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  1. She's not. Błyskawica is Grom class.
  2. Errrm, that's actually wrong. Polish navy did, in fact, have an N-class DD, but that was ORP Piorun, not ORP Błyskawica.
  3. One option nobody here mentioned: if you play CVs, you could get Saipan. She's an overpowered spawn of hell. OF COURSE she's still a CV so not really an option for no-CVers. And she needs a 10 skillpoint captain since she's highly dependent on Air Superiority regardless of the loadout you pick.
  4. I love how hardly anybody bothers to replay to OP's whines regarding GZ - and the only thing people find worth discussing is the problem with the laggy Forum and whether people should be responsible for avoiding multi-posting or is all the blame solely on the buggy website and its operators
  5. They have different list of exceptions, but Tuccy explains that the difference is solely caused by NA having less ships available for Doublons in the first place (basically, we have some ships excluded from discount, they don't - because they are not selling them at all). You can believe Tuccy or download NA client and make the comparison for yourself (and then come here and tell us)
  6. Nah, that's unnecessary. What should happen is some hidden "reputation" stat based on how your reports were resolved. For example, to not overload the system (you need a bunch of "judges" to review every replay, after all), it would normally take more than just one player reporting to have the report reviewed. But if someone's reports prove to be consistently valid, such person's reports would be handled as more important. If, however, someone keeps reporting people for no reason? Well, for them everything could look as it always does, only after some f*ck-ups their reports would start going straight to trash, considered unworthy of anyone's attention.
  7. Smurf, you're overreacting. I mean, it's not some "buy gold" spam, it's an open clan invitation - as long as it's ONE message at the beginning of the match, what's the issue really? Chat is for talking about things. Some people complain about their previous team, some complain about current team, some poor sods try to coordinate a bit, others have something else to say entirely. Saying what amounts to "hey, my clan is recruiting" (plus a short summary of conditions) doesn't really seem like something inappropriate.
  8. I think you're wrong. Khabas don't prey on DDs - but it's not their vulnerability to torps that makes them bad DD hunters. It's the concealment. A DD hunter can live with concealment inferior to her prey, but not THAT inferior. Khaba can easily hunt down a lone DD, torps or not - she's fast, her firepower is scary, firing arcs flat and armor protects from most return fire. But getting into mid-range of enemy BBs and cruisers? And that's what Khaba needs to do EVEN BEFORE SHE MANAGES TO SPOT THE PREY. And that's if she can spot her prey at all - Khaba is lighting fast but she's spotted from so far away that the would-be prey has plenty time to turn away and start running, making Khaba's "hunt" a pointless suicide. If Khaba can get a jump on isolated, or at least hevily out-of-position enemy DD, she's pretty damn effecting at killing the latter. But that's very situational - and to "prey on DDs" you need much more consistency in being able to force a fight in the first place. THAT is what keeps Khaba from being the bane of other DDs. Vulnerability to torps is but a minor inconvenience.
  9. I was simply replying to a comment mocking the idea that "tX should be 33% in t12 matches" without realizing that t12 match isn't impossible despite lack of t11+ vessels in the game. Although, on the other hand 1. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a tX-only match and 2. Even if I had, a couple matches with only tX ships don't prove anything because MM isn't exactly forced to include ships of all permissable tiers. So, unless such matches were common (and they don't seem to be, from my experience), they don't prove much... and the MM chart provided to us officially doesn't seem to include tXII battles: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/57637-matchmaking-chart/ It only goes up to TX. It might be a mistake, but probably isn't.
  10. Here: You explicitly said that 9 out of 10 games end in your crushing defeat through annihilation (you're left with 1-2 ships, the enemy with 7-10) or points (enemy capping all caps and winning by points in 8 minutes).
  11. Actually, it would be perfectly possible. BATTLE tier is not the same as SHIP tier and while there are no SHIPS of t11+, there could be a t12 BATTLE. Basically: t9 battle: t7-9 ships. t10 battle: t8-10 ships t11 battle: t9-10 ships t12 battle: t10 ships Battles above t10 would simply mean less lower tier ships eligible for inclusion. Of course, this wouldn't solve all the problems, because various tiers are popular to varying degree... Especially t9, if I remember correctly, is played less than either t10 or t8. And t10, I think, is not played enough to let them have 12v12 matches with decent wait times. So, decent wait times require MM to drag some t9s (even less common) and t8s into the match.
  12. I'm too lazy to go and look into your stats right now, but this seeming paradox might be (without checking can't say for sure if is) explained easily by a single factor: crap t8 ships. You need to understand what the "rating" stands for. Derivative stats like these (be it PR or WTR) follow different formulas but they have one thing in common: they control for the average ship performance. Your performance (not very reliable measure since it's overely damage-focused, but let's leave this aside) is compared to the average performance of the ship. So, if you play an OP ship, you might be the decisive factor behind your teams' victories, but not getting that high of a PR because other people also tend to do better in OP ships. If, on the other hand, you play a crappy ship and pull your weight somehow, you might be getting high PR values - not because you do more than in the OP ship but because you are more ahead of average for the vessel.
