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  1. Yes, with that second class being cruisers. DDs is 15%. Those 31 were 1 BB det, 5/6 cruisers, rest DDs. And I do run the flags on high tier DDs...
  2. 10 pts for the concealment I get (PT+EM+SI+CE), but which other (10+/14+) skills are you thinking about she would need that hard? Just curious.
  3. BB on fire every second salvo (which, as my zao can testify, is so far from the truth) and getting insta deleted even by non-hits is exactly the same, right? The example made me think of smt, so let me be that guy (cause, frankly, I am): FireRM Mostly plays battleships Yeah. Cause your main class gets instadeleted about 5% of the frequency as DDs, you go tell them to stop whining & grow a pair. Cute.
  4. I am aware of confirmation bias, and it certainly is smt to look out for. The "80%" I gave of course isn't the exact percentage, and slightly (or quite some) exagerated. The recent chapayev grind though is not a lie; I did it in quite a short period & kept a count of the matches where I was top tier. Since I might have been off by 1 or 2 I kept it as "100% less than ten" - but in the end that is a horrific percentage. The two other tiers (5/6) I play too rarely, but those numbers should be quite depressing as well just because they don't see -2/+2 like the other tiers. Which is too bad since there are some ships I quite like there (marblehead, degrasse, nurnberg etc). Again, not saying they can't hold their own when uptiered, or that being uptiered is bad at all, but trop is too much & too much is trop... I heard flamu say on his stream it is for him the reason as well he doesn't (or barely?) touch his favourite ships at those tiers anymore - and there are probably a lot more people like that. (You are probably right as well regarding shiptype. Given I'm speaking about cruisers, it isn't only about seeing tier +2 ships so many times, but of course also combined with seeing 5 red BBs so often/about every time (here it isn't bias to say it is more than 90% of the time, is it...?))
  5. I was talking specific about cruisers in tier 5 - 6 - 8. E.g. in my recent chapayev grind I'm 100% sure out of the 39 games less than ten were in tier 8. Sure I didn't take notes for every ship, but you can always play let's say 100 games in the given tiers & shiptype and enlighten us with more objective numbers.
  6. That really is unfair and not what he is saying. I'm quite sure he, as many other ppl, would be way more happy with the matchmaker if there was about an even chance to being downtiered as being uptiered. Even with the scale being in favor as to being uptiered, but not the 80% of that happening you see at certain tiers/with certain shiptypes.
  7. Well, because I'm almost at the end of my tashkent grind and I sent a nice mail to WG that I expected something nice of them.
  8. Since when is that then? I didn't get that letter. I'm probably not decent enough. Serious, wait until you meet a "decent " cv player who notices your cruiser doesn't run defensive, you might rethink. And you'll probably be closer to the frontline than most bbs... If there would be a reason not to take defensive, it's that carriers are somewhat rare. Wouldn't make it the best advice, ask that friendly zao who ran hydro for some reason and met an - incredibly bad - leftclicker (aka gz)...
  9. Needed five (!) games for a daily win in Algérie, all five on standard bs. I took two of them after I died. BBs kept running of course even when base was being capped.
  10. To be honest, it is nice he indicates he is from the derp clan...
  11. Addendum I played two more games in algerie That's 5 algérie games ALL standard bullcrap...
  12. Ahh, sorry, my mistake then. I apologize. But you don't need my permission to do that, just go ahead. I do wonder why nobody from WG itself started a thread about it tbh and instead limited it to reddit.
  13. As should be obvious, I didn't start a new thread because of it. It was a reply to @MortenTardo's remark about some maps, which, as the reddit post indicates, might get a rework. What the hell is going on with people's reading skills?
  14. ?
  15. There is "good news" on that front, see Though I can't decide whether to find his way of writing hilarious or infuriating because of its utterly PR indoctrinated way of writing. E.g. "What I've been told are the things like "high tier maps favor BBs", "high tier maps lack cover", "high tier maps promote camping and passive play" --> Mind how he does his best to describe these "things" as purely opinions and not as fact. Also it makes me agree with all those ppl accusing WG of not playing their own game. Also notice that he doesn't promise any real actions, so it might be just a case of creating goodwill.