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  1. Lobo409

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    So ... afking in ranked until you reach rank 1 is still fine? Speaking of unsportsmanlike conduct and preventing conscious players from having fun: being afk or potatoe / die first fast in a very stupid way ... isn't a problem everywhere else but just for Super League? Guess if WG would be somewhat more generous in spending containers in other game modes, this would be also a problem - but until then .. not.
  2. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    If you were saying "Well, everyone else got a present at christmas and i got only slapped in the face. But that is fine for me because 10 days later i also got a present." - then i can't wait to see what you will get next christmas. No offense.
  3. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    By now, i can only see a picture of the convoi ingame with a start date in the future, where other regions had this (if i remember correctly) since 22nd december. So we can "catch up" with other regions? Oh, and "top payers" will get something on top. Guess giving everyone a compensation to show how really sorry WG EU is just did't "felt right". TLDR of the announcement: Hey, we enabled the content we previously removed for "reasons". Just forget anything (esp. our "feedback" we gave during this time). Let's pretend this all didn't happen. M'Kay? We think it's M'Kay. If we have had the convoi in the beginning like the other servers i would have said "Wow. Thank you, Wargaming. Merry Christmas.". But now ... too little, too late.
  4. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Jeez, overlooked another thing? Guess release of Alabama CC confirmed. Will possibly smooth down next planned "Event".
  5. Lobo409

    Erste Hinweise auf den Spee-Feldzug

    Ich bezweifle, dass es ein "Lösung" geben wird. Vorallem nicht wenn die von Leuten kommt die meinen Belohnungen müssen nicht verdient sondern gekauft werden. Eher eine Mission mit 5 Flaggen als Belohnung, wenn man als T8+ in einer Runde 3 russische Schiffe (pro Team) versenkt. Alles andere, als dass WG EU über den eigenen Schatten springt, Fehler zugibt, auf die Benachteiligung gegenüber anderer Regionen verzichtet UND eine signifikante Entschädigung für all das was WG EU in diesem Jahr so gemacht hat (Hint: nix gutes) bietet, kann wenigstens ich nicht von einer Lösung sprechen.
  6. I think after these changes we will see 6+ BB per side on each battle. DD will stay in second line and don't do any spotting/objectives anymore. And cruisers .. afraid of bb and dd will always run in opposite direction radio position will point. But i have no idea how i could prove or disprove this theory in PT. Last PT in 80% of my matches half of my team stayed afk on spawn point and 1/3rd were dead in first 3 minutes (CV: 50% chance of using planes).
  7. I really can't see any problem here at this time. WG EU will decide what is best for us and remove all skills ... and put them in the premium store instead.
  8. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Wow - just Wow. An analysis of the current situation? Well, someone made a dickhead decision and someone didn't foresee the rage. Or in short: You f*cked up - again. Analysis complete. Proposed solution: We will do nothing to fix this. Maybe we will do something in the future - maybe not. Stay tuned and buy our stuff. I see, any further discussion with WG EU is useless. It's about time for WG HQ to take over in this matter - or to opt out. End of Line.
  9. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Ah, thank you for this information. Sockpuppet then. Too bad we can't have a dialog with the puppeteer.
  10. Lobo409

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    May i suggest to change your title in "Feedback Collector" because you are obviously not involved in community events. Also these statements from the other community guy wasn't really helpful. saying something like "we decided it is best for you to buy these things instead of getting it free and now go to the premium shop and buy things - but we don't want you to play at christmas - therefore no weekend bonus" wasn't really helping to calm the situation. Maybe. But WGEU intentionally made this a toxic environment - not for the first time .. also not the second. So no - it is NOT enjoyable to be treated like a milk cow and a 3rd class customer. That would sound great. Being treated with respect and on an equal level. Really a nice new years wish. But i don't think WGEU will deliver. I think we are far beyond the point an untruthful excuse and a little something as goodwill gift will fix this situation. Personally i think even enabling the santa convoy with same rewards and requirement as any other region without an additionally compensation will make us peaceful, happy and willing to pay again. It just happened too much in too short time to build up trust again - trust not to be treated like this the very next time again.