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  1. z52 rant

    She's still the third best (out of 6) t10 DD in the game (by WR%), right there in the middle. Other DDs dread her Hydro when it comes to capping - although this might not be the best time for here as Radars are still a bit more prevalent than they used to before US cruiser split. Nonetheless... she's a special DD that needs her own playstyle to be effective. She has powerful Hydro but pays for that with bad smoke and bad concealment. Stats suggest that she's relatively well balanced compared to other DDs.
  2. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    You could also stick to one of the IJN AA DDs (Akizuki, Kitakaze, Harugumo). I mean, every CV will then switch attention to them as first choice target, because they're so much easier to strike down than a Shima I'm sure that's what the "AA destroyer" means in Japan - the idea is to work as an active bait and take the strikes that would normally target someone else
  3. Sharks still winning?

    The first step to effect some change would be handing out emergency rewards for PLAYING FOR the Eagles, not WINNING WITH them. It doesn't matter how awesome the rewards for winning are (and right now they are neat at best) when the potentially interested people enter the game and see Eagles at +50% or +100% points due to being behind so hard. Why would they even bother as much as contemplating the promised rewards for winning when it's clear that the day goes to Sharks as always anyway? The minimum requirement for the intervention to make a difference is making sure that a person going for eagles doesn't lose out even if the result is bad.
  4. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    And I tell you, this is just not true.
  5. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    I've died to torps many times. Sometimes it's a big tactical mistake (yesterday exactly this happened to me) but sometimes all you need is bad luck - you start turning and at the worst possible moment - there comes a wall of skill, often fired either blind or at some other ship in the back. Despite these incidents, I'm pretty sure that my 60%+ solo winrate in Shima means that my skills aren't completely out of place in high tier after all. Moreover, having DD-hitting torps and NOT having them makes a big difference even if you never ever hit any DD with them. If you have such a threatening weapon, it changes the behavior of enemy gunboats that would love a piece of your Japanese stern. If nothing else - few gun-focused DDs (apart from those Hydro-equipped) are insane brave enough to try and rush Shima that tries to smoke up - it might work if you get a lucky angle but it's still a deathwish. That's the power of having torps. A DD with DW torps, on the other hand, has no such deterrence. The enemy gunboat can safely sail broadside to you. Your smokes are vulnerable to rushing. Chasing you is much safer and more comfortable. Even if DDs dying to torps are an exception rather than a rule, it really does make a significant tactical difference whether you have the DD-torping capability or not.
  6. Oh, I missed that we met I'm so glad not every match where I met a forumite yesterday was such a disaster as the time I saw @Exocet6951 the very previous match where not many things went right and my personal participation ended by making a noob mistake that ended up proving once again that shima's love for torps is one-sided (she likes only their rear side, not much a fan of meeting with their front ends ) Although I feel the need to correct you about that match we shared - I wasn't running away from any focus, I was actually trying to clear the LoF blocking obstacle to get my big scary heavy cruiser guns pointed on the two enemy DDs potatoing around D That's why I didn't even notice you greeting me in chat, was too tunnel-visioned on these damn things
  7. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Are you sure it was them joking rather than part of the explanation for what Supertesters do? It included checking how solid the islands are and/or existence of invisible rocks. And it's not the matter of believing, there are two options: 1. Server-client desync (torps and ships shown not where they are, most often seen when a non-DW torp seems to pass under ship's stern/bow or - worse - detonate despite seemingly being perfectly dodged). 2. Island model not being solid where it should (an actual torp rather than just a phantom can slip through the land in this case). The first one is much, much, MUCH more common, for obvious reasons.
  8. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    A torp just lands on the enemy deck and rolls across it until it hits something and detonates!
  9. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Torps going past their range are a different thing, they are basically torps that the client for whatever reason (probably some problems with synchronization with servers) forgot to erase properly. They don't really exist and can't hit anything, they're just... shown. There are, however, some bugs where a torp can phase through what should be solid land in certain places (just like there is water around some islands' edges where a torp detonates on seemingly nothing).
  10. Sharks still winning?

