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  1. GodOfGunns

    this game just ridiculous   

    This game just ridiculous and patch by patch get more worse when FPS game based on RNG you will know its fucked up no matter how good you aiming you still end up get bad luck . WG developer get real and create more realistic game and stop putting OP ships like stalingrad in the game dont be so racist . until i see real game released i will join again otherwise i am quite and uninstalling this game .
  2. GodOfGunns

    BBs AP against DDs

    where you got this event also did kongo shot HE or AP what i am saying is BBs Ap is op against DDs shimakaze in qustion becoz its useless and unplayable ship this day
  3. GodOfGunns

    BBs AP against DDs

    Hi first off all you guys EDIT up with this game day by day i wonder what you guys drinking ? and my title is clear . why you dont delete shimakaze from tree line and add T10 jap DDs with more vodka with it right now looking for more realistic navy battle game , have fun and keep doing this great broken stuff until this game is dead