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  1. imendars

    HFS event missed?

    What do you mean? Harekaze (i have that i think) have been arround for a year.
  2. imendars

    HFS event missed?

    I hate limited time marketing. :( Oh well... Now i will have to check WoWs news every week. what if they offer something nice from HFS fleat stuff...
  3. imendars

    HFS event missed?

    Thanks for encouraging me... F i like that stuff .... ... ...
  4. imendars

    HFS event missed?

    I hate my special power of missing everything that i REALLLYYYY care about. Nice job, imendars. Now i feel like [edited]. :(
  5. imendars

    HFS event missed?

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/become-a-blue-mermaid/ So... i missed it? :( Sais it lasts till september. But how do i activate? Doesnt seem there are any boxes i could buy either. :(
  6. imendars

    One ship with best value discount?

    Among bb i have Kii, Tirpitz, that new french bb and some other premium bb. Is it still worth it for me to get Scharnhorst? Is it actually worth for me to buy that thing?
  7. imendars

    This is getting [edited] old WG

    And how is that a WG problem? They have far important problems and i think WG views that as a feature, thats why it was implemented.
  8. imendars

    Kidd seems awesome

    Here is hoping that on black Friday sales Yo Lang gets sold as admiral package too with 10 or 12 skill commander, perhaps nice flag and maybe custom skin and all this with better discount than every weekend...
  9. imendars

    Indianapolis - still at Sea...

    It can be argued that they earn more by putting flag in admiral package and by this making it a better bargain. And if buyer likes flags, than this buyer have more reasons to buy given admiral package. Some people scream at WG why they need to buy another admiral package for a flag. That fact alone gives WG lots of reasons to put some flags behind large paywalls.
  10. imendars

    WoWs Black Friday Deals

    You can buy ships from NA server, BUT you will be able to playt hem ONLY on NA server...
  11. imendars

    Indianapolis - still at Sea...

    I think WG wants these flags to be special, somewhat rare items. That's why many are in admiral packages only.
  12. imendars

    New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    Solution here seems simple. WG should fix COOP to be more rewarding and perhaps add hard mode. With premium consumables its actually expensive and support oriented ships say hi... If they dont do that, than you will see people like me and even worse in random...
  13. imendars

    New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    For the same reasons complete [edited] players can play theyre uber ships even if they dont know how to make them move. Good luck on your holly war against noobs in high tier ships.
  14. imendars

    New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    Made my day!