    I don't know how it looks on other servers but the current situation basically stems from the fact that you get extra rewards for winning... couple that with incentives to keep sticking with a team (at least hard enough to get 75 loyalty) and the result is obvious. The very first day people saw which team is winning and (most of them) either joined it or joined the other with intention of using the switch offer later. This excludes, of course, those with very clear preference towards the camo they want, but they are a minority. CCs are watched by a tiny minority. The log-in screen where you can see which team is losing, on the other hand... There are a couple problems here, many of them common with the infamous CotE event. The main sin is in the base idea behind the competition here: the incentive is NOT to have the team you prefer be victorious but rather to be on the team that's victorious. This, obviously, leads to people sticking with winners... Imagine a different approach. Imagine if there was only one currency (Go Navy tokens rather than Shark/Eagle tokens) and Arsenal reward section were to only open AFTER the competition. Why? Because there would be a catch: all the stuff related to the globally winning team gets discounted by 25%. As a result there wouldn't be all that "which team do I want to be for maximum rewards" stuff. No. People would have their favourite team and they'd f*cking stick to that because there would be nothing to lose by working their butt off for the underdog. And as for the underdog - there could maybe be some token reward for joining the losing team. Something small, a single consumable camo if even that much (Go Navy camos are a bit too good for that) - too little to change the mind of people who care but enough so that people who don't have a favorite end up joining the losing team and naturally balancing the scales. This way the competition would be lively, the possibility of making a comeback significant and people wouldn't be getting punished for working for the "wrong" (not winning) team.
  11. The way the filter works might be strange to you, but WG pretty much had to design it like this. You see, there are people - a small but extremely annoying minority - that get angry about ANYTHING vaguely related to the content they don't appreciate. Things like the ability to pick a camo or seeing a "get your ARP ship" mission, or the existence of an ARP ship deep in their carousel were enough for them to go batsh*t crazy. Understandably, when WG created the "I don't want to see this" filter, they just made sure to have a really hard version where everything disappears as completely as possible - to appease the haters as much as possible and have them finally shut up. Although it wasn't 100% effective since we're still getting people who are angry that space camos exist even if they themselves have them disabled and don't see them at all - they complain on principle, believing that all the resources should be committed to creation of historical content so even if they can disable the evul weeb stuff, the very act of WG creating it hurts (indirectly) the experience of people who aren't pedophiles/weebs/children/soomeotherinsultappropriatetotheoccasion (since every piece of non-historical content clearly means a piece of historical stuff that would've been created otherwise!!!).
  12. Will get a free musashi within a week

    I feel the need to point out that there is one aspect of what you're saying that isn't as clear. Musashi is t9, meaning two things: - she's a (worse) Yamato in t9 matches that don't normally have Yamatos. Her guns are an overkill against t7 ships but not necessarily so against, say, other t9s. - in t10 matches she's a (worse) Yamato that occupies the spot of t9 BB. So you can have more Yamatos than you have t10 BBs! No, but seriously - while in a t10 match, she's not the equivalent of enemy Yamato or Conqueror, she's there to outweigh the impact of enemy Izumo or Lion and her chances of doing that are certainly better than if she were a t10.
  13. Sharks still winning?

    You assume that everyone maxes out loyalty after 15 days and then switches the team. However, you literally made this thread precisely because this didn't happen, right?
  14. Sharks still winning?

    I'd add also c) a majority of players follow the "max out loyalty" strategy (focused on getting 5 loyalty every day for one team and then, with loyalty full, doing the same for the other) rather than "max out containers" strategy (focused on getting 3 loyalty+a container every day, to just barely max out one team's loyalty but pick up a bunch of extra containers along the way). Basically, even if you spend a sh*tton of time in the game (enough to get an offer every day at least) and are aware of the rules and try to calculate to maximize your rewards, you're STILL not guaranteed to pick a strategy where you suddenly switch to the other team after 15 days.
  15. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Maybe I'll read later, no time right now, but upvoted for the glorious picture