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  1. Saiyko


    Somewhat trollish (not even the Omaha can be literally oneshotted by let's say a minsk) though I wouldn't be surprised that tier 5 is the breaking point for a lot of new players, let alone those who are foolish enough not to go for the masterrace immediately.
  2. Saiyko

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    You're pointing the wrong part of your ship towards the reds
  3. Das waar. Hoe zit het met Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde dezer dagen?
  4. I hate myself for clicking on "show post". Anyway. I have the wiki link posted next to it. I'm quite sure you can read at least the full first paragraph. This is the dumbest argument to be made in this discussion, so I'm glad you made it. Yes, a government removes choices. And yes, it's good. Can you own a gun? Maybe, I guess? Can you own an attack helicopter? No? Hmm you must be living in a fascist dictatorship too. Are you allowed to kill your own children? No? Jeez, even the Romans allowed it, your place must be so backward. Are you allowed to drive at any speed wherever you want? No? Please start the revolution now, you're being oppressed. But to be fair, simpletons like you are the exact reason why sometimes a government has to remove more personal choice than would be ideal, or we would be back to the caveman era in no time. Also, are you really trying to convince me that you are a grown adult? Anyway, always nice to talk to someone like "you people". Cheerio
  5. I understand. Just as I am bored of you trying to avoid the point, and in your sideways to the point always resort to nonsense. I didn't say anything about "(getting permission to) owning a shop". My "1. Apply to open a shop" entailed the total process of getting a location, permits, etc to buy/sell certain goods/services. Also, an empty shop without permission to do anything in it is not a shop. A shop is defined by buying/selling goods/services. Your "empty shop without permission to sell whatever" is called a location, or a room, or a place in 3D space; cause an "empty shop" is as nonsensical as a square circle. Sure, it can be so in your thoughts, just as the place where the Eifel Tower stands is a football field. Just need to remove that tower, adjust the field, install some things. That's just tiny details of course. I have no clue whatsoever why you are determined to interpret it in such a specific way; or even to focus on such a minor detail to begin with - irrelevant to the point I was trying to make, and that you, as I said earlier, avoid. I guess it's easier to just spew out snide remarks about other countries, and if a point is made in return, avoid it alltogether.
  6. ??? Are you kidding me? There is of course a semantic difference between the two, but they are logically connected. Once you meet certain legal requirements, you are permitted to do so. The process of getting the confirmation that you adhere to the requirements, is what I meant by "apply to open a shop". Checking https://www.gov.uk/set-up-business gives a manifold of rules. Maybe you meant "permit" in some stricter sense, as on the middle of that page. Whatever. --- Point you are still avoiding. - You are OK that a "real life" betting shop has to fulfill certain "legal requirements" (https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-gambling-businesses/for-gambling-businesses.aspx - You are not OK that Belgium has found transgressions in the operations of "gambling" in games, because they don't conform to normal gambling legal requirements, and has asked the developers to change it (or be punished), which makes this country unfree in your view Being Ok with one and not the other doesn't go together. Either all the rules that regulate gambling are "unfree" (so also the UK), or, if you do agree that "real" gambling should follow certain rules, you should adjust your position towards the legality of lootboxes.
  7. It's called a thought experiment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_experiment It requires thought though. It's funny that you say UK doesn't require any permissions if the first page when googling "how to open a shop in the UK" gives me https://startups.co.uk/how-to-start-a-retail-business/#regulations As said earlier, I'm Belgian, so English is only my third language. My deepest apologies not providing the correct terms. The whole point of my post was exactly that providers of gambling or betting, or whatever, do indeed have, as you yourself now say, legal requirements. This thought experiment has this purpose: WG is doing what a "betting shop" would not be allowed to do. Yup. And if they don't meet the legal requirements, they can't be sold (anymore). Hence the empty page for Belgian people who try to click on the lootbox page. As I said, I'm perfectly happy with the laws, and I'm even happier that more and more countries will follow. And to be clear, you said "lobby or move to a free country". For a citizen of one of the countries that is responsible for making the place where we are talking now, i.e. the internet, totally unfree, I find that quite ironic.
