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  1. Saiyko

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Yea and who plays this game? That's really not a point here Toby. You know well enough WG very explicitly advertised their lootboxes as a way to win premium ships. I don't really see any other reason to buy/try the boxes btw. And the fact that this game sells gambling boxes, with winning chances (your number is wrong - or is it?) that aren't verified or verifiable, while advertizing them with extremely immoral techniques, including to minors and gambling addicts, is exactly the reason why tiny little Belgium has said "get your illegal scummy business out of here" *awkward Belgian pride*
  2. Saiyko

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Yea this is a hard one for me. I am absolutely not against nerfing premiums, on the contrary, there's a lot of them I'd rather see changed. But seeing how they used the idea of "overpowered ships that can't be nerfed and can't be bought anymore" to lure people into buying mystery crates first, is deeply immoral. I've seen people posting on reddit claiming they spend about €1000 to get their boat (missouri most of the time), and that's only the ones willing to post that kind of tihs. Imagine doing that and some time later seeing your ship nerfed and sold again :D
  3. Saiyko

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    On reddit I saw someone posting this as his profile though: https://ru.wows-numbers.com/player/971,sir_nelson/
  4. Same, except I have DE + the other 1 pointer in exchange for TA and AR Might change with another free respec, but that's 6 weeks from now :/ edit: oh, and I also got that speshul captain with extra value for SE
  5. Funny... That was their reaction too when people said tier 8 carriers have problems when uptiered. It's almost like that entire stream was nothing but PR
  6. Als het schoentje past... (If the shoe fits)
  7. Saiyko

    the "carry harder!" thread

    no picture? Or are you talking in general, about the glorious meta that followed 0.8.0? Cause that's sad indeed. Or did your favourite cat die?
  8. Saiyko Hotfix is here

    wasn't it 0.02% ?
  9. Saiyko

    New AA mechanics explained

    This. Also, am I blind and/or stupid? I can't even tell which of those two pics is supposed to give the "red" versus the "orange" example. I guess it's the second (the one with more flak) but it's not obvious, right? Sigh. Which, combined with original post, leads me to the question: Wasn't it the idea to make CVs more popular by making it more easy? I found the RTS way more understandable: you have your high AA ships, you see active defAA immediately cause your reticle changes, etc. But this? I mean, I understand the gist (sp?) of it but I am very doubtful if the average player will be understanding these AA mechanisms.
  10. Saiyko

    Windows Function Stuck

    To be fair, from the posts of the OP (and no offense) I understood he has limited knowledge. So except for disabling a quite useless key, it would also provide info if the problem kept :)
  11. Saiyko

    Windows Function Stuck

    Err? How would you disable it "in keyboard"? The thing I provided will tell windows not to register input from the windows key. If the problem still appears you have other problems.
  12. Saiyko

    Windows Function Stuck

  13. Saiyko

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    This. They rushed 0.8.0, even though they knew - rockets vs DDs were very powerful, from your vids e.g. - apparently PTS testers did warn WG about possible abuse of f-key - they knew that haku could do very fast torp spam in succession (e.g Fara) - and whatever else but they ignored all that and brought it out in hammer mode. And then the backlash was worse than ever expected, and you can literally see in their comments they, once again, rushed with a hotfix (well, it's hot and steaming, but not a fix), which, unsurprisingly, also went full (nerf)hammerstyle. A part of me has this suspicion they do it on purpose to create drama and uproar. And if they don't actively create it, they absolutely don't care about it. Facebook and other social media have discovered this nasty truth about humankind, namely that we are attracted to nastiness and social drama. People will come to the game just out of curiosity to see what all the bs is about. A lot of days with 30k players on EU, which is significantly higher than "normal" days.
  14. Saiyko

    Russian CC Q&A with S_O

    To be fair, I understand people getting annoyed for that kind of "newspeak"/PR nonsense. Most times I can turn it off, but if not, take a sentence like " They want to improve the Karma system and make it actually mean something. However currently nothing is being developed in this regard. Very low priority for such change " which is literally nonsensical. You can't be wanting to do something and simultaneously not wanting it (which is what very low priority in actuality means). While I personally appreciate mrconway (to a certain degree), he certainly has a habit of circumventing, or hiding certain answers in vagueness, etc. I get why people would get angry after a while, and I'm sure @Exocet6951 isn't just angry for this one piece of text, but also for previous BSery.