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  1. Saiyko

    WG throws another fit?

    What a joke. "When playing low tiers randoms, ppl often play with incomplete rosters. Such could occur due to the fact that most of the activity in our game takes place at higher tiers" Uhu. And who drove all players that sometimes went low tiers away for good? Please keep putting your sentences in the passive voice, and in the conditional mood, so it might seem it was a random act of the universe that screwed up lower tiers.
  2. Saiyko

    Gems of US dds line?

    I never really understood ppl's love for the benson. I never liked it that much. The ones I did: clemson, nicolas, farragut, mahan, fletcher. If you want to "stop" as early in the line as possible, I'd say farragut. Normally I'd recommend mahan, but tier 7 gets so much +2 uptiering these days that I can't do that anymore. I hope you are aware that us DDs aren't in the best spot against CVs, but if you want to play DDs, you probably know that already.
  3. Saiyko


    I know you're being ironic, but yes, you have found out the big winner of the cv rework. Most decent CV players would rather go for an "AA cruiser" (or ("AA" lol) dd ofc) than for a BB, unless the latter is literally asking for it by being alone & quite close.
  4. Saiyko

    Steam has Desync'd from WoWs Account, Help?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sCT_Gq6j9F0b03AzUdrJoR9yktQMda0K/view included is a readme that explains what to do or look at my linux forum post that has a subsection about it
  5. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    No, I had the same problem. You have to select one at each question.
  6. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    If you would try to read that chart, you'll see three cruisers and three dds before the first CV even enters the list. I do not agree with you even closely. BB spam has been in this game like forever, and if your premise "ppl take BB cause carriers", were true they wouldn't take bismarck and Tirpitz on place 1 & 2. They take them cause the balance between cruisers & bbs at tier 8 is extremely flawed, and - given the top three ships - cause "muh secondaries so much fun". The only part you might be on point is that less people take out DDs than expected to counter said BB spam, cause indeed, cvs.
  7. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    Purely gameplay-wise there is a real conundrum indeed. One could also argue for the removal of "we won't nerf premiums" policy from WG. Remove belfast's stealth module & hydro, Take away Musashi's fighter, nerf her range and sigma, lessen her bow armour, etc etc. Financially though, it is a very decent incentive to lure ppl into buying lootboxes.
  8. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    Tell me more.
  9. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    If your word was law, what would be your solution? Remove all radar from tier 7, or give some silver t7s radar too, like @Allied_Winter suggests?
  10. Saiyko

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    Nono, you got it wrong! It was nasty carrierses that was the problem! /s
  11. Saiyko

    twitch drops how many?

    I get them quite regularly, don't ask me to put a number on it, but their content isn't that impressive, but it's still free ofc.
  12. Saiyko

    Odin is complete Trash.

    Ah, I didn't even know that, that's how much those fantasy "norse" ships interest me. But indeed, as lafeel says, it's not a lot, and iirc it's about the amount of doubloons I got for ranking out?
  13. Saiyko

    Odin is complete Trash.

    Since you can get odin for free, and given what I heard around, I believe what you are saying, except that last sentence. Tier seven is dead to me since weegee gave their most expensive tier nine BBs preferential matchmaking improved upon their already excellent matchmaking system.
  14. Saiyko

    the "carry harder!" thread

    If only you had brought a competent div mate