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  1. Kryppheonix

    Der Co OP Mode ist ja Witzig :D

    Wenn du Tier 10 im Coop spielst, machste derbe creditsverlust. Egal ob du 200k schaden hast oder nicht.
  2. Kryppheonix

    Credit Economy needs change!

    They just need to unlock the storage so we can sell unnecessary modules again.
  3. Kryppheonix


    Dont worry, Everybody says stats don't matter, you are surely a very good player!
  4. Kryppheonix

    Bonus EP x3

    Das ganze "Erste Win Bonus" Prinzip von WG war schon immer fürn [edited], da jedes spiel durch glück stark beeinflusst wird. In League of Legends zählt jeder Sieg unegfähr gleich viel für jeden, wodurch man dieses system dort anwenden kann, hier ist es jedoch vorprogrammiert auf frustration wenn man mal einen bonus für einen schlechten win verschwendet hat. Generell sind exp-boost über zeiträume viel flexibler zu nutzen, zb. 20% mehr xp übers wochenende. die erhöhung von x1.5 auf x3 ist übrigens equivalent zu etwa lachhafte 3k exp (vorrausgesetz das match lief natürlich perfekt für dich ab, was nicht immer der fall ist), was mit 2-3 battlen wieder drin ist. eigentlich überhaupt kein nennenswertes event, lediglich eine mini-geste. Genauso siehts aus bei 5x first win events, alle rasten aus das der bonus so hoch ist, und meinen sie können den boost heut richtig ausnutzen, realisieren dabei nicht das sie damit gerade mal nur 3 battles überspringen.
  5. Kryppheonix

    Average exp per battle

  6. Kryppheonix

    Carrier Loadouts Poll

    Dont look here, look at the Poll
  7. Kryppheonix

    Hallo MM gehts noch

    Ganz normal. Momentan sind noch zunwenige high tier spieler da, zuviele atago-spammer, und wenn dann noch leute dazukommen die mit hightiers divisionne machen.. is der MM logischerweise am [edited].
  8. Kryppheonix

    Worst Team Ever So Far

    considering there are only 12 players on a team, the 8th place is frigging bad.
  9. Kryppheonix

    My Opinion on Carrier "Opness"

    First of all, i consider myself a dedicated carrier player, altough i have found interest in Destroyers and Battleships aswell. In my opinion the biggest reason why carriers get so much negative feedback in the forums, is because almost every competetive skilled player, who seeks to achieve the greatest amounts of experience and the greatest chance for a win, currently rolls with the offensive strike-loadouts of the carriers. Since dealing staggering amounts of damage to the enemy fleet is simply more rewarding than protecting your own. Both in Fun,exp and credits This ultimatively has the side-effect that carriers seem to do overly well damage-wise, but that's just because there are no enemy fighters preventing their bombers from striking. I would LOVE to dig up my defensive Fighter-Loadout with my carriers and give the enemy CV a hard time, but even with monstrous amounts of planekills, outstanding AA cover performance, i just know that i will end up with average exp and credits. This is just demoralizing. So i end up switching to strike-loadout again. Another problem is the Ammunition on Fighters. My Lexington Fighter Squadron can kill 1 Squadron of Torpbombers and is almost out of Ammunition, so i have to return them, costing me about 90!!!! Seconds of time where the fighter is absolutly useless. in this time the enemy CV just launched another torpbomber squad, and this time there is no fighters available to disrupt them. So you failed your AA job, and since ur attack capabilities are extremely limited, you are basicly a useless member of your team, with HIGHLY restricted influence on the game. My suggestion to motivate players for a defensive carrier role is to increase the rewards for shooting down planes, and fixing the ammunition values on fighters, especially in higher tiers. Regards, Kryppheonix
  10. Kryppheonix

    Strategic Decisions

    Feedback is welcomed.
  11. Kryppheonix

    Torpedo Bombers and mountains?

    Its all totally historical accurate, stop criticising WG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /sarcasm
  12. Kryppheonix

    Making BB grouphealer?

    I also want enchantable armor, health potions, mage-class and clan-dungeons pls
  13. Kryppheonix

    Making BB grouphealer?

    Why dont we just make a MOBA out of WoWs >.>
  14. Kryppheonix

    Strategic Morale Poll Part 2

    It is very interesting to see how people are torn between warning the CV or killing the DD in the last question.
  15. Kryppheonix

    Strategic Morale Poll Part 2

    Sorry for not describing the Situations in more Detail, but i fear a Wall of Text might scare people of