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  1. defender128

    Battle of the Beasts

    You are all so preoccupied with how to, that you didn't stop and think you don't have to. It's not like the rewards are worth anything anyway. Skip for me. Ain't nobody got time for that
  2. defender128

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    I know it's too much to include all the reworked effects in this article but I really hope you reworked sinking animations as well and added different animations for destruction. Because those two needed reworking the most. For example it's weird to ram the ship and the explosion is the same as if it was destroyed by a shell. And sinking animations are just bad and twitchy now so I hope they will be better also.
  3. defender128

    Leone in the Armory and Premium Shop

    800+ days in development and all I can say about this ship is HAHAHAHAHAHHA, no.
  4. defender128

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    So as someone before mentioned the amount of doubloons needed I did a quick maths. If you obtain every possible free token, that is: Grind directives, collect all free bundles in armory, watch streams and do missions, use your recruitment points for 1k tokens. So 12.000 total tokens. You still need 35.200 tokens. So you have to buy bundles. With the best RNG you need to buy 43 random bundles, which will cost you 64.500 doubloons. Which is around 212 €. Yea you don't get just perma camos, you get: Permacamos for Andrea Doria, Caracciolo, Veneto, Lepanto and Colombo Silver ships: Dante Alighieri, Cavour, Andrea Doria, Caracciolo, Veneto Two 10 point commanders (plus one 6 point one and some 3-pointers lol) ~264 signals ~357 camos 38 400 coal 96 000 XP 9 mil credits 1 day of premium 4 port slots 50 doubloons So if you would want all rewards on the list it will cost you 212€ at minimum. Don't forget, this is after you busted your [edited]grinding directives, missions, opened all free bundles. You are not guaranteed Lepanto since this is calculated as if you had the best RNG and got tokens in all bundles (no ship one). And you don't even get a Colombo either. I just want to say that pricing combined with the levels of grinding has kind of gotten insane in this game.
  5. defender128

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    So, the argument about not giving free respecs anymore to players who participated in clan battles was that CVs are now allowed in this game mode, so we can use same builds as in randoms (which we know is not true btw). Based on this WG's statement, this upcoming season (no CVs) it would be only logical and fair that we get free commander respecs again, right?
  6. defender128

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Hm I don't see any reason to go to silver let alone gold league. The reward gain in comparison to a lot more grinding is not worth it. On paper it may not look so bad but there is a lot less irrevocable ranks than previous season, even in bronze. So even if there is only 50% more stars, that does not mean only 50% more grind because you lose stars more. Bronze league looks doable, the other two, not so much. Because constantly grinding ranked for 3 months straight next to playing random and clan battles seems too much.
  7. defender128

    Naval History in Photos: Navy Mascots

    Piggybank ahem, maybe some kind of bear since they are based in St. Petersburg
  8. defender128

    Dry Dock: Vanguard

    Because Vanguard in this game has a misfortune of being actually built IRL. So WG didn't just make up her stats to the extent they can for those crazy proposed projects, some of which would be impossible to realize in reality (for whichever reason).
  9. defender128

    Results — Operation: Red, White and Blue Steel

    The rewards are laughable and the ships are garbage
  10. defender128

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    You have pegi 7 rating and you are using "business model" which fills buyer with empty promises of getting premium ships of all sorts, yet doesn't mention that there is a list of ships that get dropped first?? I mean gambling is one, but rigged gambling? is that even legal? I very much doubt so. Everyone please tell others that these gambling boxes are nothing but an expensive scam.
  11. defender128

    Public Test of Update 0.9.10: Round 2

    Ok, I see. still no "PT seasons". I won't bother then.
  12. defender128

    Public Test of Update 0.9.9: Round 2

    Wait, no more PTS seasons missions? Looks like I bothered installing PTS for nothing this time, because I sure won't be playing it.
  13. defender128

    WoWS x Transformers. More than meets the eye!

    Exactly, me too. Why this dumb RNG containers, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Just let me buy the one I want, or better complete some missions for it, and partly discount the price that way. In this case I would buy it, but like this? Hell no.
  14. defender128

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    Should've left all paper ships out of comparison, as this is just imagination. I can draw a mega dreadnought that will be 10 times bigger than everything, but will be completely unusable. But that doesn't make it the most powerful ship, it's just a plan. By that logic, Death Star should be the most powerful, as it is just as real as Kremlin
  15. defender128

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Oh my god, leave the guy alone. What kind of moderator are you? He bought your company's crap boxes and got basically nothing from it, because you won't even tell the odds. And then you go and rub it in his face with your smug comments like yea you got crap, but ships are there, others got them. How do you think this makes him feel? And even "you knew what you are buying". No he didn't, wtf. Don't you get that this is the main problem with this "sale". Sometimes your attitude towards (paying) costumers is unbelievable.