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  1. I really hope I never have to use them tbh. Sounds like they are playing for fun...
  2. I grinded through Wyoming & New York around april. I found them to be quite ok, even the NY in which I saw t7 almost exclusively. Though I must admit I wouldn't want to grind them atm, with those idiotic "leftclick to set enemy on fire" new BBs. I find it more than ironic that the brits were supposed to counter bow-on meta, while they themselves seem to be ideal for bow-on reverse while setting the world on fire. (and yea, that's maybe not the best way to use them, but I don't think even 10% of the ships in game are properly used) I wouldn't want to grind any low/mid tier line at the moment. Phoenix as well I found an extremely nice ship to play. The others I can't really comment. Myogi has always been a piece of sht anyhow. @Reaper_JackGBR , for the rest I think I agree with about 99% of your statements. Very good of you to make an antithesis of the bbingo card. Cheers.
  3. EVEN in chapayev
  4. class report ;)
  5. No idea where my copy has gone, but really interested though. Going back in time 15 years...
  6. This. A whole lot of high tier maps are indeed obnoxious, but play a few high tiers on haven (which is cover-heavy) and there too you will see yamato's and bismarcks running towards the border.
  7. Not as sad as not knowing pathetic and sad are synonyms I guess...
  8. If that sacrifice is engine boost, that is a nobrainer. You have to "sacrifice" speed boost on us dds as well if you want defAA... (though I still see some fletchers/gearings running speedboost ) I disagree because 10/etc seconds is more than enough to get half your health taken away, or more if a fracking BB gets "lucky". More so I disagree because radar is already too omnipresent in this game, and should be a cruiser perk only. But yea. Radar for anti-DD, torps for anti-cruiser. Come on WG, you forgot north-cal like Anti Air with defAA? Don't disappoint us. Or are you guys trying to be subtle?
  9. Cause you like blowing the horn?
  10. Big Bruce fan here, but this cover version, omg
  11. Because that would only attract the most sadomasochistic gents out there...
  12. ^^
  13. Don't really think it has smt to do with missions or the like. I first noticed it while grinding maass about 6 weeks ago, a lot more tier 9 then typical for tier 7s. Now I have the same while grinding minsk, which uptiers extremely bad. Just had a game with over 250 hits, 3 fires, about 55k dmg. Most of the shells just shatter on any bb. Really not looking forward to continue pensa grind. I've heard they "fixed" tier 5/6, so that would explain a lot.