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  1. Blastmaster1972

    No weekend doubles?

    Logged in to the game this morning, and was surprised to see the "+50%" bonus on each ship instead of the normal weekend "+100%"... Did somebody forget to switch it on?
  2. Blastmaster1972

    Torpedo tubes discrimination

    Who cares. It's fun!
  3. Blastmaster1972

    Game will die

    We are all going to die.
  4. Blastmaster1972

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I "one shotted" a Tirpitz today. It was... glorious! I was in a Tirpitz myself, and the enemy Tirpitz was spotted at the outer limit of my gun range. Took a shot, not even expecting to hit... and BOOM! Tirpitz destroyed, 69300 damage with one hit.
  5. Blastmaster1972


    No hablo Espagnol.
  6. Blastmaster1972

    V Krasny Krym, what do we know about her....

    Meh. I already have the Murmansk and the Molotov, I think I'll pass on this one. A tier V or IV German premium cruiser would come in handy though...
  7. Blastmaster1972

    Premium ship captains

    OK. I decided to try it out. Bought a Sampson, with a captain trained for 1 skill point (credits). Switched him to my captainless Sims. No problem. Put him back in the Sampson. No problem. So it DOES work as a crew trainer. ;) Anyway, thanks for the replies!
  8. Blastmaster1972

    Premium ship captains

    Now I'm confused. Some people say you can't put him back, other people say you can put him back without retraining. Is there some kind of (semi) official tutorial about this?
  9. Blastmaster1972

    Premium ship captains

    Double post
  10. Blastmaster1972

    Premium ship captains

    That's what I was thinking, and that's why I asked... so the premium ships are not really "crew trainers" like the premium tanks in WOT then?
  11. Blastmaster1972

    Premium ship captains

    Even though I'm not really a "newcomer", I do have a beginner's question! So I buy a premium ship, let's say an American cruiser, the Marblehead. I decide to put my cruiser captain with the most skills in this premium cruiser, I take him from my Omaha. So far so good, no problem. Can I put that captain back in the Omaha without penalty/retraining? Or in other words, can I switch him back and forth between the Marblehead and the Omaha?
  12. Blastmaster1972

    Secondary batteries

    Simple question: How do you prevent secondary batteries from firing at friendlies? What happened was that I was sailing close to a friendly cruiser, and we were both quite close to some enemies. I held my fire because I didn't want to hit a friendly, and got the friendly fire warning anyway. Which can only mean that it was caused by the secondary batteries....
  13. Blastmaster1972

    Please play some more RTS before playing World of Warships

    What's a SICCOR?
  14. Blastmaster1972

    Cartoon ships

    They will go away, eventually... ;)