team player Rewards for members with good performance Special events, tournaments Requirements Winrate in excess of 54% overall and 56% recent At least 1300 overall and 1500 recent Personal Rating for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Statistics visible Having a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Battles is required Having a basic knowledge of the English language is a must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable playing and are a valid choice for T8 and T10 clan battles Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry, we got senpais to help you with this) If you are interested please contact: @Fogas21 @Peace_Of_Cake @Yuudachi_BestGirl or any of our recruiters on the discord server Click Discord chan to get an invite to the server https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy
  2. MIRAI Future fleet of world of warships wants you! Your only future is with us! We, the Mira future fleet, are fun bunch to hang with and talk about waifus. We are MIRAI no senkan, Future Fleet in World of Warships! Don’t be shy, join this anime based fun community and spice up the competition. Although we make fun while playing, our plan is to show other clans that their future is certain doom when facing us. What we offer: Fun anime based community Regular training battles Active in clan wars World class players (in motivation level) Help with improving yourself as a standalone- and team-player Staff is nice and understanding Members are easy come along with We reward members that performs in game Special events, tournaments We play lot of different games Hentai…. it’s for research and reward purpose…. Requirements and notification: Winrate 54% overall and 56% recent. PersonalRating 1300 overall, 1.500 recent for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Stats visible Have a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Wars battles is a must Have a basic knowledge of the English language is must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable in and are a valid choice for clan battles in T8 and T10 Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry we got senpais to help you with this) This is an anime based gaming community, if you dislike anime or can't deal with it, this clan won’t be suitable for you. Be open minded. Our community is growing steadily and some may have different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. is not tolerated. Don’t try your luck… it won’t go well… that is not blood from one that tried it, oh no…. Activity! Thanks to the limited clansize we are forced to keep track of the members activity so they don't take up spots for people in queue, with the exception of holidays, just let the clan staff members know about long leaves no details are needed to tell unless you want. We hope to see you soon in The Future! Our link to discord server. https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy Discord is easy to get and really handy to have, here is the link to get one. https://discordapp.com/
  3. I wonder what I have missed that made you come here so suddenly and deep, taking over the thread like that! I will make you not regret your decision! (I am doing this ^^ because I totally like doing it)
  4. Fogas21

    Kitakaze and Harugumo in [early] Preview!

    I can't wait to see people do wide spread with sextuples quarter of the map cowered
  5. Fogas21

    Strefs' Space Camouflage Raffle [closed]

    google forms are imported to the google excel thingy and there it is easy to filter out multiple participations
  6. @Westmorelan they are only for a selected few T10 ships
  7. Waiting on a mod which gets you these space camos for free
  8. I am not against camos which alter the 3D model of ships (Harekaze camo already does it) and I was really looking forward to buy or earn the camo for the Gearing which I really like as a ship, but when I saw the 8k price.......... It feels like a cashgrab to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is why as protesting I have turned the space camos off. Ohh almost forgot to add, if the Musashi camo with 3 red stripes is 5k, if we take work-price comparison space camos should be at least 50k
  9. @WolfGewehr our offline art has reached it's final form what do you think?
  10. We had an interesting moment during the last clan battles session https://clips.twitch.tv/HappyResoluteVulturePhilosoraptor I swear we do not use any hax, except WASD.hax
  11. I know it is lame ;w; just the thing is...... I am really new to this whole streaming thing, not to mention twitch ui (it's more confusing than youtube) So I have given the task to a more qualified person, and I am pretty sure he will choose some cute waifus for that cover art or whatever that thing is called