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  1. Audacious is fine. She only seems subpar cause the two others are blatantly overpowered, where Audacious, by grace of being a reworked carrier, is merely broken.
  2. Saiyko

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    When playing a game full of edit* and you get triggered, go to the next game and: - take out your favourite greifing class ship (i.e. carrier. I wholeheartedly recommend Enterprise) - pick a target and start the greifing - wait for him (or her, we are no sexists) to start venting in chat, and report for misbehaviour in chat - tell them that WG said that "they just need to adapt and get better" - see more ranting and hope for other players reporting too - go back to step 2 See? It's all about spreading the love. Edit: Language please
  3. All in the same game, I (in a smolensk) met, on the opposite team: @lup3s in his lexington, and in a div, @asalonen and @HMS_Kilinowski in DM/shima Alas, it didn't help - smolensk prevailed. As it should. I serve the soviet union.
  4. Saiyko

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Yea. "optionally"... The right answer is CV + whatever, preferably not a DD
  5. Saiyko

    Alsace needs a buff.

    Izumo is a fine ship these days. Problem with tier 9 is that it is infested with bowcamping tardships like JB & musashi and teams that always give up most of the map so those ships are never in a crossfire threat. In such a meta you need overmatch or smt that can spam HE. (or even better, some nice skypox, which loves bowcamping reversers, especially when they start raging)
  6. Saiyko

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Da tovarish. Stealth radaring cruisers with fast loading shells that hit DD easily because extremely high speed. Good good. DDs have been having the easy life for way too long now.
  7. Saiyko

    Anyone else disappointed by the Swedi... Pan-EU DD line

    Don't care about the nationalities. Do care about them not having smoke - which is the same reason I never went for the french DDs. I see a lot of ppl saying that carriers aren't that big of a problem for them in those dds, and maybe I have a wrong picture of CVs by playing them myself (and seeing the likes of @El2aZeR in action closeby), but as a matter of principle (and sanity) I refuse to play a game where the balance is a result of pure RNG (i.e. the chance of there being a cv x the chance of said cv knowing what he's doing). It's garbage game design. Also seeing them in action on streams I can't say I find them attractive.
  8. You had enough freexp to do that? That's around 3.5million freexp.
  9. Saiyko

    legal and ethics?

    Yes, indeed. It is remarkable that nobody in Star Trek TOS even mentions 9/11 anymore...
  10. The Surrey (t7) and if I had 10 tokens more, the t6 as well, though that doesn't really matter of course. Surrey seems decent at first sight.
  11. Saiyko

    What do you find anti fun?

    Maybe you should start trying to carry eh, scrub? Nice work from the atago though
  12. Saiyko

    What do you find anti fun?

    1. People refusing to play the game, ending in zero'ing out. Which should be punishable cause that's toxic anti-play. 2. Total roflstomps. My first game today: I have serious questions how people uphold their averages in certain ships (cheers to @MementoMori_6030 btw, I couldn't say hi back, eternal chatban) 3. (edited) goddamn bowcamping meta
  13. Easy to see. They had a bb that saw he was one of two top tier BBs, with barely one DD threat and only a mediocre CV threat, and said to himself: this is my chance to shine. Your top tier BBs meanwhile went searching for glue or smt. Looking at that lineup it's hard to imagine how they could be that useless (huang he outperforming both of them...) I see it all the time. My last game had one tier 9 BB on both teams (and everything else t8-7). Their soyuz was the last ship left alive, hiding near some island, where he had been sniping all game I guess. When the matchmaking gives you (and I mean, bismarck & north cal) this kind of present and you still fail to deliver, that's very very sad. But the general player has zero awareness of his own role and rather waits for someone else to do it for him.
  14. Saiyko

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    You do know those ships are all but undersold, right? Smolensk has already 1.2 million games played. By comparison: Kutuzov has 3.6 million, prinz Eugen has 1.3, that's only 100k more. JB has 2.1 million games played. Alsace has 2.3, Lion has 1.5. It's all about artificial scarceness and creating envy and mythos amongs the people who don't have those ships anymore. More than a couple among those will spend thousands of euro's/dollars on gambling with lootboxes to celebrate Jezus and world peace. After the next lootbox sale. Maybe before that she'll get a "Kremlin nerf". Something like 500 meters larger air detection.
  15. Saiyko

    Changes in the armory

    So why not just keep them for steel, so "only the people who bought it for steel will be able to play it"...?