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  1. marronero

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    No no, its fine, your schedule is full as it is, i'll wait for the Yoshino skin if it ever comes to life. Thanks for your answer ^^
  2. marronero

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Would it be possible to ask for a Yoshino skin somewhere in the future? I kinda love the ship but i cant find any skin other than the tokyo game show to be that fitting and i really love your skin lines ^^
  3. Okay thanks, lets see how the games go in the future >.< It wouldnt be the first time they do something like that anyway.
  4. So, as the title says. I've been out of the game for almost 3 months, started playing again and I'd like to know if there's been some changes to pen mechanics or something because, for the last couple days i haven't been able to punish cruisers that make mistakes such as broadsiding against bbs at close range or even mid range 10-15km and being unable to cit them not even reliably but i barely manage to get a good shot nowadays, idk if its me making mistakes when shooting or what but i don't understand what's happenning.