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    Is this World of Tanks?

    I wish people would stop blaming the bbs. Maybe just maybe if the friggin dds didn't die in the first 3 minutes maybe more players would push. Try pushing a flank in a Hindy when your Daring dd player dies in 2 minutes and 45 seconds. and the other dd a shima is going backwards away from the enemy bbs. The player base is so bad now I think co op bots are better than most human players.
  2. Depends on the size of the maps. That is probably the most defining factor. If the maps are small bbs stand a good chance if too big then cv.

    CV OP

    Yeah thx dude for proving my point entirely as I posted already about unicum cv players. Man you should read before you type.

    CV OP

    Did once with Bear but he was on the same side). He came top yep but only by about 30 odd xp. And look at the top two players in the enemy's side.

    CV OP

    Or maybe them players not so happy with the cvs been in their eyes to op could switch to another ship class. S0 if no one plays dds no one gets any misery. And WG will have to do something about it.

    CV OP

    Ok let me get this straight these are the constraints to prove cv is op. The dd player must have no AA no smoke no skill no heals and no brain as well as been two tiers lower. CV player must be unicum with 2000pr or above and have a minimum of 5 kills a game. Seems a little bias to me.

    CV OP

    Maybe but I proved a point and why are you shaming the guy I thought that was a no no.

    CV OP

    So bottom tier bad AA and no heal. Yet still top and if the cv was bad that was not my fault. But I proved it can be done yet I'm sure you will reply with some more constraints or highly witty remarks .

    CV OP

    Ok you want proof)
  10. _HMS_RICHY

    CV OP

    Oh you mean your tier 4 hosho. How about your other carriers not quite as good ehh.
  11. _HMS_RICHY

    CV OP

    Tell that to my Bizzy.
  12. _HMS_RICHY

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    Well I for one never asked for any buffs or nerfs. WG do their own thing as usual. Now even though I'm a bb main I play all classes and according to my stats I'm best in a DD and then cruisers I believe. The main problems occur from the fact that a lot of people can not play dd effectively or cruisers as surely most people have come to notice. I've lost count how many times I see cruisers sailing broardside in a game with out a care in the world until they get blapped. And how many dds die in the first 5 minutes of an average game, far to many for sure. To me here lies the problem players not been very skilled in certain classes and this makes bbs more powerful than they should be. So please don't just blame the bbs maybe the fault could be shared amongst the others as well.
  13. _HMS_RICHY

    Best MM ever more WG pls

    A real royal rumble.
  14. _HMS_RICHY

    11 dds Thx MM

    Well since most people on here say how hard it is to play dd I'm surprised anyone plays them at all. You know too many cv's to much radar smoll is op all the usual stuff. But seems there more popular than ever. Personally I think dds if played right are a little op.
  15. _HMS_RICHY

    11 dds Thx MM

    Well we won so more dds doesn't mean better. Just thought 11 was a little a little to much.