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  1. Got a SC at the start of the week but nothing in the last 3-4 days despite watching a lot of streams.
  2. It's a very situational bonus, its a nice thing to have if you find yourself somewhere to use it, but I don't think it dramatically changes the impact of the ship as a good DD player will just work around it.
  3. There is a pretty easy distinction. You pay money for premium account or for doubloons, you get what you originally paid for, i.e XP. You then use the XP to unlock your silver ships, but the silver ships changing does not matter because you still got what you paid for as advertised, i.e. cash money for a certain amount of doubloons, which then equals a certain amount of converted XP. If I pay real money for a Belfast, I expect to get what was advertised, which is a Belfast with all its associated attributes, tier etc. A real world example might be that you pay money Diamonds, you then trade those diamonds for a car and the car recalled by the manufacturer and downgraded. You can't go complaining for your money back from the Diamond trader, they gave you diamonds in the value of your money so you got what you paid for. If you just paid for a car, the car got recalled and changed for the worse, well then you can get a refund because you did not receive the goods you paid for as advertised.
  4. They can nerf them but I want my money (as in actual cash that I bought them with) back not doubloons, or I want something above and beyond in compensation so I can get something else 'special' in compensation, so Steel basically.
  5. I think it was OP when considered against the rather poor tech cruisers at the time at tier 8, but not so much now.
  6. tajj7

    1 000 000 fxp

    Yeh but they get tier 9 MM, so that makes sense, that applies to every tier 9. Its a stupid comment, hurr durr tier 10s are better than tier 9s, because tier 9s see lower tiers than 10. I get loads of games in Missouri that are tier 9. Plus it has a radar over Montana and makes way way more credits as well. Plus most of the tier 10 premiums are only available for steel which lots of people don't have.
  7. tajj7

    Sea Fury and Graf Zeppelin

    The TA-152 thing is a bit weird but I kind of get WGs logic on it, as FW-190s were adapted into ground attack roles and even had torp versions IIRC, the TA-152 was essentially the evolution of that design, so extrapolating it I suppose a ground attack TA-152 is not beyond the realms of possibility.
  8. tajj7

    Sea Fury and Graf Zeppelin

    Not only Sea Furys but from what I have seen the premium tier 8 RN CV has Sea Hornets, which is another beautiful plane. Does the tier 6 have Seafires?
  9. tajj7

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    Shame if it stays like this, the accuracy was what appealed to me, and was giving it an edge over the Alaska, but now I don't see much point in this ship compared to the other two heavy cruisers. Both have better armour, the Krons has the shell velocity and the Alaska has the AP angles, leaving the Azuma as what exactly? Its a worse version of both ships.
  10. tajj7

    CV players, Do not scout

    This, values might need tweaking but having to change your approach because of undetected enemies is a fundamental requirement in all classes. The game tells you that you are spotted and you then can take measure to avoid damage. I don't really see why Cvs should be exempt from this especially when they have tried to change the playstyle to be more like ships. They wanted to reduce the ability of CVs to spot everything so easily, saying that you are not going to spot anything at all just because its a little harder sounds like a learn to play issue not a balance issue to me. The Yugumo comparison is silly, the Yugumo has to be way closer to do that damage, has to put itself in more risk to do its damage rather than it's 'ammo' (i.e planes) and also has to deal with potential hidden threats as well (radar cruisers, other DDs etc,) and those threats can put it out of the game, not just remove some planes.
  11. There is barely a value over 1km there, not sure how that is 'significant' when planes are so fast so can easily get out of that zone very quickly, long range AA is not that strong anyway and the amount of cruisers that will have their AA off is tiny. Let's actually think what has to stack up for this to have an impact, the right AA cruiser has to be in the game in the first place, then that Cruiser has to not already be spotted (either not firing or not near a DD), then the cruiser player has to have their AA off, then the CV player has to stumble across them, then has to basically keeping flying straight at them. And then the whole thing can be avoided by basically changing direction and you'll be out of their range in literally seconds, especially with boost. Yeh sorry far too many IFs in there for this to actually be a real problem. I'd also make the argument that like BB player, who sees there are DDs on the enemy team, sails into a spot of open water, gets detected, can then be stealth torped by the classes supposed main counter thus should know this is a possibility and has to take steps to avoid it. So not sure why this scenario should be any different for a CV player, if you can't see a Mino, and your planes got detected, then how hard is it to change direction?
  12. tajj7

    F spam "fix"

    If your claims were actually true, we wouldn't have seen the mess we have seen over the past week, so that is pretty much that out right there. Considering people were attacking high tier AA specced AA cruisers, it sounds even more rubbish, I mean I-Chase didn't do a video of him attacking TWO AA specced Minos and was still barely losing planes, oh wait no, he did. As others have said, if DBs are apparently so bad, then that should be raised an issue, it should not be a reason the endlessly spam torpedoes at stuff. You do know most stuff struggles up tiered yeh? There is no divine right that a bottom tier carrier should be exempt from that, bottom tier cruisers and BBs in particular have a difficult time in game, struggling to do damage without getting wrecked. Hell many cruisers in the game are outranged by a lot of +2 stuff and literally cannot even touch high tier stuff without getting wrecked. Being able to do a risk free 10k damage and losing some planes sounds better than that. Bottom tier ships have to be careful and they are hard to play, why should carriers not be any different? You do risk free damage, if you fail an attack you lose some planes, you have some downtime, but you are STILL IN THE GAME, try to attack a high ship with a bottom tier cruiser, get spotted and you can get instantly deleted, game over, suddenly 'two torpedo hits for 5k damage' sounds a lot better. You ever fired your entire torp reload against a ship in an IJN DD and had all of them miss, only to have to wait another minute and half before you can do anything? Welcome to the game IMO, there is a lot of over entitlement in your post IMO, like you demand you must do this much damage because you play CV, when they whole point of the re-work was to diminish their impact compared to the old RTS CVs and make the experience more like what it is in other ships. What you describe IMO sounds no different to what most other ships have to do, its hard bottom tier, you can't attack things that counter you, you can't always do what you want with inpunity, yo have to adjust your tactics and approach etc. etc.
  13. tajj7

    Spam CA

    Yeh but what Zao does well, does not highly influence the game, it farms damage, often in fires, a lot of which its targets can heal back. It also often works best in kiting away, which means giving up maps positions. All of which probably adds up to it not being a big influencer on the outcome of the game unless it can just stack shedloads of damage, whereas radar ships for example will open up opportunities by spotting and clearing DDs, which don't reflect in damage that much but can make a big difference to winning the game (like on caps for example).
  14. tajj7

    Spam CA

    So 2 Cruisers players focus fire, use terrain and use their strengths (DPM, floaty shells to fire over islands, fire starting etc.) and this is now OP? That to me seems to be just a combo of team play and good use of those ships vs one target. I dont't see any reason to nerf using a ships strengths and working with a team mate, from a strong position, that should be strong and difficult to play around.
  15. tajj7

    F spam "fix"

    Well also forgetting one important there, the CV is doing it with impunity because what the player actually plays with is their 'ammo' essentially, if you shoot down planes the CV is still in the game, still able to produce planes. The DD in smoke or the dodging cruiser or the BB firing from range is not really immune and you can shoot back, they are just using their ships tools/strengths to reduce the damage coming back at them, but they can still be taken from the game in a way a CV cannot. Risk/reward balance, IMO people seem to have unrealistic expectations about CV reward based on their risk, based on how old CVs used to work that IMO also got this balance wrong. CVs are close to immune doing their attacks, they lose planes, but their planes replenish just like DDs torps do, that is relatively low risk, I don't get why people think there should be high rewards from that risk.