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  1. Ok, second try. Look at glorious rabbitu with sexy little tail. Me so love longtime.
  2. So this BS is all about unattainable women who also incarnate as ships, right? Time to ask WG for the RM Cristina Scabbia I guess (Just trying to blend in )
  3. Aren't most bbs not already fapping themselves?
  4. One tip in this game: if you (as dd or cl/ca) have done your best & did nothing wrong, ignore EVERYTHING battlesheep drivers throw at you. (Or, if you like to get chatbanned like me, tell him to go cap himself, or tell him that if he wants smoke or a stealthier ship, he should drive a dd himself) edit: the "teamplay" in this game is just a PR term btw
  5. Lo Yang IS the Benson
  6. meh, too vague a formula something like IF WR=46% & KeyVehicle=Tirpitz & FreeXPmostSilverBBs=True & SurvivabilityInBBs/WR>1 THEN println(" Derpitz confirmed "); you see, now it's not elitist, just valid. The BBaby who always snipes at max range is just an interpretation, though very plausible...
  7. "Hardest effed in the *ss by matchmaking prize 2017" goes to this new Orleans imho.
  8. Given points, they lose anyhow. Only chance to win for them is not to have chased you from the beginning. But try to explain that to poor braindamaged lads. And this is why I have gotten to hate this map with a passion.
  9. About all of em. The 100%'s I got were pathetic (kutuzov 22k.......) because either we had all the caps in 2 minutes, half enemy team died in double that time or EVERY effing enemy ran straight towards the farthest border the moment they were spotted. (and variations thereof - especially fun when in DD: you kill enemy dd, cap, we have other cap as well, enemy says "screw you guys, I'm going home") Here is just one example See that enemy Amagi? did nothing but run north since spotted. Now he is - I KID NOT - running from my atlanta div mate Their entire team didn't try to go for objective a single time. Luckily for my dmg they could get some kills.
  10. You mean you can't move at a certain point when running away after you saw that first enemy ship? Not an island, is an invisible wall at the border. Just so you know. (And after the horrors I have seen today: [edited]all BB players o so hard, and stop buffing their ffing ships because they don't use it for anything anyhow. Jeez.)
  11. You have this thing where you keep arguing about good players doing well in cruisers. But WG doesn't look at fracking good players when balancing bbs, do they? When just looking at the numbers, here's some stats: (warships.today) Kutuzov: avg dmg: 46k versus Bismarck: 59k versus north cal 52k versus alabama 59k versus amagi 58k. That's taking the (indeed OP) ship that has been mentioned a lot here. So where's the problem when taking real averages in account? My point: if WG is allowed to balance™ BBs around the "performance" of the average windowlicker, so it should for other ships. I don't understand why it always have to be non-BBs who have to "learn to adapt" (to all the nerfs to them) while BBs just get buffed/get some extra perk whenever there's a (perceived) weakness to them.
  12. Please don't mock this guy. If more like him complained WG would think twice about those smoke thingies.
  13. They fixed MM? I didn't get that letter.
  14. So 1. belfast & kutuzov are on sale, and a little while later 2. nerf 'em into oblivion Well played. Well played.
  15. "lemmings" comes from: