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  1. The problem here is that if you want to get a torpedo mission for DDs, you HAVE to make it ship-only torps because otherwise you either a) make it impossible in DDs or b) make it laughably easy in CVs CVs land many, MANY more torps per battle than DDs do. These are weak torps, they don't cause flooding nearly as often, but there is a lot of them - high tier IJN CVs don't go home with single digit torp hits while a high tier DD scoring 9 hits is pretty likely to be having a great game (even on torpedo belts of BBs 9 DD torps mean LOTS of damage).
  2. Afaik the simulation was already significantly sped up. It's ok-ish now, actually. In the beginning though... man, that was PAINFUL.
  3. Actually, you need to be at least decent to climb the top ranks, no matter how many games you play. Being bad... well, perhaps it would be possible in a couple thousand games, but I sincerely doubt that - if someone managed that, I'd actually wager that he managed to learn how to be decent in the meantime Aaand... what about that? Ranked is all about star accumulation. People play and create stars for others - by losing at irrevocable ranks or by being top loser (in both situations you don't lose a star but everyone in the opposing team still earns one). Each player getting to R1 leaves the system, taking with him his stars. Oh, and everyone starts with low-ish Rank. So, what does it mean? 1. At the beginning nobody is R1 and that lasts for some days. 2. Later the R2-5 Ranks start filling up and first people manage to win their way to R1, but you still need to wait for a long time so even the best players take a long time to climb the last couple Ranks. 3. As time passes, more and more people are propelled to top bracket, making it possible for more high-Rank matches and thus more R1 ascenders while the stars keep on flowing from the lower Ranks. When you consider all circumstances, it becomes pretty obvious that the system is set up in a way that precludes being anywhere near 50% of expected 1stRankers at 50% of Ranked Season duration elapsed. After 10% of the Season the number of accounts at R1 was likely still a 0. We can only compare the totals to other Seasons after the current one ends. And, in fact, even then we need to be cautious about the duration of both - a single week more would inflate the total number significantly.
  4. WG had a grand finale secret for us this time too! But hey. It was a chance to but a t8 premium at the exact same discount each other t8 premium was sold during the previous days. They could've sold a 5-camo bundle instead, so let's not complain when they're spoiling us
  5. Fletcher is a beast that only has one weakness: her shell arcs. Her guns are very potent otherwise, though - and in Ranked you generally don't do much long-range shooting in DDs anyway. Fletcher also has the AA to make perma-plane-spotting her costly AND a def AA consumable to save her stern from any would-be killer cross-drop (a very serious danger to DDs on t9 where AS set-up on Taiho gets 2 TB squadrons). As a torp-boat she's on par with IJN DDs and there's no t9 DD she fears in a gunfight if he stumbles upon such enemy. And if all that wasn't enough - she carries US smoke. The only five reasons that come to mind for trying to take any other DD for t9 Ranked would be - you don't have Fletcher - you really believe the SLIGHTLY better concealment of Yugumo will save you in the world of Radar BBs - you don't have Fletcher - you have and prefer Black - you don't have Fletcher
  6. Being high in your team means nothing. Especially if it's just top 3, that's "top half", nothing more. Easily doable by camping in the back in a BB (and only fighting closer range while kiting when they come for you). A DD that just torps/sits in smoke shooting (without spotting and/or contributing to the team with smoke) could also get good XP. Either of the two approaches would guarantee good position in team despite bien a loosing strategy, making you a liability to your team. So if you really do lose consistently... it might be more than just the teams that are the problem.
  7. You could probably ask Support (via support ticket) to remove your account.
  8. The stacking goes as follows: - premium multiplies with everything - first win multipliers and signals add up (so +200% for first win and +50% signal give +250%; captainXP adds too (so if you have +200% for first win and +50% captain XP you effectively only gain +250% Captain XP) - all different FREE XP multipliers add up, but they're applied to the actual XP (not the base XP), so they do multiply with all +XP bonuses What it means is that while stacking signals for XP isn't all that beneficial, it's a good idea to stack as much as you can when you want get the most of Papa Papas - every +XP bonus makes +freeXP bonuses more powerful, potentially generating truly ridiculous free XP values when you stack premium camo and all signals giving either XP or freeXP.
  9. A rock. Plants, obviously, wouldn't perform in something as easy to play as a torpboat below 50% winrate.
  10. Well, he kinda hinted towards that, didn't he? DDs are so easy to play even a plant can do it. He can't. It's pretty easy to conclude how he compares to an average plant, then.
  11. That might be because Shira is currently the best performing silver t7 DD (with her 54,23% winrate over last two weeks she's on par with premiums, slightly above Błyskawica and slightly below Lenningrad ) while Akatsuki is the worst (WG claims to have some stats that place it in the middle but any stats available to the players strongly disagree; unless someone starts directly comparing anti-dd gunboat raw damage to anti-BB torpboat). Lol. Ok, not really, but I kinda chuckled reading that load of BS, good bait.
  12. ...imagine Shima with torpedo booster. Now that would be a monster nobody wants to see. 30-torp torp-walls? No thank you. If anything, it would be interesting if Shima got a special consumable lowering her concealment for a limited time. Now THAT would be interesting - and aimed precisely at shima's biggest problem (no concealment advantage over enemy gunboats). Although I have no idea what such a consumable should be called.
  13. I think I realize it pretty well, having played over 140 Random and over 200 Ranked matches in Shiratsuyu (plus over 650 with Akizuki when we're at slow DDs). Sure, Shiratsuyu's smoke is important as a defensive measure, but her main defense is still her concealment and good positioning. Especially since - with her speed and fragility, and playing on tier where Radar makes appearance already - she really can't rely on smoke to save her stern that much. Basically, smoke or no smoke, you just shouldn't be getting caught because, yes, that tends to end badly for you. The main use of Smoke in Randoms is in the opening phase where you need it for some cap play, but as the game unfolds, you usually use the consumable for your allies or not at all. Losing smoke is painful, taking away some much needed defensive tools and versatility, but it's not the end of the world. At the same time... well, let's just say I have my doubts about whether the game needs a boat that gets away 16 torps at a time every three minutes. Not because it's as overpowered as some BB drivers will certainly claim, but because torpwalls in general aren't that well liked in this game. What WG should've done was to go the completely opposite way with their changes: they should've left the smoke (and 5s torp reload with booster) alone and, instead, focused on fiddling with TRBs cooldown to preserve both "occasional huge torpwall" and "panic button" applications of the latter while reducing its impact by forcing shira players to wait longer for the next use. Basically: nerfs to the characteristics (here: consumable cooldown) rather than sweeping changes to the ships's playstyle.
  14. From official PT notes for round 2 https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/pt-068/: For Shiratsuyu and Akizuki, we changed the preset values for the Torpedo Reload Booster by reducing the cooldown time of the standard and Premium presets down to 240 seconds and 160 seconds, respectively. Once activated, the consumable will now reload the torpedo tubes in 5 seconds
  15. There was also stealth fire removal, taking away the Yugumo strength (something to do while waiting for your torps, with potential for some fires...) But there were some very real IJN DD real buffs and more are coming. Yugumo and Kagero got better torps lately, for example. And now they're going to get a TRB that might actually be worth it to give up smoke. ...WG apparently decided that while they don't really like torpboats, they're ok with torpedo soup and want to bring it back