  13. Akizuki is scary. She is a DD alright but she's NOTHING like the other Japanese DDs. And that scariness can manifest itself especially against careless lower tier cruisers that underestimate her for being, well, just a DD. If you are a low tier cruiser, Akizuki's high-velocity AP can land citadels on you, or at least penetrate you reliably. And when that happens... Let me just put things into perspective: Khabarovsk (the op tX gunboat of the Russians). Potential AP DPM: 249 600. Gearing (tX British DD, known for super-fast reload and, what follows, great DPM). AP DPM: 252 000. Budyonny (t6 cruiser you were sailing). AP DPM: 222 750. And then there's the Akizuki. She's slow as hell, for a t8 DD. She turns like sh*t. She has only one set of torps. Her shells lose velocity fast as the range increases and her HE requires a 4-point skill to really start doing anything to many targets (including same and higher tier DDs). But if you get close enough and with broadside flat enough that her AP will start penetrating you reliably... Her AP DPM is 272 000. That's more than many cruisers, even her tier or higher. Significantly more than Budyonny. Not far behind a Cleveland, in fact. Now imagine a t6 cruiser sailing at super-short range broadside to Cleveland that remembered that her guns can load AP too. Or, if that doesn't spark your imagination - imagine you found yourself broadside to Dmitri Donskoi. That's more or less the kind of firepower you face when you find yourself with flat broadside facing Akizuki at ranges small enough for her to get reliable penetrations and citadel hits. Believe it or not, but when you meet Akizuki and she's really close... angle. I know she's a DD. But you really, really want to angle, even if you won't be able to fire all your guns at her. Because in a straight-up gun duel, very short range, broadside to broadside, full hp, no torps... the only t6 cruiser that wins against her is Cleveland. Mostly thx to the sheer volume of HE spam disabling Akizuki's guns left and right, though - because while Akizuki's AP will pen and even citadel, Cleveland would probably have to stick to HE to avoid most of shells ending up as overpens. Basically, Akizuki has many drawbacks - but there's a reason why some people still love to play her: because she has the strong points to make up for these problems. And believe me, there is A LOT to make up with. Since we started comparing her to Budyonny - she is both slower and has a slightly worse turning circle. Despite that, she often faces the threat of torpedoes, because her main job tends to be to obliterate DDs with overwhelming firepower. But when the stars align so that she can actually get consistent pens with some citadels mixed in... woe to that poor light cruiser that thought "it's just a DD, what could she do". Because, yes. Tanking a BB might be preferable. BBs can get screwed by RNG, reload long and tend to get many overpens. 100mm AP, however, arms on tissue paper. All that said, Akizuki with her tX short range firepower is a special case and she is much less scary (to cruisers) as the range increases or the angle changes. Her shells lose speed and punch power pretty fast, making citadels anywhere beyond point-blank range very unlikely. And a bit of an angle generates a ton of bounces, forcing her to switch to HE that - while it still can hurt a lot - is much less overwhelming. And, more importantly - Akizuki is special - she's not like typical DDs and DEFINITELY not like other IJN DDs, so bringing her up in general DD context should be done carefully - it's a bit like showing Khaba as an argument that DDs aren't squishy and can have armor that mitigates incoming damage a lot. Yes, Khaba can bounce large caliber shells and stop some of the HE that hits her, but Khaba is a special case rather than a good example of what DD struggles and strong points in general are.
  14. I disagree here. While 1 for 3 trade would almost always be beneficial, even 1 for 1 trades can be winning, depending on circumstances. The most common targets to be eliminated even if it means throwing your own ship away (assuming you can, indeed eliminate your target) are usually: - the last remaining enemy DD - enemy CV (especially if your team has DD advantage and/or your own CV is dead or has no fighters left to contest air superiority) - the last enemy BB - enemy strategically placed Radar cruiser And then there are special situations where doing 400 damage can be worth losing a full hp ship (or, hell, a couple of them) - Standard Battles sometimes end up in a capping race and a suicidal ride against enemy fleet can be the action that directly guarantees victory by allowing your team to cap first. So, while 1 for 3 is almost always worth it, tactical situation can dictate the strangest trades to be viable, sometimes more than just viable.
  15. People can suck on every single map and it's not possible to make a map preventing people from sucking. Shards can also be really satisfying, though - TotD can't. TotD is a map that actively rewards camping and discourages any sort of offensive play, meaning that victory generally goes to the team more proficient in camping (that is, one that is capable of resisting the urge to do something while also positioning in a way to effectively punish any enemy that tries to do something or takes too open of a position). And while it's still the matter of skill, the gameplay itself the epitome of the static, campy gameplay people generally dislike. It's THE map where even two skilled teams produce a bad game, because it ends up a campfest due to inherent advantage this map offers to good defense over good push. To have a good, enjoyable match out of this map, you generally need both teams making bad decisions, or one team doing a bad decision (pushing) while the other being incompetent enough to not be able to punish this big mistake. And don't get me started on how inherently frustrating the DD play is on Epicenter version of this map, where you can neither push (because you'd be in a shooting range with Radar ships hidden behind islands) nor retreat (because the enemy has some poor sod sitting at their edge of the middle cap too). Basically, more often than not, you're forced to sit there and waste half the game unable to do anything other than just preventing the enemy team from gaining easy point advantage...