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  1. OHH YES We are in Typhoon \o/ We are coming for you top clans with the power of anime ;3
  2. Hey! Hey, you there! come closer, quickly, come Want some weed smoke?
  3. My ship is called Zero The leader of the Black Destroyers ZERO DEATHS music
  4. Yeah I did find the option after some lookaround, but why is it not default? Not to mention you can only have afk bots (if you can have active ones please let me know how) edit: cute avatar tho
  5. Best CV player ever!!! @popi21 please contact me It's not a joke I swear totally serious about it
  6. Ohh well...... so much about clan battle training :/ (figured out you have to enable it in the controls settings menu, still bit tilted you can only have afk bots)
  7. I see that you did not wait with joining at all :D but yes, you can come and hang around with us (btw if you ask nicely I have some gud quality Saber lewds )
  8. Have you had enough of the salt which the weekend/holiday players give you? Do you like waifus? If you have answered yes to both questions above let me introduce to you Clorox chan! She would perfectly cure your pain with only one kiss!!! You may find her and other beauties at our discord server https://discord.gg/Edkp6w7 Join for the cuties, stay for the waifus \o/
  9. LoYang is really well balanced for Ranked I wonder why is it on sale right now, -15% BABY