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  1. Trad9

    Is it too much BBQ today?

    Sure, but this is too generous , as for me...Will expect to receive random citadels in quantities tomorrow then
  2. Trad9

    Is it too much BBQ today?

    Is it just me so lucky or something really changed? Got too much fires started today. Actually never seen that many. Also other ppl confirmed having a LOT of fires started today.
  3. Trad9

    USS Massachusetts Teaser

    Just as an idea - as Alabama have that torpedo protection, then Massachusetts will have high fire resistance XD
  4. No-no-no. The anti-cruiser torp will be homing one...damn cruisers tend to maneuver , you know...
  5. Sorry, but from my humble player point of view - they doing it wrong in many ways (knowing some industry and some WG internal specifics)
  6. Trad9

    British battleships incoming

    I'm not sure whether it was posted here or not. But some official pics of british BBs
  7. Trad9

    WG 2017 plans

    Maybe they mean unguided rockets on fighter planes? That's totally WWII thing
  8. Trad9

    Night battles & severe weather

    ...and then , when sailing in your Fuso you meet Bismark at 12 km With cyclone you at least see where which ships are before it hits
  9. Trad9

    Signatures make for interesting reading

    Yeah, even despite average dmg and exp are on the rise - wr took a slight dive. Thinking about looking for or creating mod that will display players warships.today or any other rating in game so it will be possible to track balancing. Because recently it was especially harsh
  10. Sorry , it's not in one battle. It's just 30 citadels. I'll correct that in post
  11. Current big multistage missions concept is also ok if you will have non-retarded tasks there. But having in parallel small repetitive missions enforcing proper gameplay(like it was mentioned here before) with some small rewards can change the situation on server , as even potatoes will try to accomplish this tasks from battle to battle.
  12. WG EU, plz, talk to your colleagues from other regions and ask for master-class on missions or something. Example of current missions on RU (sorry for only a bit edited Google Translate - have no time to translate it normal way): In one battle Destroy 2 enemy ship. Reward: equipment "The repair team II», India Delta signal, + 50% exp Bonus to commander. Available ships: ships IV-X levels. Available modes: random and rank fights.In one battle, deal 30,000 fire damage.Reward: equipment "Emergency Team II», signal India Yankee, + 30% exp Bonus. Available ships: ships IV-X levels. Available modes: random and rank fights.In one battle call of the ship flooding the enemy. Reward: equipment "Smokegenerator II», signals Juliet Whiskey Unaone, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo. Available ships: ships IV-X levels. Available modes: random and rank fights.Hit enemy's citadel 30 times. Reward: the modernization of "steering gear. Mod. 3. Available ships: ships IV-X levels. Available modes: random and rank fights. and another one that gives +200% exp to commander in case of defeat All the missions cane be done repeatedly So....? P.S. Link to the page with missions descriptions in russian https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/action/lets_battle_in_january/
  13. Trad9

    Battleship armor layout vs IFHE breakpoints

    It's very unlikely that any of BBs will take this perk as it costs 4 pts, so you will need to sacrifice too much secondaries/AA/survivability. This skill is more viable for gunboat DDs (esp. USN)
  14. Hmm.. RU server have quite okaish missions...here we have EU office in Paris, so it may be something different than just alcohol to cause such influence on human brain