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  1. Game crashed while loading so I joined pretty late to battle Still managed to do good I've killed every ship I have shot at
  2. Hello, Sorry for the delay, I was busy today and just noticed your comment. At the moment we are about to have a training battle, feel free to join the discord server in the meantime. After we are finished I would like to play a few games with you in division :3 Do you have any favorite ships by the way?
  3. Whew, I was sweating like no tomorrow in this T10 battle
  4. Recruiting with fun topping the team list with bottom tier ships
  5. TSUNDORA PRAVDA KANTAI Tsundora Combat Team wants you! Yes I was talking to you! baka We, the Pravda Tsundora Kantai, are the competitive sisterclan of Pravda Kantai. Don’t be shy, join this anime based fun community and spice up the competition. Although we make fun while playing, our plan is to show other clans what we are truely made off. (pink and cute on the inside but with a Stalanium shell!) What we can offer Fun anime based community Regular training battles Active in clan wars (only on EU server for now) World class players (this might be not totally true) Help with improving yourself as a standalone- and team-player Hentai Requirements This is an anime-based community, if you dislike anime or can't deal with it, this clan won’t be suitable for you Age: 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Have a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Wars battles Captains with decent skill setup Have a basic knowledge of the English language, please refrain using any other language Be open minded. Our community is quite large so we have a lot of different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. will result in bans Activity! Thanks to the limited clansize we are forced to keep track of activity of members so they don't take up spots for people in queue, with the exception of holidays, just let the clan-leaders know you are going on a break/holiday You are required to join the clan discord Discord is a must baka, it’s not that hard to get sheesh ( Our sister clan [PRAVD] discord server ( Statistics Minimum requirements (subject to change) 1000+ Battles in Random If you have any questions feel free to message our recruiters: @lobsterden and @Fogas21 We hope to see you in our fleet or bottom of the ocean. Surrender is not an option! Regards: Tsundora Propaganda Department
  6. During the application we are asked if we are over or under 18 years old.Are the applicants asked to provide a picture of their ID or some other proof of their age? Just because if we are not asked to do so it only takes a click to lie about it. (I will gladly provide a picture of mine but I would like to cover my name and other not connected data)
  7. So we can already see the Takao mission details for the sea server and truth to be told it looks like a piece of cake for me. Is it going to be 100 times harder in eu or just 10? (jk) Putting the jokes aside when will we get this mission?
  8. Sorry for the late response I was away on holidays. I see what's your point, from now on I will use a separet thread for my videos and post everything there. Thank you for the idea. The thread you mentioned looks like a scorecard show off thread which is not adequate for videos.
  9. I had an amazing game on the last day of 5.9 I hope you will enjoy the video I made and I would like to hear some feedback on the rock/metal music used as the one shot/big hit "sound effect" Ps.: I used my former Pepsi captain on her, currently retraining for the nect CA in line.