  8. I honestly can't believe what I'm reading here, or on other threads and reddit. First I was somewhat (cynically) amused, now it is just depressing. What @FooFaFie said is correct. The main reason the vast majority of players who buy lootboxes, do it, is because of their hope to get a ship, preferably high tier, even more preferably one that isn't for sale anymore. Note this should be the first sign that you're being had. WG is in the end just lying if they say "we won't sell ship X" anymore "cause balans etc". They mean: "we won't sell it for €40 anymore, but we will sell it, indirectly, and if you want a (quasi) assured chance, just give us hundreds of euro's and we don't give Jack S about balance anymore". etc. I'm just going to ignore that for now, you said it was sarcasm after all. In the end, sarcasm aside, you have a point, and a perfectly rational lawgiver would forbid it, though the main reasons not to (for now) is historicity. If Alcohol, or better, alcoholic drinks, wouldn't exist, and would be invented right here right now, there would be zero chance you would be able to sell it legally. I don't know how it goes in your "free" countries, but I had a debit card since I was 16 (maybe younger?). I'm quite sure I didn't need parental approval to activate or obtain it. --- More to the point, ie technically, for Belgium things like this are, yes, gambling, but the main factor, something you all aparrently choose to ignore, is that, if a business chooses to be active in that sector, it has to fulfil certain specific criteria. The comittee that is regulating this (so also the lootbox things) is immediately linked to the department of Justice, and checks for example the lottery - casino's and gambling devices get checked regularly to see if they fulfil certain criteria such as fairness and providing correct information. As does any other country. Wargaming (and lootbox "providers" in general) doesn't do this. You don't think it is hilarious that players have been going on for years now desperately trying to deduce the "chances" (dropratings) for those boxes? Cause we don't know what they are. Nor do we know if it is fair. Does everyone have the same chance? Do players that haven't been playing regularly get a better chance to draw them back in? Do CCs get better chances to feed the general playerbase the illusion of good chances? We don't know. (And no, I'm not saying these things are happening. But I can't say they are not happening. Only thing we have is WG's word.) What Belgium did, was saying that the same rules that apply to "real world gambling", ought to apply to "virtual ingame gambling" as well, if not, it should go out of said game. --- What ultimately I found depressing, not only here, was that you all seem to be manipulated through and through, without realising it. It seems similar to a wife defending her abusing husband, or a Stockholm syndrome patient. Yes he hits me, but it is because he loves me, and in the end it is my fault. Yes he took me hostage, but deep within he's a really good guy, and he only did it for a right cause. Yes they scammed me, and yes, technically it would be illegal in any other form, but I did it myself and trying to stop me is violating me in my fundamental human rights. Nicosia syndrome? --- Yes, our government is obnoxious in trying to protect its citizens by forcing online-ingame gambling acts into the same legal specifications as any other form of gambling... Here is something I'd like you to do, to test how "free" your country is, as opposed to the oppressive regime that is Belgium. You apply to open a shop (what? You have to apply? Ask permission? Fill in forms? How unfree. SmellsFascismMan) You hang out a sign "gambling office" You hang out a list of "possible gains" You sell tickets, without mentioning what the chances are, or what the distribution of the gains are. Oh? What now? You're not allowed to do that? Bad news, you must be living in a postcommunist neofascistoïd dictatorship as well...
  9. Technically, no. Compare it to the well known companies (Apple being a good example) (virtually) moving parts of their business to extremely low taxing countries such as Ireland, Netherlands (yea, you :P ) etc. They are not breaking the income tax law in their (original) countries, but they are circumventing it. edit:
  10. I intentionally did not make any mention of "breaking" the law.
  11. Ok. You do know there is something sketchy with you asking people to assist other people circumventing the law, right? :P
  12. Err, I'm Belgian and this law is the first thing ever that makes me proud to be from here. Lootboxes are cancer, and if the general public (=consumers) are unwilling to vote against it with their wallets (ie, stop buying them), I'm very glad that the government is talking steps and making that bs illegal. Here's my christmas wish in hoping that there will be soon many more countries that follow. And @MrFingers, you don't need to ask strangers for help, use a VPN.
  13. Saiyko

    AP bombs - a list

    Hmm let met update one of my lists too then - moved WeeVee 1941 from "wouldn't buy it for anything over €2" to "would sell it for credit when given for free" thx :D
  14. Saiyko

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    kek @El2aZeR if you please?
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    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Nice of you to do this again @lup3s! I'd like to join.