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  1. Barkeley

    Calendar for August

    Weekend Special: japanese fleet. I was expecting the japanese premium carrier to be back in the premium shop as I missed it when it was out, and it is not. I don't understand why she's not permanently there like the american premium carrier.
  2. May be I missed something about the minimap mode: I undertand the dot line is the firing limit but what are the plain white and yellow circles?
  3. Barkeley

    German Cruisers

    Played both a bit. Fail to see how Koningsberg is any significantly better, considering she's playing in a +1 Tier. For me, both are close to crap. e.g. both HE damage = 1700 , just ridiculous.
  4. Barkeley

    Crashes at the end of a game.

    Repeatedly, at the end of a game waiting for credit results, my screen freezes and I get disconnected. Trying to reconnect won't work (connecting to server error) and I have to close the game and restart. Of course I lose the battle report but credit points are there. No other crash but in these specific circumstances. No message error but to get disconnected.
  5. This test is unplayable now. I finish a game once out of 5. The official beta is just fine, so it's not me.
  6. Barkeley

    Afk player timer and or issue at hand

    It's beta, far from perfect. It happens to me too, to be disconnected and when I reconnect I am back at the port and my ship is still in the game but I can do nothing with her. Until it will be secured at some acceptable point like in WoT (where I don't see as many "AFK") , let's be sure to make the difference between AFK and AFS (away from server) before blaming players.
  7. Barkeley

    Buying Signals for credits, Not working

    This is very confusing. Even with the 0.4 you can't resupply with credits when the help file ingame says you can.
  8. Barkeley

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    In the settings, lines to define keys for port and starboard (hard as well as none hard) are mixed up.
  9. Barkeley

    Well, Patch 0.4.0. just killed my install

    Right. Removing the mods make it works again.
  10. Barkeley

    Well, Patch 0.4.0. just killed my install

    About the same problem: I loaded 0.4.0 yesterday, this morning it somewhat works well, meaning it just says that I can't connect to the server (I guess it has not started yet). However, on the CBT version, all was fine last evening, this morning I got a small update and then it won't work with the same symptoms as you. I'm not sure it is related to the 0.4.0 but to this morning update of the CBT version.