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  1. Jadefalken

    Fehler und Probleme mit 0.7.9

    1. Beschreibung Klar und deutliche Beschreibung des Problems Wenn ich mich einlogge und in den Hafen komme, stürzt das Spiel nach 10-15 Sekunden ab und ich bekomme nur eine Fehlermeldung auf der ich "ok" klicken kann, wenn ich das tue, bin ich wieder in Windows 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu reproduzieren Alle Schritte, die unternommen müssen, um den Fehler zu reproduzieren. Eigentlich nur Einloggen und warten ^^ 3. Ergebnis Was passiert genau im Spiel, wenn der Fehler auftritt? der Hafen friert ein, keine Nebengeräusche mehr, Fester geht auf mit einer Fehlermeldung von Windows. Fehlermeldung ist gespeichert als .dmp- Datei und .crash- Datei im Ordner "Crashes". Kann sie leider nicht hochladen zum zeigen... 4. Erwartetes Ergebnis Was sollte eigentlich passieren? Eigentlich sollte alles funktionieren wie bisher und ich wieder ein bisschen Schiffe fahren kann ! 5. Technische Details Ich hab gestern neue Geforce Treiber herunter geladen, aber ich denke eher es liegt an dem Patch von heute morgen. Ticket ist erstellt und im Anhang sind die dmp. und .crash Datei
  2. Jadefalken

    ..aaand Hood first week official results are out...

    I cannot agree with you, I owned the Hood and seen other players doing well with her. The problem is... new ship syndrome, where the salty people or those who just want to sink the new ship will focus you. I find the Hood pretty capable and she works very well with a Shiny Horse platoon mate.
  3. Jadefalken

    Some interesting bugs.

    Maybe you received some spaced Armour buff the keep the HE spammers at bay Never seen this and I have owned her since CBT.
  4. Jadefalken

    Radar spotting THROUGH islands

    " I should disappear again" is removed then you can have your radar nerf ! Never during this period was Radar capable of going through islands... but then again the game should not have futuristic stealth technology! where ships in sight just stealth away before your very eyes. If you want radar nerfed.. I say we remove the " I should disappear again" BS as well
  5. Jadefalken

    What is this TK penalty for?

    Hello, You would be pink for 5 battles, so seeing this replay showing you still had 4 battles labelled as a team killer means your team killing was 2 battles previous and your battle before this instance you were pink also. Any damage to allies whether that would be 1 point of ram damage would result in you have to do another 4 battles, When I went pink... 5 low tier games in CO-OP where allies do not ram you on purpose is the best way to get rid of pink name as you do not see the same play style of ramming pink players on purpose.
  6. Jadefalken

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Hey a sock would be more appreciated than a tidal wave of flags and camo
  7. Well funny, I have the Scharnhorst and I enjoy playing her aggressive... getting close... I read and read clearly what you what write and to be honest all I can make out from your constant wall of whine is " I can't play this ship how it was designed to be played! Buff this ship so I can play it my way... long range sniper"! That is all I hear.. if you do not like her how she is meant to be played then sell her! Play the IJN BB's and shoot from borders! German BB's are meant to played aggressive. Never mind... buff crying whining little kids like you will never learn to play ships correctly or stop living in your snowflake bubble wrap world... get real... and if you don't want advice or tips and fail to listen and say thank you to the people who have given you clear advice how to improve playing the ship then don't whine and cry like a toddler on the forums looking for attention!!!
  8. Maybe so if your ship can fight back... as already pointed out RN cruisers cannot do anything to take out the Forts... so Plus Forts with extended range in my games just cause BB's to go even further to the border and leave the Cruisers and DD's to fight alone... and RN cruisers really do not like being focused by the forts... trying to support DD's
  9. Jadefalken

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    19 Admiral and all I got was Camo and flags Thanks WG.... The best Christmas present you gave was making me realize I'm a free player from now on
  10. You for real???? The Scharnhorst is borderline OPED! If you cannot play it your way.... Play it how she wants to play... aka not hugging a border.. flanking and getting close to rip other ships a new one!
  11. Jadefalken

    Ship wishlist 2017

    Well personally I would love to see this ship added... But it would probably have 5km detection and given to Japan..... for Balance reasoning! But truly I would love to see this ship added in 2017 Premium Royal Navy BB.... maybe tier 8..... Famous for being the last commissioned Battle ship in the World. But if WG do implement it... give it HE also chaps!!!
  12. Jadefalken

    Remove. Radar.

    How about radar goes when your DD's and any other ship for that matter doesn't instantly disappear using alien stealth technology? Zao sneaking and spamming HE from all angles without being spotted? DD's coming within 5-6km of ship not detected?? Maybe if you want radar removed, then remove concealment also? ;)
  13. British guns do nothing to the forts, yet I have had this match 2 times while in the Neptune and Minotaur... Not pleasant as the Fort focused me both times! Remove this map option especially for people in RN cruisers who have no way to silence the forts...!
  14. Jadefalken

    Bastion Mode

    What the (beep) just happened! Was on Hotspot with the new Bastion version... I was in my Minotaur which would not damage the Forts :/ yet they were very accurate and took 5K of my health within the first few minutes of the game. Is this happening to anyone else with Royal Navy ships?
  15. Jadefalken

    Good Bye From Me

    But aver 700 of his posts have been rants about Russia... Server and SU ships... lol Back on Topic..... BlueMoon, we have certainly had our difference and heated discussion on these forums mate but it is a shame to see you leave, I do not agree with everything you stated as your reasons but we all have our differences! As others have said.... hope to see you return after a break