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    My greatest interest is walking my lovely doggies and feeling the fresh air when i get up every morning.


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  1. Outlawz0111

    Credits issues

    Pretty sure you are up to scratch on the credits issues as many people have contributed to helping you but i just wanted to quickly pitch in. I have strictly been playing operation aegis and have been making a good profit without a premium account, but if you do indeed get a bad team those profits will quickly turn into a minus if you get a defeat, unless you managed to do very well in my case over 100k damage and carrying hard only got me 623 measly credits for that defeat although not sure maybe a bit more credits but still my contribution was not fairly awarded. I was using my tier 6 japanese cruiser the aoba for the majority of the time and i had two rentals the graf spee and the warspite, both of which didn't really impress me but still gave a profit. If you can put up with the great european randoms of which i will not then i would actually recommend you do those more but expect to go up against seasoned veterans and endure some horrific teams . Final verdict is if you want PVE fun and wish to make a good profit in tier 6's you really can not go wrong with operations. Just make sure to rack up the damage and help your team out along the way. Take care cheers .
  2. KMS Tirpitz no question about that. She is just a marvel of german engineering.
  3. I'm not sure if many agree with me but having each match infested with higher tier destroyers is becoming very frustrating indeed. I'm not sure im going to stick around much longer playing world of warships as it would appear every time i return after some months theirs a new meta that's potentially breaking game balance. I would like to make it perfectly clear destroyers are not OP, its simply the amount of them every match is turning games into pure frustration for me. I think most has been mentioned already, but i am hoping wargaming find some fix or common ground. I really do love this game and its developers, supertesters, and everyone else!, but something needs doing about this chaps . I bid you farewell, i shall be getting torpedoed in my poor tirpitz by infested matches of destroyers .
  4. Outlawz0111

    too many dds ?

    I am somewhat frustrated with the amount of destroyers in matches i must admit. The meta has shifted it would somewhat seem?. Wargaming just need to asses the statistics and come up with data to adjust things.
  5. If you see me in the game i can assure you 99% of the time i will be playing the mighty tirpitz!.

    1. Outlawz0111


      Basically a better bismark so watch out!.

  6. Outlawz0111

    Problems with ARP ships.

    I have also completed stage two and i have only been awarded the commander.
  7. Outlawz0111

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    They share similarities but the tirpitz is meant as a collector gem as its probably a tad better then its counterpart coming in the future but that's a guess. Plus dont forget, by having the mighty tirpitz we can train our commanders up very fast maximizing effectiveness in future battles .
  8. Outlawz0111

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    I actually need to find two other fellow tirpitz players to get on teamspeak talking about OP divisions lol .
  9. Outlawz0111

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    £35 actually for the tirpitz on its own is very good i got it no dent in my bank at all. I really could not resist this ship shes a beauty, im buying the model kit for her also next week ;).
  10. I appreciate what you're saying, but it could be a host of issues unrelated to the AMD drivers. I have run diagnostics and my internet appears to have some packet loss but not enough to warrant a sudden micro stutter weirdly. I do plan on replacing my R9 390X in about 5-6 months but im unsure as to if it would be worth it because most games i play are partnered with AMD anyway so getting an nvidia graphics card may be a bad idea respectfully.
  11. Thank you i will get round to running it. The issue for me appears to be more so when doing fast actions actually, turning the camera fast or somewhat zooming in and out very fast causes the stuttering. I'm leaning towards AMD's drivers being the issue to be fair, i never had any stuttering on my previous Nvidia graphics card. Whatever it is i really need a solution as its highly annoying!. Cheers .
  12. Outlawz0111

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Congratulations on that incredible prize sir!.
  13. Dear fellow captains, I have finally returned to the glorious shores of world of warships and installed it on my newly built computer, however im getting a very weird stutter all of a sudden sadly. I'm running the game on an Intel Core i7 5930K @ 4.3GHz, 16GB's of DDR4 Memory, and an AMD Radeon R9 390X!. The stuttering appears to happen when im using the zoom scrolling in and out of shots, and strangely when im zooming out to view my surroundings. It's greatly effecting my gameplay captains, very very annoying and somewhat distracting. I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue. I hope all fellow captains have a wonderful day!.
  14. Outlawz0111

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Although a lovely ship i would rather just grind the actual german BB line when it makes an appearance for free. I already have a lot of premium ships as i got the bundle in the early stages of the games development.
  15. Outlawz0111

    Battleships now useless

    I am happy staying at the back somewhat while the game plays out to analyse what im dealing with and i make tactically sound decisions. I have many times went in the front with cruisers and been torped like crazy or sunk very fast by enemy concentrated fire. Most battleships players will stay at the back depending upon situation.