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  1. tajj7

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    People complain because they feel helpless, they are basically passengers in a battle between two people, and then obviously get frustrated when their CV player is not doing well and the other one is basically farming them.
  2. tajj7

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    There was no angle, certainly not to ever spot that Worcester, it was tucked into an island and it had approached using it as cover. I would have sailed into half the enemy fleet and died before I ever got eyes on that Worcester and no one would have been able to shoot it anyway. There were no real island options to use, not if I wanted to actually you know do what DDs are supposed to do, contest caps, spot etc. The rest of your suggestions are not counter play, they are just not play. You are just proving how unbalanced it is, Radar cruiser just goes to point A, presses button, completely counters a whole class and prevents that class from being able to do their role with ZERO risk to themselves. My play was perfectly fine, I had support, I was playing carefully, I had the concealment advantage over the enemy DDs that could have been there, I had options to retreat if I got spotted by them. I was doing the role DDs are supposed to do for their team, contest caps and spot. What I can't outplay is something that has no counter, and that is what radar is, especially through islands, a basically uncounterable easy mode, low risk tool. Which is why it clearly needs nerfing. At least if it requires LOS (like radar does IRL FFS) then DDs have more of chance, it is a more balanced relationship, but being able to radar through islands and spot DDs that can never spot you back is the pure definition of broken IMO.
  3. tajj7

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    Just so I can clarify, it's one win, one time for each ship, then not again? So if you had 5 tier 10s, that is 1k Steel?
  4. I'd imagine because it's a tier 7, faces different foes on average, less radar etc. and probably doesn't need it. A turret traverse buff would be a better buff IMO, a QOL buff that won't have massive performance impact but makes the ship more comfortable to play.
  5. tajj7

    Stalingrad OP

    This reminds me of the 907 argument in WOTs, which is OP but everyone that has one claims it isn't and says it's the 'players', which has some sort of merit until you see a lot of players perform better in this ship compared to other ships they have, at which point the argument falls flat. Plus It's an exclusive toy, people will be protective of it and often not very objective about it. But it's a reward ship it can be easily be nerfed, whether it's OP or not, it being a lot better than the Moskova to me says it should be nerfed regardless.
  6. tajj7

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Maybe Neptune needs some specific help and maybe the tier 5, but aside from that I don't think they need buffs. I'd say more that some power creep ships need toning down and radar needs restricting/nerfing. A global radar nerf would help the whole line a lot (it would also make Belfast less effective). Personally I don't have much issue getting hit in the smoke, use the bigger smoke captain skill and then the excellent acceleration to adjust position within the smoke, whilst being angled, it then becomes a very low percentage shot even for the best smoke firers.
  7. tajj7

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    IMO there should be a hotfix to remove the ability to radar through objects, radar should only work LOS, that at least allows some counter play for DDs, they can spot the radar cruiser and take steps to avoid detection or only get detected briefly. It's utter BS that it works through islands and is basically uncounterable, an example being last night was sailing towards a cap in my Jutland with another DD, we don't spot anything, we are both sailing either side of the cap so have a decent angle to spot stuff. We get into the cap and the bam we are radared, there is a Worcester like 6km behind an island (only knew he was there because he poked out to shoot). That is a joke, that is OP IMO, because what options did we have there, we can never spot through an island, to have any hope of finding that Worcester we would have had to have sailed absurdly wide. We then both get wrecked, not because of bad play, but because of a broken mechanic. Whatever long term plans WG have for radar, a quicker simple fix would be to stop it working through islands, that at least allows some counterplay and there is a risk/reward factor for the radar ship in that they have to be in the open to get use from it and thus can get shot back at.
  8. tajj7

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Not worth it IMO, bought 20 mega ones and the majority were flags.
  9. tajj7

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Basically the same.
  10. tajj7

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Stats > feels. They are free from confirmation bias, perception bias etc. especially if you then have stats for different skill groups which then gives you a wholistic view of the ships performance. As I said the ship was not performing in TOP players hands which makes most your comment about the players who got it not relevant. Good players were not doing as well in it as other tier 8 DDs, this is a simple fact. Those other tier 8 DDs are also in the same meta (for example the Kidd, which is not that old to the game) and they are performing better in all hands and good hands. The good player stats make this irrelevant. They were stats from the top 5%, so if average players and good players can't make the ship perform compared to its peers, then it's pretty obvious the ship is underpowered. Which would surely reflect in win rate, yet it does not. This is no different to what the other DDs are having to perform in, but most are doing consistently better Thus two fairly minor buffs are not going to turn an underperforming ship into an OP one. There is literally no evidence to support your claims, just your personal opinion, which is subjective and potentially biased by your perspective.
  11. tajj7

    Le Terrible, and how it should be buffed

    Logic would be though that if you balance a ship to be very hard to play it should be more rewarding, which it's not, it's still bang average for your top 5% of players and other more forgiving ships still generally are more powerful. Which looks like pretty poor balance all round to me, crap and pointless for average players, offers nothing special for good players. IMO if it's supposed to be an open water gun boat with no smoke and is a very large but fast target then it should share some characteristics with the Khabba, that to me would be a heal and maybe better ballistics so it can hit stuff at 10km
  12. tajj7

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    I also note from the thread about 'Le terrible' that the Cossack not only had the 2nd worst WR out of all tier 8 DDs for everyone, but was 3rd worst for WR for the top 5% of players, which meant the ship wasn't even good in skilled players hands (some 5% lower than Lightning and 7% worse off then Kidd) so clearly was in need of a buff and again makes the relatively small buff suddenly turning it OP claim look a stretch.
  13. tajj7

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    I had a good 'bow tanking' game in it on Saturday, but I was bow tanking in the middle of the map in a cross fire position to a push on the C flag, using an island to hide me cross fire and I still had to fall back into stealth and cover a few times to heal the fires etc. as too many ships were targeting me. I think most people who have bought her just saw all the guns on the front and just think you can sit there bow in and snipe with it, though that is probably how they approach most BBs, but the ship really needs to be looking to flank to make the most of it so you can punish those broadsides with the reload booster, at which point is becomes pretty brutal. it's a ship that players can jump straight to tier 9 with just by buying it, so it was going to attract a lot of bad players who probably didn't read up on it before buying, though that makes the OP's comments even weirder.
  14. tajj7

    which IX premium money maker

    Mo is by far the best money maker, but I doubt its coming back and even if it does I doubt it would come back for free XP. I'd recommend Mushashi, it's a strong ship and they are removing it and Kron.
  15. tajj7

    Sealclubbing at T10

    I am pretty sure most decent players could have done the same in similar circumstances, just a terrible enemy team, I mean all he basically does is sail through an empty flank and then get to shoot a load of broadsides. All he had to do was aim well and not overextend too much, for most of the game the enemy didn't really pay him much attention. Just shows how the average player does not understand map control and how damaging allowing the enemy team to cross fire can be,.