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  1. Year preview 2018

    SubOctavian told us (Yea I know, don't believe anything he says...)
  2. Dont call GF and mess in the port at the same time

    Hope it will comfort you, but The expanse is excellent
  3. Year preview 2018

    You forgot, somewhere this year we would be seeing fix of BB AP on DD...
  4. Manual drop not working [NOT tier 4-5]

    Could it be related to guns not firing when leftclick? I've been having that a lot lately.
  5. WG - Please don't have me play with people like this

    Don't understand the comment. It smells fishy though. Anyway, Algerian doesn't exist.
  6. About the Conqueror

    Exactly. I just saw the notice, but luckily I don't need to respond to those outragious claims myself. I think he needs the seal for the entire statement tbh.
  7. About the Conqueror

    Because those ships are actually quite balanced?
  8. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    No sh1t Sherlock. Why not just go triple belfast? You know, for balance...
  9. The tests (and nothing more than that) caused an enormous upheaval with the bbabies, so the idea was (of course) immediately thrown away. I'd like it to be in the game as well. There is nothing but bowcampers anymore sometimes it seems. I've even seen bbs that have no benefit at all doing that, bowreversing, such as nagato, friedrich, etc. (not to mention I even see idiots in cruisers trying it in things like schors or hinden... like wtf)
  10. To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    No Plural = Tirpitzes, so possessive is Tirpitzes' or just, "the AA of the Tirpitz"? ;)
  11. Also notable: red BBs have taken their brave pills...
  12. To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    Both are allowed, but if I'm not mistaken, these days one would prefer to add the " 's " because it conforms to the pronunciation [tirpitzes]
  13. Yes, they do it because they want to be truthful to history. Good to know.
  14. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    Aoba is a great ship. What don't you like? Hipper bow protects against German tier 8 bbs, true. But trust me, tier 8 ships won't be your problem...
  15. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    While I dislike Yorck as well, I still prefer it to hipper. At least Yorck has very workable HE.