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  1. Grovflab

    nerf the usa CV´s

    OP, are you utterly daff or what? Woohoo, you didn't read my post, because gosh, I mentioned bombers. I freaking gave you an entire GUIDE to how to deal with an AS Bogue. Yes, I've read every single post here, and no, people are not agreeing with you. AS Bogue is annoying to play against, it is not OP. You keep making comments about "when he locks you down". Again, I gave you points on what to do in that case. And yes, it involves your bombers. Japanese carriers will NEVER win the air fight untill late tiers, learn to deal with it and move on. And as everyone have said, japanese carriers have the statistics in their favour. But hey, please do disregard this post as well. Bombers, bombers, bombers, bombers!!!!! OT: This is a public forum. Do not think you have any right to say what I can post about.
  2. Grovflab

    TK with torps: who is to blame ?

    It is ALWAYS the launching players fault. Maybe some minor example can be made if you launch 20km torps, and some random crap happens later, but in 99% of situations, it is always the launching players fault. Keep in mind, you have no idea where your team-mates focus is. Most often, it is looking at the enemy, not looking to see if some silly, retarded team-mate is going to lauch torpedos into his back. Even with less agile ships, like BB's, don't launch. You have no idea what maneuvres they are going to make, and nothing is more annoying than having your freedom of movement reduced by friendly torps. I've lost count of the times I've gotten killed because I couldn't angle properly, just because some craphead DD decided it was perfectly fine to lauch paralel to my path.
  3. Grovflab

    nerf the usa CV´s

    I really have to love how difficult it is for OP to realize that the entire forum is disagreeing with him. As soon as someone has a contradictory point of view, hey, lets insult him and call him an idiot for not understanding the post. AS Bogue is lamely easy to deal with. Yes, he has two fighters. Yes, US fighters are superior to Jap ones. Yes, he has way less strike power by being AS spec. (Woooo, I mentioned the bombers. Why? Because they are freaking important in this.) Many people have already said how to deal with the AS Bogue, put I will happily sum it up as well: You bait his fighters somewhere else! That is all there is to it! Ofcourse the Bogue player will split up his fighters. Well, now you just have to strike before he gets both fighters on you. You use your single fighter squadron to tie up his, then you strike with the bombers. If you are super nasty, you do this as a carrier snipe, by going around the border and go for his carrier. By the time he figures you flew around his fighters, well, he should already be dead. Do you lose your fighters? Yes you do! Get used to it! For the japanese line, your fighters only have one job, and that is to protect your strike load for long enough to do their job. Believe me, this gets even worse at higher tiers. You want air superiority against an american CV? That involves said CV being on the bottow of the ocean. At the same time, take advantage of friendly AA. Bait those fighters over friendly cruisers, especially Clevelands if they happen to be in the game. They help even the odds, and even if you can't kill them, you might hurt them enough for them to have to reload/refuel. A refueling fighter cannot intercept your strike. If he is being pesky and closes your CV down with his fighters, well, Im sorry, but then you lost way before that happened. If he goes straight for your carrier, he cannot shoot down your initial strike. Snipe him then. He can't kill your planes from the bottom of the sea. Even if it does happens, well, do not feed his planes then. Sail with the fleet and use their AA. Don't be an airfield, sitting at same spot entire game. Keep your bombers grounded, launch fighters and tie up his near friendly AA. Even your own AA can be a game changer in this case. Even if it fails, his fighters will have to reload/refuel, which is ample opportunity to follow his fighters back and sink him. In the end, as many has said, as soon as you do one good drop, you have already contributed more than the enemy CV. All it takes is one good drop on some unsuspecting cruiser, and voila, your one kill is much more than he will ever achieve. (I don't recommend going for cruisers normally, but at tier V they don't have good AA and it usually only takes 2-3 torps to sink them.) Looking at OP's posts so far, I already anticipate him flaming me for not agreeing/understanding his post. Well, I had little issue with AS Bogue when I played tier V last autumn. Back then, I didn't really have a good grasp at CV play, since it was first at tier VII I figured it out. I grinded all the way to the Hakuryu, and I am on the Independence on US CV. Some will notice I played AS Bogue solely. I did this back when high tiers didn't have the defensive AA cooldown and carrier snipes were more common. I tried the AS Bogue to farm AA flags from Clear Skies, not because it was efficient. (It was mighty fun to troll people though, especielly when people are too thick-headed to figure out how to play against it.)
  4. Grovflab

    Yubari is broken.

