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  1. @El2aZeR and me met @Ze_Reckless and @Mr_Tayto both , in separate games. Lost one with some help from genius DDs, won the other (no idea how) (also, using names on the forum sometimes seems to not work? ffs)
  2. Saiyko

    Credits issues

    He has 600ish games, he's quite new. I had credit problems as well then - you unlock ships quite easy on those tiers, maybe multiple ones at a time.
  3. Saiyko

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    Given the amount of time and effort it took to get the rework done (well, "done"...), there's not a chance they made up for that with their premium cv sales. That's not even accounting for something like "pr damage" done.
  4. Saiyko

    Des Moines Vs new IFHE Worcester

    Indeed. Not to mention how much more glorious the matchmaker will be when wg pumps out some more balanced tier nine boats.
  5. Saiyko

    Ingame Chat server hamsters need feeding yo

    There were times I'd never see me say this in a million years, but good for you.
  6. Saiyko

    Ingame Chat server hamsters need feeding yo

    It's simple. In the gooden days computer and console games still had some stench of nerd on them. Drove the jocks away. Until I'd say mid 2000s or so. With games becoming more and more popular, they also became more and more easy (old games most of the time didn't have the option to save anywhere), and now we are here with the "f2p" model, which in essence means the easiest mode ever: you are too stupid or too unwilling to go through the game yourself? No problem, just gib money. Overpopularization kills everything. Just look at the last few seasons of game of thrones.
  7. Saiyko

    Ingame Chat server hamsters need feeding yo

    You mean those multiplayer games from the nineties, with their spectator mode, balanced assymetric classes, and "pay once, get servers and updates for free" model? Those games?
  8. No. Couldn't even bother with benham, which seems to be a far superior DD than any french one (not to mention better than some tier ten silver DDs), so why would I even care about the french DDs at all? Not to mention the horrible grindfests, the "please read this 20 page manual to understand the missions", and the all encompassing disgust I'm having regarding the general direction this game keeps heading towards.
  9. Saiyko

    Ingame Chat server hamsters need feeding yo

    So, I never had this issue with @El2aZeR, but sometimes we have this issue when @RDYSET wants to join - he always appears offline, even when in the middle of of chatting to me. Started like 3 weeks ago iirc. Here's an example. I can't invite him of course, so we do the shaky shake. El2a and me disband, Rdy invites me, makes me commander, I invite el2a again. EeeZeeee (the "ez" isn't even hardcore sarcasm, cause I find it more ez than hoping reporting bugs to WG does anything whatsoever, so I didn't even bother.)
  10. Saiyko

    CV Rework Discussion

    No one's Ever really gone
  11. Saiyko

    CV Rework Discussion

  12. Saiyko

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    I can give it a shot if you want
  13. Marblehead is in essence a very good ship, no kidding. Put a captain with ifhe (wooster) on it, and you can do impressive damage with it. It's of course one of the floating citadel memeships, just like nurnberg, so you have to be very careful. If it wasn't for WG having raped the matchmaking for every midtier (yes that includes tier 7, I disagree heavily with @Redcap375 here), I would even recommend her, cause she can teach you a lot. If one would still be interested, get her - individually - on a sale where you can find her for less than €10. I agree 100% here though.
  14. Saiyko

    Panasia DDs voice-over?

    You're dodging the topic. C'mon, share us your opinion on Taiwan vs the motherland
  15. Saiyko

    This is not the way to develop a game

    I didn't see it earlier, but you are apparently quite new here (16 posts). Nothing wrong with that of course, but once you've gotten accustomed to the typical WG replies, you'll know that you'll never get a real answer (unless people literally freak out in the thousands, like recently with the NTC.) Any other "customer relationship" will be vagueness incorporated. At least the "passive agressive" remarks you referred to in that stream were honest in their blatant disdain.