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  1. what kind of pussy are you, being afraid of two games in pink?
  2. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    1 ship from an ingame SC (degrasse) buttload of ships from the santa crates
  3. In cruisers that I like to play - hinden, zao - it feels like a lottery as to which quality of DDs I'll have. I probably started too late, but most DDs seem to be useless beyond belief. So atm I resorted to going z52, and even though I like the ship and can win a lot, it is frustrating, cause I almost never hold my star on a loss. And yeah, that includes capping multiple times and killing DDs. Don't forget that because of 7 person team every ship is more important than in randoms, not to mention it is a tier 10 ship, the loss of which is extremely hard to compensate. Getting your only radar blapped in the 4th minute, while the enemy still has two left is something that is almost impossible to come back from. (I know, coordinated pressure on the right spot could compensate. Hah.) Good coordination? I can only dream of that. For now I am just happy not to see some shima rush into C cap in north, and then smoke up when radared by the o so unsuspected des moines. No, not kidding. Here's a ranked team. (upper stats = for that particular ship, bottom the general stats) You think it is one example? Not even close. Try it for yourself if you want (and dare). You think they're all perma rank 10. Nop, some of those reddies were r8 and 7. Thanks WG for irrevokable rank 10 (and way too rewarding economy)! You the best...
  4. New line/nation to work on?

    US carriers edit: the serious answer: PA DDs
  5. Yea, Eddy secondaries are quite reasonable as well. Also, what the hell happened with you guys in kots? I saw your game. Did you just go in for the ro32 rewards and went for a break after that?
  6. WG... can we please stop this.....

    Yea. High tier economics need a reform. Idiots doing nothing should be punished creditwise very hard. Very decent games should just break even.
  7. You discard the kiev that fast? Yee of little faith.
  8. Z39 in Shop

    Well at least she's in prison now
  9. Missions thanks for nothing

    No.. I had those nice memory-delete people from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind come over. Sweet sweet oblivion.
  10. Unique Achievements

    I feel stupid, but it isn't... I don't understand. What's the purpose of your post?
  11. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    No you're not. Non-native English speaker here myself, and it was more than obvious. Some people just went over it way too fast, and/or read what they wanted to read, which is excusable. Stating that it is too hard to find the irony/sarcasm in @zengaze's text because of language barriers is utterly laughable though.
  12. Proposal

    Too much German beer can make people thing very weird things.
  13. Proposal

    Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. Germans wish to improve themselves. Germans will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to their own. Your culture will adapt to service theirs.
  14. Proposal

    You get a and a for, despite living in Germany for a while now, still not having grasped the exquisite virtue of literalness.