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  1. The___Flying___Dutchman

    Free comunity contribuer crate if you brake the code pleas leave the sulution and thank ICG

    how did you get it?
  2. this is the code: 1c$sE2)I-X1bgjJ1bpmE1.3u[2*j#T1dX#Y1.3rf1c@-H2)R6L here is a link to ICG twiter: https://twitter.com/iChaseGaming please leave the solution below
  3. The___Flying___Dutchman

    why is there no kraken achivement in CW

    oke but at least thay shoold give you some flags
  4. The___Flying___Dutchman

    why is there no kraken achivement in CW

    dear WG, last evning i was playing CW and i got 5 killes, but i did not get the kraken achivement and rewords. i woold like to know why this is. kind regarts, Ruud van Stralen (pleas note that i am dislectic so that is why my spelling is bad)
  5. The___Flying___Dutchman

    PEC clan Recruitment

    hello Readers. I am one of the 3 deputy comanders from the clan PEC. We are looking for new members to join in our clan. We are PEC (Penguin European Coalition) are a sub-clan here on EU, made by the well known content creator IChaseGaming on the Na server. We are looking for players with a minimum of 500 battles and a tier 8 ship. If you meet these requirements please contact me, cura5000 or Naval Warlord on This discord: discord.gg/ichasegaming (just copy and paste the link in your browser) My name in the discord server is des moins best CA please send me, cura5000 or Naval Warlord an @ or PM us. And don't forget to say that you are interested to join the clan.(when Sending a PM) Good luck and fair seas.
  6. The___Flying___Dutchman

    i got the api battleship wrong

    can i do something about it