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  1. Saiyko

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    For those possibly wanting an alternative/complement to steam, there's also lutris. It's a small launcher, which takes cares of the wine/dxvk/... layers, and is in general more up to date than steam. You can get the launcher on https://lutris.net/ and then search for the game you want in the client or on the website, for example the launcher: https://lutris.net/games/wargaming-game-center/ (where you would click on the EU dxvk version).
  2. Saiyko

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    Very good reason. Vast (and I mean vaaast) majority of this playerbase is inept. And WG refuses to help out. Anyway, I took a decent break myself, and for now only interrupted since yesterday, when I saw t8 ranked allows CVs. So I can use a little banned ship to spread my love for the playerbase, in the form of little hearts and cupid's arrows coming down from heavens high.
  3. They can use those tanks for something else too (i do love that pic so hard)
  4. Saiyko

    CV Rework Discussion

    Nah, they just need the space for the upcoming 400 page long submarine garbage bin discussion thread.
  5. Saiyko

    CV Rework Discussion

    Err? Really? You can't be that naive, can you? One Boat to rule them all, One Boat to find them, One Boat to bring them all and in the darkness bind them This is certainly some part of the reason. First you create the problem, then you sell the solution. Friesland is a good example of that.
  6. Saiyko

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    Dude. We were talking about Ark royal from the start :P
  7. Saiyko

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    We are still talking about Ark royal, yea? :P Anyway, what do you think makes her better/easier than the other (silver) t6 carriers then, if only to help marvin here.
  8. Saiyko

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    You seeing a lot of t8?
  9. Saiyko

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    I did a handful of games in testing, and unless they did some major changes to it: no, it isn't a good boat & it won't give you easy purple numbers. Another thing that might cause me to be wrong here is that of course the matchmaker has changed. Still, I found the entire experience to be bad: excruciating SLOW planes, tier 4s (except the rocket planes), although the alpha on the torp planes was ok. Though my experience on t6 cvs is limited, I'm gonna speculate ryujo is (far) superior. I also remember @El2aZeR doing some ranger games and he did decent with her. She might (?) be equivalent to furious.
  10. Saiyko

    Tier 4 CV sealclubbing has to STOP!

    Which smells like pure genius, cause that's a butload of new CV players, who are now convinced that they are skygods, who might be interested in buying a premium CV. The sell of which until now can impossible have compensated for the costs of the rework.
  11. Saiyko

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    Correct. Also Friesland (unless they removed that when it went live - don't have it)
  12. Saiyko

    CV Rework Discussion

    We are in the 21st century guys, don't use such negativisms as "removed" or "gone". Be cheerful and hopeful. Instead use "soon available in a lootbox near you!"
  13. I'm gonna guess that (for some reason...) the RU forums don't really complain about them that much, so WG doesn't care. And regarding the other servers, including us, well, we are biased against RU ships according to SubO, so our opinion counts even less.
  14. Saiyko

    T5~CV~Time to farm XP and Coins

    http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0172%3Atext%3DSoph.%3Asection%3D261b Incredible! That list has actual real quotes as well!