    I had neither of those skills on my Yubari captain. Just saw a swarm of torp-bombers from a Langley, popped AA-buff and gone was 60% of his torp-planes. Good fun. Not a selling point, but still usefull for a tier with little to no AA.
  5. Grovflab

    Yubari is broken.

    Lets not forget that the Yubari brings something most other ships at tier 4 doesn't. AA power. Granted, I have limited playtime in my Yubari, but removing 60% of a Langleys main strike power in a single go is quite powerfull in my opinion. At later tiers, AA-buff prevents you from dying, at tier 4 it can almost take out an entire carriers impact on the game, if he screws up and tries to attack you. Not saying this is a total game-changer, but it is something at tier 4 people first expect at tier 6.
  6. Grovflab

    CV expectations too high?

    That is just not my experience. Granted, I haven't played many CV battles since the "AA"-patch, but those I've had, I could hardly feel the difference on my Hakuryu. Yes, that is a tier 10 carrier, but I still haven't upgraded the dive bombers, and even on those I haven't noticed anything different. Montana's and Yammies were just as easy to torp/bomb as before, you just can't goof around inside the AA range like you used to. Which kinda makes sence in my book.
  7. Grovflab

    CV expectations too high?

    Ofcourse we are left feeling useless against groupings of ships. That is exactly the strategy that is supposed to counter carriers. The more teamwork a team has, the harder it has to get for the carriers. Ofcourse, grouping up just makes ships more vulnerable to DD torps, but that is the trade-off. I think OP hits the point, too high expectations for carriers. Whole team expects you to protect them from any strikes while also spotting everything the enemy does. At the same time, they also expect you to put the hurt down, so that if you botch a single drop, you get flamed in chat for failing, because nobody understands that enemy ships, especially DD's, tend to dodge if they are paying attention. At the same time, I see carrier players expecting too much as well. Waawaaa, I can't strike against massed ships! Well then, wait for them to not be massed, and await the opportunity. Or you know, accept that massed ships means you can't do your finesse skill cross-drop like you really want to and that you just have to send all squadrons in at the same time, so some get through. Too many, especially american carriers, expect to always be able to do the old torps first, flooding, wait for repairs, send in bombers. Of course your squadrons gets decimated if you try to send them in one at a time, but if a BB can take down a squadron coming one at a time, it can only take out 75% of the strike if four squadrons hit at the same time. People ought to be more content with the alpha damage, and see the DOT's as a bonus for hitting right target.
  8. Grovflab

    What about cyclone ?

    While I dislike the solution as a fellow carrier player, you could always just shelve your planes while cyclone lasts. That said, balance-vise it might be in order to limit AA during cyclone as well? I wager those men manning the guns aren't operating at their fullest in a storm like that...
  9. Grovflab

    CV torpedo bombers bug

    Ah, we are talking about the cruiser fighter plane, not CV fighters... To be honest, I think you are being led astray here by the icon. I think, without being certain, that the game actually models all the individual planes in real time, so there might be times where the fighter is circling away to make a new attack run on the bomber planes. That, or a single, weak fighter honestly shouldn't be able to panic a full-size torpedo-bomber group. That said, I have little patience for cruisers crying over CV's killing them. Most cruisers have stellar AA, even without the defensive cooldown, and quite often they get taken out because they DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION!!! I honestly can't remember when was the last time a carrier got a full broadside strike in on me with his torpedo-bombers. Sure, one or two might hit me, especially when Im in a BB, but people who allow themselves to be hit by the "surprise, BUTT-[edited]" strikes from three waves of Taiho/Hakuryo torpedos can only blame themselves.
  10. Grovflab

