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    Proud alpha tester and loyal captain!.

    My greatest interest is walking my lovely doggies and feeling the fresh air when i get up every morning.


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  1. If you see me in the game i can assure you 99% of the time i will be playing the mighty tirpitz!.

    1. Outlawz0111


      Basically a better bismark so watch out!.

  2. Honour and Glory of Japanese Imperial Fleet!!!.

  3. On the road to the tier 10 Japanese DD. Almost done 200 battles in the CBt proud captain!.

  4. Peoples opinions matter the most. I love this forum because it has so many unique individuals amongst it.

  5. Im also happy and as I said, we were both accepted simultaneously :) I shall raise a toast in your honor as well sir! :D

  6. I'm happy that you got into the alpha test mate and i wish you luck and will certainly raise a glass for you tonight :).

  7. I noticed you have the title "Master Pirate" ?. I'm very curious what that encites you to be haha have a great day.

    1. imply_tha_best


      An Alpha reward. Sorry i cant really tell much more, as im not sure if this would break the NDA.

    2. Outlawz0111


      Not a problem thank you.

  8. Crossing Fingers CBT comes in a few months!.

  9. Hi tuccy, could you please read my private message its quite important cheers!.

    1. Outlawz0111


      Sent you a second message tuccy i saw you read the first one cheers!.