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  1. Also bare in mind just because X number of ships are targeting you, doesn't mean X number of ships will shoot, let alone actually hit. Some may target you but may not shoot like, cruisers who may not wish to give away there positions yet. I mean if i'm playing a bb at the start of the game and I need to go to a flank. if on my journey a cruiser gets spotted a minute or 2 in and I can shoot, I will. And I may be the only one firing and I'm sure at that point, when I give my position away every one who can target me will.It doesn't mean they will shoot and even if X people shoot judging by most of the skill base in this game they probably wont hit. To me aiming and hitting are 2 different things. Anybody can aim but not everyone can hit.
  2. Well played man and yes you proved my point entirely it's not necessarily needed as you showed so well.
  3. And even though you say this skill is vital for bbs I beg to differ. i have farily good stats in most of my bbs except a few, izumo is one best forgotten. So to you, it may be vital to me not so much. But if it your bb stats are better than mine than it proves it may be working. If not, then It isn't very convincing of it's vitality in said ship.
  4. Well if i play bb i never go on my own, I always go with at least a few others. Normally 1 or 2 dds and a cruiser or another bb I also look at the mini map constantly to see where the enemy ships are being spotted.And trust me, a lot give away there positions early enough to decide whether to keep going. Normally by the time you get to your flanking position you should have a rough idea how many ships have come the same way. Most of the time dds spot these ships moving in there various directions near the start. I am not saying this is a hundred percent accurate but for some of us it appears to be enough.
  5. But you still don't know where the torp's are coming from. The dd may be on your left or maybe your right or even directly in front of you. And I have turned many a time into torp's trying to avoid them. Because the dd player dropped 1 set then waited until i started my turn then dropped the others.
  6. If you watch the ships in your view this helps as well.
  7. The reason I will not use it on a bb is, your are there to tank hence large hp heal armor. And if you push a flank as I stated in original post you will only normally meet a few other bbs.
  8. So I have been playing this game for a long while now and noticed people mix there builds up a bit. But one thing I notice is, everyone seems to pick this skill. But it seems I am the only one not to use it on any of my ships. Here's why. If I play dd, then the second I get spotted on a flank I just assume everyone and there grandma will shoot me. At least in the first 5 or so minutes. And often way past that point as well. If I play bb on a flank. Then yet again since I usually push, I assume those who can shoot will and act accordingly, angling slow down ect. Plus I also have time to watch their guns move and shell trajectory generally indicating if I am there target or not. And yes people do use this skill on bbs. The only class that I can see that benefits the most are cruisers, but if you stick to a flank then you can limit the guns on you.as well as angling as a given. So do I really need this 1 point skill?. I see this as a waste of a captain point, but maybe I am alone.
  9. UNTOK

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    In fact since the skill of some of these players has become quite bad I've now decided to play dd more than before. Even with my limited skill I find i'm still one of the better DD players in random. And since bbs cant blap me as well now as before it's a win win situation all around.
  10. UNTOK

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I find it very amusing that people moan about how bad BB players are. But over the last month or so I have seen more and more suicide DDs than ever before. In one game all four of our friendly DDs died in about 5 mins. And i'm sure others have noticed this as well. It now appears to me that many DD players are just as bad as as the BB players they moan about.
  11. UNTOK

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    I said dd read my statement.
  12. UNTOK

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    For all you know he may of pushed with a dd and said dd received enemy torp's and died. So that would make your case null and void. But if he pushed totally on his own then fair do's.
  13. UNTOK

    DD cry babys

    But he has, read above your post friend.
  14. UNTOK

    DD cry babys

    Ok Bismarck vs Bismarck in a training room is that okay?. Since the other guy wont respond.
  15. UNTOK

    DD cry babys

    And if you meet me Bismark to Bismarck and win I will happily abandon this post.