    CV torpedo bombers bug

    Those fighters ought to be strafing in order to KILL the torpedo-bombers, not just normal attacking them in order to panic them. I haven't really noticed this bug myself, if it is a bug, but really, I think those fighters could be put to better use. Also, even while panicked, torpedo-bombers can still carry out devastating strikes at high tiers, since both CV and BB are so large at these tiers, and with enough torps in the water...
  11. Grovflab

    0.5.6 and carrier state

    My Amagi, which I played back in february, was evil when it came to pulling down planes. This was before the AA revamp and before we had the T4: manual control of AA. I only had the tier 1 and 4 firing training skills, mainly because my Nagato was specced for close quarter fighting, and I didn't respec when I got the Amagi. My point is, Amagi has always had very good AA, although recent changes might have made it even better.
  12. Grovflab

    Molotov....On sale

    The guns are nice, almost makes it worth it to shoot at DD's at 10+km. You can get some good citadels as well, although I haven't had a "magic" game yet, where everyone sails full broadside to you all the time.It comes with spotter plane, which means setting things on fire at 18+ km range is possible. (I might be off on the range, but quite far out taking tier 6 into concideration.
  13. Grovflab

    CV - American or Japanese

    From my point of view, having mostly played Japanese CV. (Tier X jap versus tier V American) American squadrons are larger, while japs have more squadrons in the air at the same time. American bombs and torps hit harder per individual hit, but japanese compensates with better manual aiming in my book. At later tiers, americans specialize towards dive bombers, while japanese are more about hitting hard with torps. That said, american torps are still nasty, while japanese dive bombers are still a worthy weapon, especially for the fires you can get with them. Plenty people hate the american dive bombers, feeling they are weak. I think they are wrong, since those dive bombers can be outright nasty for larger ships like carriers and battleships. American torp bombers come with a tight spread, making it easier to hit with a good broad-side strike against larger ships. Japanese torps are more spread, and can easier be dodged by smaller ships. Japs compensate by having more squadrons, and a proper cross-drop can seriously hurt a DD or cruiser. Japanese dive bombers don't hit that hard, but with manual targeting they can almost guarantee a hit, if your skills are good. To summarize, for me American CV is a more trustworthy line, where you are almost guaranteed to do some damage, while japanese is more about finesse. Japanese had a higher damage-potential in my book, but for the rookie player who resort to auto-drops, they can easily miss completely with entire strikes. Those are my opinions. Bound to be people who disagrees, but hey. Edit: Better add that while japanese have some choice between strike and air superiority setups, they have more balanced flight decks, where the americans tend to be either/or. Either americans have only fighters and a few dive-bombers, or they have (almost) no fighters at all, compensated by having even more strike planes in the air.
  14. Grovflab

    Tips for Taiho vs Essex

    Follow the fleet and don't be alone. If you can stay just behind the firing line, close enough to enjoy some AA support but far enough away to not being shot at by enemy ships, it will make his fighters job that more difficult. This is just a suggestion though, since I haven't tried being locked down in ages. In most of my games, they either ignore you or try to sink you, but lock down I haven't seen since low tiers.
  15. Grovflab

    Defensive AA consumable?

    Being at T9 with my Taiho, I can see something having to be done about the early snipe. As it is, it is almost the only viable strategy, especially in the two-carrier a side fights. However, I would like to see a change to the defensive fire ability, so it either only increases AA or causes panic, not both. I would prefer removal of panic in general, so you still have the option of carrying out a strike, but with severe losses to your planes and with a huge chance of not making a single plane get through if you mess up inside the AA bubble.