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    WG, when you are going to FIX Match Maker!?

    Here's an idea for now............play dds with good AA and when things get sorted go back to dds with worse AA. I have the cossack as well so I know what you mean, but I have fletcher and gearing so i use them as well to compensate.

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    So another DD whine thread and they say BB players are the biggest cry babies hmmm. DD player cries BB ap hurts to much so nerf. Then radar is too powerful nerf. CV,s too good nerf. Gunship dds too good nerf. Maybe some DD players need a skillz/Brain buff.
  3. And the Bourgogne as well, check out its 10% better winrate than any other BB. Or how about 25K more dmg than any other BB so it must be op as well). WG it needs nerfing.

    So answer me this...

    Well sometimes I use the Anshan and others times the fletcher or z39 and occasionally the gearing. I'm really a bb main but sometimes I like to get dirty. I deal with the planes and don't moan about them, why because I have dds with good AA . Here's wisdom.... dd players use dds with good AA, if you wish to do better in the current meta. Or just stop playing dds for now until the balance is restored.

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    To be honest I think the data could be slightly screwed. When I bought the ship I bought it because it was a strong tier 5 Prem. The Americans were too slow and the japs had too few guns for my liking. And I'm not a fan of HE BBs although I know there good. I told my friends I was buying it and they said they would wait for now.My friends win rate in randoms is around 55 to 56% anyway. So after my purchase I then suggest to the other 5 players to get it since it was good fun ship. So they did and like me, they make the ship work well so good players in good ships are bound to get great results. Plus the bonus of meeting tier 4 on some very odd occasions. And I think a lot of good players bought her because, good guns good stealth good speed hence the great results. And as for releasing another op premium T61 I guess you never learn.

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Well the way WG nerf ships I have little faith. And moving up a ship from tier 5 to 6 will need quite a lot of tweaking. And when it comes to tweaking I don't trust WG. The Hindy gets a good HE buff fine. Then they said the Hindy was over performing so they nerfed it, then it was under performing so they buffed it again. And the poor old Roon took the hit as well. Then it too got buffed. Next they nerf the tier ten Pan Asian dd since this too was over performing. Then they nerf it with a hammer and no one hardly plays it. Now you see why I can't trust them to balance it well.

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Yeah I have to many tier 6 bbs right now as well. Hence why I chose to buy a great tier 5 bb instead.

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    But you have had many ships over performing for years. Kami Belfast Gremyashchy just to name a few . And people asked for change back then. If these ships had been properly tested at the start you wouldn't be facing these issues now. It was only a few months a go that WG released the T61 and look at how that dominated ranked.

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Tier 7and a few tier 6 wrecks this ship easily. When I play a Bayern i'm not too worried about the Gullio and same for most of my tier 7s. WG this is not a good idea and if so OP why did it take easily you over a year to work that out. Bismark and such like, will enjoy this meal.
  10. well if you ask me low tier CVs need a buff so my BB says'
  11. _HMS_RICHY

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

    This guy is speaking sense maybe you others should listen. And since we already know radar ships hide behind islands close to the caps, then how about you go out wide and spot or torp the offending ship. Or does the radar cover all the flank as well as the cap?.
  12. _HMS_RICHY

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

    Unfortunately mate according to the stats you produce, these are of the level of an average skilled level player. You can't even make your zao or yammo work well . Maybe tier 10 isn't for you yet. So could be you need more practice in the lower tiers first where there is less radar If you like playing dd and when you get good move up a level. Because right now tier ten according to your skillz is too hard. This is no elitist view just good old plain reality.
  13. _HMS_RICHY

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Well with only 242 battles at tier 10 i hardly think you have much knowledge yet at this tier. A large percentage of these great indestructible Starlingrad players have way more experience and skill. Imagine if you can..... that some of these veterans have had over 5000 tier 10 battles. It makes 242 look a little significant don't you think. As for me I laugh at Starlingrads in my Montana most of the time, but ever so occasionally I get caught out but that was down to me playing like a dumb fek.
  14. _HMS_RICHY

    Stalin nerf?

    Well I think we all know it's strengths by now, on the flip side we all know it's weakness as well. Maybe if people concentrated on exploiting it's weakness then maybe they could deal with it better. For example even though the fletcher guns are good I wouldn't try and out gun a tier 8 akizuki let alone a kitakaze. or haragumo. But instead I would try and torp them or keep them spotted for others to shoot. Having the worst concealment of any ship in the game makes the Starlingrad hard to reposition and almost impossible to stay undetected for long. That believe it or not is quite a large weakness for any ship.
  15. _HMS_RICHY

    Stalin nerf?

    And as this been pointed out many many many flipping times the Starlingrad excels at punishing broadside ships. If people could grasp this one fact then the Starlingrads presence diminishes greatly.